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 Music, literature, myth, legend, religion, biology, physics, psychology and language are each facets of a fractal whole when the correct context is applied to our perspective. These things are each aspects of consciousness and contain the entire pattern within each.To reveal the hidden truths behind the most secreted and coveted conspiracy of all time, what and who we are, one requires the perspective which links all things. For all of history until recently, the various churches, medicine people, shamans, priests and gurus have had a monopoly on this information, and they have used it for their own benefit in most cases. The separation of church and state is, and always has been an illusion. The church has always governed the state of mind of the general populations in all of the entire world and has always had political agenda, and through fear and ignorance, ruled over the masses with threats and promises passed down for thousands of years to the ignorant and blind. The default state of human awareness is illiterate and psychotic.
For some, this time is the beginning of the end of our delusions. Within Secret of the Vine, the pattern of our collective illusion and the great fraud that has been perpetrated by the evil who benefit from our ignorance is exposed. There a secret that has been staring you in the face for your entire life. My intention is to attempt to provide you with enough insight to illuminate every experience, past present and future in a brand new light with a single unifying context. There are herein a variety of tools, concepts and logic that when applied in earnest will exchange one’s superstition for experience. I have not simply parroted the work of others, but created my own original instructions based upon my personal journey and experience. The hermetic law that underpins each school of thought and belief must be translated into a useful collection of insight and practical exercises. To convert knowledge into wisdom one must experience it in such a significant and profound way that they develop practical applications for each insight and apply it, for what use is a key, when one cannot use it to open a lock.

Secret of the Vine Curriculum

The main navigation menu is in two distinct parts, the the subjects (external, physical model) and the spiritual (inner, psychological model). Those of you with a very logical mind, who require some evidence of something’s existence before you choose to believe it, you will enjoy the subjects section and the topics presented therein. The truth in its purest form does not exclude any other lesser truths or models of reality, it puts them into perspective. We are surrounded, and immersed entirely in a cosmic fractal pattern designed to separate those who are ready for the next level, from those who are not. All models of consciousness and reality are fractal reflections of each other, like a bar graph and a pie chart could be used to render the same information differently. Science, Mathematics, Geometry, Art, Music, Literature each have their own boundaries, and are documented quite well, by all cultures, and all societies. There are the internal psychological models and topics as well, Religion, Spirituality, Myth & Legend. Our comprehension of each of how these models intersects with the rest, and the larger model contains them all is the measure of our awareness and lucidity, an important secret indeed. There are texts, recordings, and images for us to decipher, and attempt to relate to. One day, most of us will feel the desire, or discover a gift that lends itself to one or more of these topics and follow it to the place where it intersects with all of the others. What did the great minds know that the general population still do not yet comprehend? And would we know it if we found it ourselves?

To dig into any topic, from any angle and do it sufficiently, you will discover something about all of the above mentioned topics. You will discover, that there are layers of awareness that are within each topic, and within each body of work. There is a literal interpretation and an allegory, a spiritual and a physical, an inner and an outer context and model with which each aspect of information can be viewed. The casual observer will only see what is evident on the surface, the face value. The educated observer will see what is evident, and also be able to see what is not evident to everyone. The enlightened observer will see what is evident, and also what is deliberately concealed, and understand why. The state most people find themselves in, is that of the casual observer. The deception played by one’s ego in that state, is the firm belief, that they see all things for what they truly are, and there is no deeper meaning or significance. Those who have been able to pass that state and realize there is a vast chasm between where they are and the infinite, will see default human awareness as a prison they have been set free from. Yet, this egotistical trap of pride (cynicism, arrogance) imprisons us all at each level often with the walls remaining just beyond our perception. This secret is about the mechanism of how realities actually work. If your perspective were not held fast by it, it would not be reality at all. The more advanced an individual becomes, the complexities of the chains of their perception are proportionally so. If you saw the ultimate truth just for one instant and retained it in your waking conscious mind, you would realize you are not here, and cease to be so. Reality is a projection / hologram which relies upon belief and mystery. In this context, death is merely a realization. The information contained herein is designed to bring the reader closer to this collapse of their paradigm and evoke a real and significant transformation.

Steganography Secrets

SteganographyFor those who care to venture outside the chains, limits, veil of the egotistical mind, there is a labyrinth awaiting you. In this master of all puzzles, you will find the secrets of the vine laying openly for all to see, yet few will ever perceive it. Many of you have found your way to this website because you have been led by one thing or another into the “rabbit hole” as referred to in Alice in wonderland, also known as OZ, Narnia, Neverland, etc. Your beginning to see there are underlying realities, and you are finding yourself moving between them. As your perception shifts, you may begin to realize that for every topic, and subject, and every work of art, music, literature, there is an underlying context. Within this context, you will begin to discover that everything here in this universe was created deliberately, and precisely.

