Philosophers have searched long and far to find the commonality of all belief systems and define this in a basic simple context as an underlying truth of our situation here on earth. Within the pages of secret of the vine, I believe we can dispense with much of the mystery enshrouding philosophy almost entirely. Traditionally the philosophical study, and exercises handed down by the masters have actually been posing more questions than answers. That was the design, a mind exercise for those minds who chose to follow the trail of illumination to discover who holds the keys to this universe, and who guards the gates of the true knowledge and wisdom. So it has been done this way for thousands of years. Only the initiates would gain any true insight into the mystery teachings while they were alive. However, at the dawn of a new level of awareness, as our collective conscious arises from it’s ancient slumber, it is bombarded by lies and deceit perpetrated by those who were entrusted with the secrets of our divination. To put it crudely, the baby sitter has been molesting us. In light of this betrayal of the sacred trust, there are some of us who have been given the insight, and it is now time to share it with anyone who will listen, that all may have a fair chance at freeing themselves of the psychic bondage that has confused and all but strangled the children of this age.

Philosophy is the study of PHI or, ϕ and the fact that our Creator’s fingerprints, or phi, seem to be embedded in every area and aspect of this place, and the question why and how is this so. The current meaning of the word has been distorted somewhat, as they do not even teach today’s children about the meaning of phi in schools any longer, nor to modern scholars seem to recall what topic the study was originally evolved from.

Key Master'sThere are many current world views that seem to conflict. Each view believes they hold the master key to the universal theory of everything, yet they leave no room for a bridge to link each to the other. However, if their key truly is the master key, it should open each view and expose the common truth. Each religion provides it’s own interpretation of the universal truth, based on it’s historical and cultural context. However, again, none allows for any other interpretation. The Perennial Philosophy expresses the idea that there is no single true religion, yet all in their original forms are true, but not the whole truth. This is the basic concept for the secret of the vine website.

Where each religion seems to leave off, and where science leaves off, is either the perspective, context or both. None of these institutions are willing to stand back far enough from what they are focused on to see the rest of the picture.

The gnostics will teach that the entire bible and the stories therein were all nothing but a metaphor, depicting merely the alignments of celestial bodies in the sky, a great collection of scientific and esoteric wisdom encoded in ancient parables. The catholics will teach the opposite of this, that the stories must be all treated as literal historical events. Science will say that it is irrelevant, and quote the speed of light and theories of relativity. History is the greatest body of convenient truths known to man. It is an agreed upon linear explanation of all past events. Each discipline holds certain pieces of the great puzzle of universal truth. To understand what links each of these is not difficult. One just needs to open their mind, and realize, there might be an explanation that makes each of these ideas possible. What seems to conflict, is an illusion brought about by academic nearsightedness.

The gnostics were correct in their astronomical theories, the biblical allegories do align with the stars in the sky. On one hand, they are devout believers that God has indeed created everything deliberately, and with a purpose.. so they claim. So each religion claims. How then, did they over look the possibility that the Creator has placed the stars in the sky to mark the historic events that had once actually happened in our very distant past? The age old universal Law of analogy states, As it is above, so it is below. But i this day and age of materialism, this is not the universal law the people of today meditate upon. The Secret popularized the Law of Attraction, and attracted themselves a lot of money from desperate people. You need to seriously ask yourself, Where are we? What is this we see when we look outside of ourselves? What are we? Our Written in the Starsagreed upon theories get in the way at this point, we are told where we are, and modern science has mapped it all out. But they are wrong to exclude the rest of the universe from their equations, or perhaps just academically near sighted. The universe we see outside of our eyes is a book. It is our history, and it was all created just for us to gaze upon, and wonder about until we reach a period in our evolution that we can unite our ideas and piece together this Great Puzzle.

