Acute Traumatic Identity Crisis


After 21 years of research into an incident I had while fasting for an extended period, I have managed to connect the dots, and map out the conscious human awareness to a great extent. I am aware of what we all have in common, the good, the bad, the journey and the reasons behind this mysterious phenomenon that awaits us at the threshold of human consciousness. We are eventually confronted with a very serious psychic phenomenon we must all go through I call A.T.I.C. Some of my findings are published here. This particular page is to aid first responders in caring for a victim with a torn mind ie: dissolved ego. If and after the first response can get the patient somewhat mentally stabilized, they will require constant 24 hour supervision and Identity Crisis Management or I.C.M. possibly for weeks, or even for the rest of their lives by a loved one with the fortitude of a Guardian Angel. This is the most intense psychological battle there is, it can be infectious, and it can lead to all kinds of death, murder, suicide, complete loss of mind and self. However, if handled correctly, this can lead to transcendence, enlightenment, and infinite peace. We all arrive here at some point in our cosmic journey. Some of us need a knowing hand to cross this bridge. This dissolution of the human ego is the initiation process into what has been called the abyss, shamanic initiation or otherwise known as the absolute reality.

psychology atic hppdFirst of all, what do we as humans know about this mysterious malady of the mind that consumes some of the brightest stars on this planet? That depends who you ask. The answer you get, depends upon who you are. It’s been a closely held secret for all of time. Those who have it, don’t have specific permission from those who made us, to just come out and tell you what exactly we really are, or what to expect. So, they leave each person to their fate. For many, this experience is known as Judgment day. Its a sacred tradition of one coming into awareness. This breaking away from the human shell of the Ego is traditionally the individuals complete and direct responsibility. We are trained throughout lifetimes to gradually ease into a position from which we are fit to pass this trial on our own.

This article about A.T.I.C. Acute Traumatic Identity Crisis is for those who accidentally fell into this scenario, and for those with loved ones who are currently, or had been consumed by it. To be able to assist someone afflicted by A.T.I.C., one needs to have transcended normal human awareness themselves at least to some degree. There are two distinct ways to do this.These ways are then subdivided into four root causes of premature emergence from normal human awareness. The problem, is that the individual loses their mind, or ID, or identity, or Ego. These are all different terms describing the same thing. This is not actually a bad thing, if one is ready and prepared. Just behind this, beyond it, lies the sub consciousness also known as the collective consciousness, depending on who is describing it, and how they view their own untapped potential. Our Ego resides within the conscious every day state.

This is a comfortable place for the every day human person. This is the place where we seemed to be born, and all of our most precious experiences, hopes, goals, and even our infinite dreams seem to reside here. The conscious mind is a very big place to begin with, and if we become skilled with our minds, we can make it bigger, optimize and organize this place into a work of true art. But alas, that’s all it is in the end. Art, the art of living. You need to understand right now, the curtain between this level of awareness and the collective consciousness is all that keeps you alive. Without this curtain, you become an infinite being, transcended awareness, and loss of this solid reality swiftly follows. We are truly not who or what we thought we were, and once you are exposed to such truth, no amount of lies can re-cover it back up again. When you remove this curtain between consciousness, and collective consciousness, this is the true death. This is where the problem, which you can see one of two ways, losing one’s mind, or living in an artificial construct (Plato’s Allegory of the Cave), divides into one of two directions. Either you remove this curtain intentionally, or it happens by accident.

Those who do this intentionally, have one of two ideas about this. Some believe, there is no larger conscious being in which we are actually contained, and we are all God, the only conscious sentient beings out here in space coming into our new evolution, and those who awaken first believe they are pioneers of this new Quantum realm they have stumbled upon. From these evolutionists, the egocentric transcended God-ego is born. Others (the rest of us), understand that there are Great Beings behind this reality who made us, and evolution was actually an invention, as was death, so that these Great Beings may seed and grow cosmic children as they divide themselves further and further into infinity, as they experience existence through their descendants. The removal of the curtain that divides consciousness and the collective consciousness occurs prematurely by one of four distinct methods. Meditation, Fasting, Trauma, and Entheogens are the four ways that the premature lifting of the sacred veil can occur. Now that you know what death actually is, and the four unnatural ways that this can be brought about, you are getting nearer to a position of understanding exactly what may have exposed the victim of A.T.I.C. to this awareness. This was either brought upon themselves, or it was brought upon them by someone, or something else (such as a cult leader or extreme violence or abuse).