An enlightened mind can perceive the stenography, anagrams, and algorithms of the Creators, and the masters at play within everything around us. Enlightenment is not a subject that can be directly taught. If it were, the physical universe, would be quite unnecessary. Enlightenment is a path to be followed, a cord to be traced back to the wall until you find the source yourself. I have shared some enlightening concepts, and quotes and theories within the text found in this site, but it is not I who will enlighten you. I am going to attempt to shatter the glass and concrete outer world in which you live, that you may actively pursue the path that will lead you to your creators. My work will decode for you some of the encrypted ciphers of many different subjects and works of art, and demonstrate, and validate the truth with scientific and literary evidence and testimony.

There is a mass awakening occurring across the world, that is certainly no secret. There are now hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who will define this awakening for you if you allow it. But it cannot be defined, nor does it come to a conclusion. There is suddenly this new awareness among the people, a dramatic yet subtle shift in consciousness. It is akin to awaking from a dream within a dream within a dream for many levels. There is much new information being presented by our media, and the internet if one knows where to look. When you do look, you need to know how to look beneath the surface and find still deeper levels of awareness. You might find the articles on the Secret of the Vine facebook page of interest as well.

The Secret Awakening

Secret of the VineYour being flooded and bombarded with dozens of different interpretations for what’s going on in the world, and in you. People like Alex Jones are not doing you any favors. Instilling fear and panic among the masses as this consciousness shift occurs is the last thing we all need. The weak of mind can grab their guns and go on a shooting spree, and people like Alex claim immunity, and pretend innocence in the matter. Muddying the waters even further are many self proclaimed conspiracy experts all over the internet with their version of evil and their darkened vision of the future. Do you actually think that some uneducated, back water, unemployable, self proclaimed prophet wearing a tinfoil hat is going to hold the keys to your Kingdom? Do you really believe that you were created to be enslaved and victimized by evil corporate conglomerates or alien species, and that’s what is really going on here?

As we are being ushered into this higher awareness, dormant passages in our minds are currently being activated, and our individual awareness is steadily increasing. This manifests differently in different people. Although we are now as a group being awoken, not everyone is experiencing this shift at the same moment, and at the same level. Not everyone who is at the same level has the context to comprehend what is unfolding before them. Some of those who can learn to comprehend what is going on can assist the others who are a little stuck. However, the fear in our group runs very deep, right to the core. The dis-information that has been spread throughout history and the current media has been very disruptive to the awakening process. This is a little like learning to fly for a baby bird. Mother Nature drops them from the nest when it is time, and they have a small window to learn to operate their wings and discover the true secret before the predators leap from the shadows to put it out of its misery, that which is unfit to live on it’s own will die. Some of the birds hit the ground, and the frantic parents try desperately to keep the predators at bay until their young get off the ground.

Fact is stranger than Fiction

Some who have awakened to certain secrets have decided that they see imminent death and destruction looming. And although they don’t really know anything for sure, except they are much more aware of things than they were before, they want to be the first to tell you that you don’t have a chance. Their focus is drawn in the direction they most fear, because it is fear that they have collected inside of them. There are also others who have been aware of our true nature for some time, and they would like to capitalize upon your partially conscious awareness with false teachings and dogmas. They use fear tactics as well as greed, to put the nails through your wrists. They are known by such names as Merovingian Kings, Vampires or Illuminati. They would like to convince you to go back to sleep, trutheveryone is crazy, turn on the TV, go to work – Nothing to see here. And let’s not forget the cynics who act like they know everything, require nothing, and when they do become more aware, even God cannot present any new information. They have no trouble amplifying their irritating sanctimonious antics, and playing for the crowd. They choose a subjective awareness, and take a reductionist philosophical stance. If it’s not what they want to believe, they reject it despite the evidence.

Some of us know the truth of this situation however, and can be of some assistance to those who are just awakening recently. Some of us have been awake here on this earth for a very long time, studying, observing, yet we have sat quietly, and let the children sleep, hoping that someone among you can rise up, and find the right words to convince an entire generation of their own Divinity, and sovereignty and thus end this current dark age of spiritual impoverishment. Due to the nearly overwhelming pollution of each form of media, and also the world’s strong resistance to any new information they don’t already know, some of us are going to come forward at this time and help separate certain specific facts from fictions for the ones who have eyes to see, and ears to hear. I created Secret of the Vine because I want you to understand one thing above all about the events taking place around you.