So, the biblical events actually took place, the father, the sacrifice, the flood, the promise. And the positions of the stars in the sky reflect these ancient histories. Both the gnostics and the catholics each had the truth, just not all of it. Every religion preaches tolerance, yet none seem to have an tolerance for any of the others point of view. Even for an individual to consider for just a moment if it were possibly true would be heresy. In our not so distant past, the followers of Islam, and christianity both, have been putting people to death for being accused of suggesting anything outside of their respected dogmas. Many Islamic sects still behead heretics. Thus man was not yet ready to put aside simple differences of semantics, and combine smaller facts to reveal a larger truth. Where does science then fit into this scheme of things. Even they admit, most of the universe is a puzzle yet to be figured out. Each discipline of science has hit this point of unexplainable and universal mystery. The answer is actually simpler than you might think.

To understand how science fits into this, you must first understand what you are. Again, christianity would shape your idea of yourself and your Creator by literally interpreting a passage of scripture, we are created in His image.. So, of course this means 10 fingers, 10 toes, 32 teeth, etc, right? Not even close. We are not these bodies as some of you may have guessed already. What then are we? We are stars. As is our Creator. Beings of light. We have two basic forms, a physical form, and a purely spectral form, spiritual. There is a star in the sky Planetariumthat represents each of us in this physical realm. We all focus upon this plane of existence and project our reality here. You can see this reality as a reverse planetarium projector. All the stars, you, I, Us, are projecting this place, not the other way around.

In 1905, Albert Einstein gave the world his famous equation, E=Mc2. During world war 2 he sent a letter to the president of the USA urging him to make a weapon of it, because of his fear that the Germans might do the same. Thus, the first practical application of Einstein’s theory was the murder of over 70 thousand innocent people, and the irradiation of even more who died a slower cancerous death.

When you mix fear and great knowledge, the result is catastrophic. When man’s technology, (great knowledge) exceeds it’s humanity, they will destroy themselves and anything in their path. Einstein helped the USA develop this weapon for use against the Germans. Instead, they dropped this bomb, with no warning, directly on top of a surgical clinic in Japan. For all his insight, Einstein did not realize the consequences of his actions until after it was too late. His Pride had blinded him, as it does with most great intellects. When man’s pride exceeds his intellect, you also get similar results. Some of us are dimly aware of mankind’s propensity to destroy it’s self, but we don’t really admit the full picture. A simple saw blade is an example of a technology that is still beyond some of our humanities. You can see clearly the old growth forests being murdered just as fast as the wood can be sold and marketed. Their consideration of all the animals, plants, insects, indigenous peoples, and the balance of mother earth herself does not slow this destructive rampage down one bit. We have many lumber and paper alternatives that are renewable. They are not interested in renewable resources, they want the market like it is. As nearly every politician in a position to stop these people demonstrates unfailingly, even a pen is an example of a technology that exceeds their humanity. So these faux civilized beings slit the lungs right out of our mother earth, and no one stops them.

It is little wonder, that over a hundred years since science has been studying Einstein’s theory, they have only been using it to release energy. It’s destructive side has been the focus of study. There is a new theoretical physicist alive today who could have paralleled Einstein’s E=Mc2, and for certain paralleled his mistake of pride as well. His name is Stephen Hawking. This intellect has chosen to focus upon the Black Hole.pngblack holes as his sole outlet for his advanced mental capabilities. If it had not been for his debilitating disease, it is likely that mankind would be now on the road to creating black holes inside of laboratories, the most destructive force known to man. In similar style to the Manhattan project, a bomb that could engulf the entire solar system would be created, the point singularity weapon. It is little wonder that Steven finds himself in the predicament he is in. He is yet another intellect bent on displaying to the world how intelligent he is. But his quest for this knowledge does not come balanced by a responsibility for what he is trying to reveal to the masses. God sometimes works in mysterious ways, but other times, its plainly obvious.