This becomes extremely important, because you’re going to need to show them that you understand completely. To do this correctly, you’re going to need to go in there with them, into this augmented reality, win their trust, and lead them to a higher ground. Look at their job, are they professional football players, or boxers? Look at their arms, do they have obvious signs of drug abuse or self abuse? Did someone influence them into this intentionally, such as a cult leader – guru type, or secret organization? If they are currently hurting themselves, they will think very little of hurting you too. This place they are in, is the source of all that is dark and frightening. Have great fortitude, no fear, and don’t turn your back on them in the beginning, at least until you connect, and see where they are. It’s not about who they were. This is broken, and gone. You cannot make them that again, they have seen too much. They know too much.psychiatry atic hppd

Imagine for a second your greatest fear. Then imagine, you are ten times as aware and intelligent as you are right now, and in this terrible place. This is the beginning of understanding how far this experience can go wrong. This is more like a salvage operation than a restoration, to salvage what is left of their past identity, and fully accept them for who they will become, and make great attempts at integrating them with their surroundings again. If they become healed eventually through this experience, they still may have further opportunities for future spiritual growth in this lifetime. They may yet even become a teacher of the hidden art of transcendence once they learn how to become grounded again, and learn to deliberately move through the spheres of infinite awareness and make a friend of their new found connected collective consciousness.

If they are currently in a paranoid state, they may very well see horns growing out of your head and a tail to match. This is why trust is KEY!! This helps them fight this darkness from welling up from within them and consuming them from the inside out. A true love for this poor soul, and a complete understanding of their darkness, and compassion for their true essence is required. If you cannot gain this connection with them, then you need to use an instrument to do this. You need participation from a loved one who has the depth and compassion required to go in there with them. In the movie What Dreams may Come, this is completely outlined, all of it. This does demonstrate, that there is a knowing of this state upon this planet, but they choose to teach through art and film and music. This is the tradition. I have stepped outside of tradition to try to mitigate the western lack of spiritual education by creating this article. Tradition didn’t account for the persistent ignorance of so many, or the deliberate manipulation of those who are coming into awareness by so many with dark intentions.

There is a very well known but little used traditional ritual that has been in practice for thousands of years to combat this type of affliction. It is called an exorcism. This involves deceiving the family and victim into blaming a demon, personifying it, and inviting it to leave, or driving it out forcefully. I don’t recommend this method, fighting truth with lies is never the way out of the darkness. Its the very last option and only to be used for fanatically religious family units, to help them reassemble their illusion, and go back to the safety of this place. If someone was insane to begin with, you obviously have a compounded problem. The long and the short of it is this, we are all one mind. We are all one being. The good the bad, all of us one. If you cannot navigate, or float in the sea of infinite consciousness, then you may very well become possessed by a dark energy. To keep above and out of their reach, you need to keep the covenants, and understand the 7 deadly sins, and 7 virtues. You see, we are already possessed, that is our nature, one mind. At this point, its just a matter of by whom we are possessed, the light, or the dark.

If Mother Nature is allowed to take Her course, because either they cannot hear Her, and no one near them can or will help them, then She does a full reset, and either limits their motor function permanently to protect them and others, or its going to be another trip around the wheel of reincarnation. This depends upon Her evaluation of their current state and life plan.

To determine if someone is suffering from A.T.I.C. you can ask some basic questions, provided they don’t just tell you what they know you expect to hear. Advanced cases may not answer, or may not be honest with you for a variety of reasons, usually paranoia. This is just being annoyed with the paranormal. Modern man, and western man does not acknowledge the paranormal however, and sees this state as just plain mentally unbalanced, or ill without external cause. This is dead wrong, and everyone finds this out in the end. Many can read your intentions as clearly as they can read your mind. This is actually one of the problems with super-awareness… so many voices, and no one is saying what they are thinking, everyone lies.However, for those who are finding out early and experiencing a conflict, ask them the following questions in an appropriate tone, possibly even concealing your actual question within superficial conversation as to not make them feel interrogated. Remember, they are a little lost, but by no means stupid, even if they once were. To help them regain some perspective, we need to create a supportive mental / spiritual hyperbaric chamber of sorts.

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you?
  • Why are you here?
  • What are you?
  • Who am I?
  • Do you remember when we met?

