The Legend Of The Fifth Apocalyptic Horseman

There are only four horseman revealed in the biblical “Book of Revelation”, which was written by John, the Apostle. This book is also referred to as the Apocalypse which means a revealing disclosure or to make known.

The Four Horsemen as recorded in the New Testament of the bible (Revelation Chpt 6 verses 2-8) are briefly described as follows:

(1st White Horse)__the rider is responsible for the spreading of a false and corrupt religious and political/economical system.

(2nd Fire-Red Horse)__ the rider of this horse takes peace away from the earth and people are killing each other (war, rumors of war, nuclear war)

(3rd Black Horse)__ indicates famine to follow these wars

(4th Pale Horse)__ indicates Death and Hades (the grave) follow. And these four horsemen carry out their horrific and destructive mission over 1/4th of the earth.

The Legend of the “Fifth” Horseman: the source for this is taken from a book, titled Come Before Winter, by Charles Swindoll (pages 273-275). I have abbreviated those pages. 

(5th Maroon Horse)__ The color of the 5th horse was more red than fire, for it was soaked in blood, it was maroon. The rider is the leader of the other 4 horseman.

It has been stated that the “legend of the fifth horseman dates around 89 A.D. (C.E.). Apparently, the apostle John lost the first transcription of his apocalyptic vision.

It is believed that the account was preserved “only by word of mouth, since the document was lost during the persecution of Diocletian”.

In the “lost” and “word of mouth” account the Fifth horseman emerged. The legend says he led the other 4 horsemen. “As the lead rider became nauseated by the deeds of his fellows, he pressed far ahead of them”.

The fifth rider entered every village and city with a thunderous cry of terrifying predictions. He warned the rulers of each place of those who came behind him and, as proof, he showed them the blood on the hooves of his horse. Then he urgently pressed on.

As he left each place, the citizens began to argue and debate among themselves whether or not the fifth rider was telling the truth. Some called him a liar; some said he was insane and others said it was the blood of goats, not humans. Some even said no such rider appeared with such warnings.

During all the debate and arguments, not a soul said “A prophet has been among us”, so his warnings went unheeded.

Eventually, the four horsemen arrived and, as predicted by the legendary 5th horseman, they slaughtered “three times tens of thousands”.

Meanwhile, the fifth horseman, after reaching the “outermost reaches of the earth”, turns about and decides to revisit the cities and villages he had warned. They were now destroyed and desolate.

The legendary horseman realized nothing he said made one bit of difference.

Because the people were prideful, indifferent, apathetic and disobedient, they refused and rejected the TRUTH they had been told.

According to legend, the 5th horseman rejoins his fellow horsemen and together “they slew all mankind and destroyed their cities”.

What was the name and identity of the 5th horseman who gave the warnings?

The legend says his name was “Reality”!