To connect some of these secrets now, let’s begin by assuming we are all stars, floating in a timeless eternal state, endless, limitless. How then, do we find ourselves here? Late for work, out of time, aging.. etc. As I mentioned earlier, we are in His image, stars, a physical body of light, and a spiritual body of divinity. God sacrificed his SUN, His physical body, His star for us. We are inside of the event horizon of resulting black hole. E=Mc2 is being applied here in reverse of the traditional scientific thought, Energy is being used to create matter, this entire material plane, time and space. This is how time was created, this was how the dense matter was created. This was how our Creator compressed eternity, and made time, where once time did not naturally exist. The christian faiths have taken this sacrifice literally, but not literally enough. This is the cosmic secret as to how light beings of spirit could be condensed into a material dimension. The Creators have also sent us their instruments, teachers who have followed the same cosmic pattern, and martyred themselves. These stories have always been reflected, written in the stars above. Jesus didn’t die for our sins, so that we don’t need to do any of the work on our own. This was not the case at all, the opposite is true. The Creator sacrificed His Sun so He could manufacture the time to work with us through our imperfections in this artificially dense material dimension and ideally earn a permanent place in the book being written in the heavens above us.

This unnatural reverse universe we behold is what happened when our Creator’s star turned inside out and backwards. The clues are even scripted into our own language. When you spell time backwards, you can see the original function of the star, to Emit. So, we are all born into the grave, the event horizon of a black hole, the Sun our Creator sacrificed to allow us to have the time to learn to emit our own light. The root word grave is where the word gravity comes from incidentally, and this black hole is where the force of gravity originates. This body we wear, is a time machine. It allows us to perceive our 5 senses as we do, and experience this place and all it has to offer our 5 senses until the time comes when our 5 senses are no longer enough to contain us, and we go in search of something more. This black hole we are born into, is the paradox that governs all paradox, good verses evil, black or white. This is the reason our physical senses lead us to believe the opposite of everything our true nature is, and what our true reality is. For instance, most people think that something needs to be real to be believed. The opposite is true, something needs to be believed to be real.

Due to the paradox in which we find ourselves, many of our current beliefs can be re-examined by temporarily inverting them to opposite possibilities, at least as far as discovering for yourself questions you had not yet proposed. Now that you have a cooperative scientific context to consider, you might understand the true gravity of the situation. This physical explanation how the spirit world meets the physical reality is the bridge from this world to the next, the primer to the cypher for all the parables where science seems to be at odds with everything. In light of this understanding, science actually supports everything else, and fills in the missing puzzle pieces along the way. It always has. Man’s pride and ego has been the disharmonious piece of this puzzle all along. Perhaps with this insight, you can begin comprehend how science is actually be in perfect harmony with the religions and the philosophies of the world, even magic, mythology, faery tales, and perceive what is really there, discover the real truth behind the scriptures and metaphors.

deathFew have ever thought to question if we were born into death, or into life. Modern science admits quietly they do not have the answer to that. Few also question if we are naturally awake, or if we are actually born into a dream state. If you come here, to earth, and they hand you all the questions of this life, and you accept these limitations, you will never find the answer to the questions never asked. Again, the paradox.. just reverse the way you see some things, and stop struggling against everything you discover that is unexpected. You might be surprised how far you can go re-examining what you thought you knew.

The important thing to have, is not always the right answer. There is a duality of truth, eventually it can come apart. Sometimes instead, the most important road to the truth is to begin with the right questions. These are the important things in you must uncover first. Have you ever considered, that what we consider the living might be dead, and what we consider dead, might actually be the real life? This would explain the verses in the bible which foretell of the dead rising Isaiah 26: But your dead will live; their bodies will rise You who dwell in the dust wake up and shout for joy! Your dew is like the dew of the morning; the earth will give birth to her dead. If you have ever watched the Sixth Sense, you likely got a very strange sensation the first time you watched the ending to the movie. Is it possible that you can relate to the psychiatrist more than you might have realized?

I believe that the mystery of phi ϕ, the original unanswered question originally posed by philosophers, hence the name phi-losophy would also be explained by the secret existence of the event horizon of this massive black hole surrounding us. Phi, is the curvature of this phenomenon, and this is why everything here conforms to some degree to this curvature as it repeats its pattern across everything we can observe and measure. We discuss this a great length in our mathematics section. It seems to be less of a fingerprint, than a visual reminder of the place in which we find ourselves. To find the true fingerprints of the Creator, all we need to do is look into the mirror.