What you believe, is beginning to manifest. This is our true nature, beings of light, living in a dream world, in each, our very own version of the world, manifesting our reality with our thoughts, and intentions and consciousness. This is the nature of world war three. It is a psychic war, they are all simply competing for your beliefs. The church, the Illuminati, the fools, the conspiracy buffs and the other dark forces here all want to convince you of what to believe. Each has a story to tell you, most play upon your fears. However, our Creator will tell you a much different story, if you will calm down, and learn how to listen to the quietest voice of all. I sincerely hope you will awaken to the light, not into the inferno that some desperate and frightful beings are actively trying to lure you into creating for yourself. Ultimately, each of you will draw your own conclusions in this house of mirrors, and see them in the reflection around you.

 Secret Information

secret of the vine informationWithin the Secret of the Vine website I endeavor to introduce you to a variety of once secret and hidden topics that you may follow along easily and understand a variety of concepts that you were never taught in school. This is why I have laid out each topic under the subjects page, to present you with a body of information that is organized in a format consistent to what you are used to already. I will ask you if you will, to suspend your disbelief and make the blanket assumption that we are all in a Great University created by, and taught directly by our Creator. We are all It’s direct decedents, the divine children. Once you have completed the reading, you may then draw your own conclusions in every respect, and continue, I expect and hope, with a more positive confident direction upward and forward in your life and personal evolution.

Perennialism is a perspective which views each of the world’s religious traditions as sharing a single, universal truth on which foundation all religious knowledge and doctrine has grown. According to this perspective, each world religion, including but not limited to Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Confucianism, Taoism, Sikhism, Shinto, and Buddhism, is an interpretation of this universal truth adapted to cater for the psychological, intellectual, and social needs of a given culture of a given period of history. The universal truth which lies at heart of each religion has been rediscovered in each epoch by saints, sages, prophets, philosophers, mystics, theologians, and preachers who have revived already existing religions when they had fallen into empty platitudes and hollow ceremonialism. The information within secret of the vine will be demonstrating this philosophy, and offering were applicable, the contextual keys that link each to the other.

Although the information in the is organized like a school’s curriculum, these topics have a very strong difference. Underlying each topic is a thread of this universal truth that interconnects each topic with the rest. This universal truth can be discovered again and again no matter which topic you follow. You will find the science presented weaves through music, art, film, philosophy, mathematics, sacred geometry, botany, ancient cultures etc. The truth can be revealed by checking your conclusions like you learned to do in grade school for double checking your long division equations. You can just multiply the concepts again, and you will confirm the original intended values (context). This collection of information within this site presents the unifying theory of everything, that subtle universal truth that has eluded our modern religious organizations.

The Secret Power of Belief

There are many organizations that wish to keep this universal truth a secret from the general populations. At one time, our Creator had also deliberately separated us from the knowledge of the world beyond as well, that we might have an uninterrupted experience of separation here in this reality as we peer into our own reflections around us. nature of realityRecently on the internet, a conglomerate of conspiracy theorists have been presenting many facts, and non-facts about their corner of self proclaimed expertise. Each of these theories, ends in disaster, from the Illuminati enslaving mankind, to the ozone layer roasting the earth from under our feet. This is their apparent discovery, that we are going to die horribly, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. These people want to be the first to tell you this, and they present very convincing stories. Their imagined legacy, is that they saw it first. These stories all have a grain of truth in them, and some are even completely true. However, the context is wrong and the perspective is nearsighted and incomplete. What is really going on here is largely unknown to most common people. You cannot begin to see the picture, until you step out of the frame.

Secret of the vine endeavours to reveal the primary conspiracy that governs all conspiracies. The original conspiracy from which all others steal grains of truth. I explain to you what we are, where we are, and why we are here. I also demonstrate these things to you very simply and clearly within these pages. This information will provide you with the context you need to be able to figure out all the rest of the puzzle that lay before you for yourself without interpretation or interpreters. Your then free to begin to communicate with your Creator and your keepers directly. Did you know that your Creator has left many unopened letters addressed to you personally upon your awakening? You don’t need to take my word for it. I’m are going to teach you where they are, and you can then read them for yourself in your own time, and make of it what you will.

Someone has deceived you into believing you can’t know the Creator directly, and you need a dead prophet and a live priest to communicate on your behalf and tell you what they said and what it’s going to cost you. I teach you how to access your Creators directly. I put everything and all the digital resources you might need within this website so you can have the correct context in your mind with no misunderstandings and evoke this process on your own. If you can grasp the information herein, you will no longer be misled by the publicly circulated media mind virus that is currently infecting the population. Having read and understood the universal objective truth about the nature of reality, you will of course still need to measure up to the personal expectations placed upon you by your Creators.