There is really no right or wrong answer to these questions. However, to be able to communicate, and integrate in society, one must not discuss, describe, or admit to things that are in different circles of truth than the general consensus. For instance, if he says he is God, he is everywhere, he is here to create souls, and he is a vast collection of energy dividing it’s self through an elaborate complex of energy refractors and mirrors.. then there is a problem. In the highest circles of truth, this is correct. However, the person isn’t supposed to have his awareness that far in, nor is he supposed to even realize this. If he stays there, he will lose his identity forever. Even the highest Angels do not look upon the face of God, for they would become God, and no longer be an individual at all. Often though, these are not the answers to those questions. A very bad reality some people fall into is that they are satan, or the second coming. These ancient archetypes are embedded within us all. They are in all the minds here, they are here to destroy, they are the god of death. And if the victim believe they are the messiah or satan, there is a very good possibility they are also not going to tell you. Just because they lost their individuality, does NOT mean they became stupid. In fact, its likely they are quite intelligent, like something you have never experienced in fact. And if they have become really aware, they sure know how to play it down.. these dangerous types, cannot be recovered except by divine intervention, which is highly unlikely. They chose this identity consciously. Manson is one example.

Most times, you will find someone in the middle of these two extremes. They are afraid, hallucinating, very subtly, seeing people and places differently, or possibly very extreme hallucinations, which are unfortunately not hallucinations, they have removed the curtain, and sank into the depths of the darkness, where every nightmare exists and is quite aware of fresh souls to snare. Everyone goes through this at some point in their existence. It is a rite of passage, as I said, some are brought into it artificially, and too early to pass. If they are allowed to continue to sink, they will either become the darkness, and merge with it, or dissolve into pure light again. Immortality and eternity requires temperance, in all things. Before this terrible fate befalls the victim, usually death intervenes, and they are restored, and reincarnated after a time, but not always. This depends precisely why they found themselves in Judgment Hall to begin with.

Here is how to help combat this:

  • Gain, or regain their trust, as much as you can.
  • Remind them who they are
  • Remind them where they are
  • Make them understand, you know these things too.. but you keep it quiet, and keep it together for the children’s sake, for they can never know. So, its ok.. we are all crazy a little.
  • Get them to recall events you both shared, how you met, remember that time..
  • No drugs, treatments, psychiatrists, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes are not helpful, but if it keeps them calm go ahead. Anything that alters the mind at all, just removes the curtain more, or keeps it from returning.
  • If they are really bad and incoherent, play their favorite songs, or sing to them until you can talk with them
  • Provide a safe environment until long term care can be arranged. They will need to be monitored and adjusted by someone who is willing to help reprogram them by repeating these steps daily.
  • Practice the three monkeys with them, see no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. And explain to them this is what keeps the darkness away, and you use these principals yourself all the time to keep in the light.
  • Get them to eat, proteins mixed with starch slows their mind. Vegetarian is best, lots of bread and pasta I recommend.
  • Have an animal with them if you can, it helps them remember their human experience.
  • If someone did this to them, you will need to separate them. These types of people can undo all of your effort with sometimes just a glance, or a few words.

Topics to avoid:

  • Conspiracies such as illuminati, demons, witches and any other darkness.
  • Anti-Christ and all associated dogma.
  • If they have wandered too far into the light, avoid for a while topics of God, instead give them uplifting music from their past to meditate upon.
  • any painful situations, do not allow them to dwell upon any past difficulties that would depress or anger them. They are amplifying every single thing, their mind has been sped up and their senses and emotions are unlike anything you can even conceive, unless you have been there, and lived to tell about it.

A warning: There are some people inducing this state in others intentionally within just moments. This is known in higher circles as The Resurrection. Those who practice this, are probably to be avoided, for they are actually playing God, which never ends well. This is supposed to be a natural gentle experience that becomes more intense as the initiate steps forward and accepts and understands responsibilities of becoming infinite. It is wonderful to have a guide in this. I have traveled the world in search of such a person, and I can tell you this; there is no one. Many have little pieces, and few have larger pieces. Those who have it all, wont give it to you, because they know its an eternal responsibility, and this understanding is usually shared with our intimate family members only, if at all.

In this video below, Dennis McKenna talks about a specific episode that led to Terence McKenna instinctively resorting to identity crisis management with his brother when their activities led to Dennis’ own personal A.T.I.C. episode.