Wide-Awake-t-shirtAs for the current state of philosophy, it is not the same as it once was. It has become commercialized, and glamorized. It has become popular to be awake, and very simple to achieve. You just need a t-shirt that says so. Or you can spend two and a half hours watching Zeitgeist. Or you can pay a thousand dollars a month and be well on the road to ascension through any local yoga organization. Modern commercialized ideas for spiritual understanding equate to where to get the most lulu lemon gear for the best price. As with every corner of spirituality, the message as been perverted, and corrupted. Awakening it’s self is at times deceptive. You can learn something that turns your foundation upside down, and have an intense feeling like you never had in your life, once I was blind, now I can see! Yet you can still be sound asleep.

The ego is working against you to convince you of this false reality 100% of the time. Awakening is a never ending process of learning and discovering ideas and understandings that continue to blow your mind all the rest of you life. Here, you shall never be truly awake, for if you were, your reality would shatter all around you, as would anyone else who got close to you. The only thing standing between life and death, is information. Go as far as you like, discovering this information, there is a good dose of it on these pages and in the music. But learn the balance, between what is actually going on here, and the natural spiritual state. If you are too heavy in either direction, you will have a fall. You have not come all this way to escape this place, but learn why you were brought here and find your true purpose, not what your ego settled for.

You can find the best current philosophical chants on the radio. You will find more practical philosophy that you can actually apply in today’s world on one track of some of the music that is out there, then in some entire new age books. The modern commercial philosophers can certainly start you on your path. Some of the better ones include, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins. Here is an alphabetical list. Be wary of whom you entrust your safety to, just google self help guru and see what comes up. This is a journey you need to take mostly on your own. As for the older popular original ancient thinkers, I suggest you give Plato a read, beginning with The allegory of the Cave. This is a vivid description of the situation you likely find yourselves emerging from right now. He wrote of this over 2300 years ago, and it still holds true today. Plato’s school the Academy, which was likely the first mystery school, and the model for such schools as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series, was open for 900 years until closed for political reasons. This was the first major University, back in a time when they actually studied the Universe together, instead of selling an old outdated load of hogwash as is the curriculum today.

Of all the things that I know, and all the things that I suspect, I know this to be true more than everything else: Time is one of the most expensive gifts ever bestowed upon us. For it is a piece of our very Creator, sacrificed that we may grow and heal within it. THis is a very important secret of the vine.

To be true,

religion and philosophy must offer the solution of every problem. That the world is in such a bad condition morally is a conclusive evidence that none of its religions and philosophies, those of the civilized races less than any other, have ever possessed the truth. The right and logical explanations on the subject of the problems of the great dual principles—right and wrong, good and evil, liberty and despotism, pain and pleasure, egotism and altruism—are as impossible to them now as they were 1881 years ago. They are as far from the solution as they ever were but,—To these there must be somewhere a consistent solution, and if our doctrines will show their competence to offer it, then the world will be the first one to confess that must be the true philosophy, the true religion, the true light, which gives truth and nothing but the truth.

as stated by the Maha-Chohan, 1881 letter

*notes to self:

We are conditioned to ask each other “what is wrong?”. I wonder how we would think, if we asked instead, “What is right?”

One day, a man who I was speaking with told me during a conversation with several people on the beach, “I dont believe in God, I just believe we are finished when we die.” He continued to say how he believes we just need to make the most of what is here, and treat each other with love and respect. Since everyone’s attention was now turned toward us, the aithiests, the believers, and the in betweens, I told him this, “What you believe is one thing, and it has no bearing on the truth of that matter. I do know there is a God, and I know where to find this Being, and this is the truth, for me, and for you. However, what is truly important, is what you said about how to live life.. because it doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, for it exists despite your belief. What is important, to you, and your soul, is whether God continues to believe in You.”