Couples Ceremony

The Couples Ceremony was discovered by my partner and I on February 14th. Many of the ceremonies I have had were intended to target connection with Mother and or Father and reach spaces beyond this one. The couples ceremony is in contrast to this. This ceremony is designed to to bring people closer, to mix the minds into a larger being which exists beyond the physical realm. Some of the most intense experiences I have had have been along these lines, mixing with other participants in the ceremony on a mental / spiritual level.

couples-ceremonyThis type of ceremony when done correctly will challenge your preconceptions about identity, evolution, and connection. The barriers to this type of ceremony would be fear, superficiality, deceit, and ego. This could be said about all ceremonies, and life in general, but particularly this ceremony requires 2 participants that have nothing between each other. Participants can be any mixture of race, creed, sex. Ideas of sex, relationships, individuality are transcended in every level beyond this one. Let this be a warning to the superficial experimenters as well as a map to the intentional explorers.

What I’m saying, if you and a couple of buddies thought that you would take a good dose medicines with no idea of what medicines are or how they work, you could find your psychies mixed and mingled in a way that is closer than any definition or concept of intimate you had previously formulated in your mind, permanently. This process can fast forward the natural process of connecting individuals psychically. Most of you are already familiar with this at some level. For those of you who have been working intentionally with spirit and medicines for some time, you will recall that you went through a process at some point of severing old psychic attachments and letting persons go who are no longer close, and severing their connection to you. This past connection and mingling took possibly years. This severance was in preparation for a new psychic connection / partner, and this ceremony is for establishing this.

How we do this ceremony is as follows:

Type of medicine:

  • Any type of psychedelic, marijuana, lsd, lsa, mushrooms, MDMA, DMT, Ayahuasca, or mixtures thereof.

Items to have on hand:

  • candle (beeswax is preferable, paraffin wax is toxic)
  • incense (copal, white sage, sweet grass – other incenses may smell nice, but are quite often synthetic ensure your incense is natural)
  • two lighters


Begin every ceremony by doing a cleanse of the apartment, house, area and each other with the smoke from burning incense. You can say a prayer or chant during the cleanse if you like, chant the intention to purify the area. This will warn any negative entities that powerful Holy spirits are enroute and they should flee and not interfere in your ceremony. The incense is the actual physical manifestation of very ancient guardian spirits. People with a very thin veil need only smell the incense to travel to other planes of existence, it is a door.

Include a bowl of water to trap any other lingering negative energies or any negativity that might become expelled during the ceremony. Toss out the water at the end of the ceremony.

Include a candle in every ceremony to ensure that the soul can find its way back to the body in this space and time. This is very important. You will never know or understand just how important this is until the day you need it.

The list of elements and items for the offering often dictate what type of ceremony you will have. This is how the intention is expressed to the spirits involved in your experience. You can mix and match elements to discover other rituals as you progress.


  • cacao
  • rice
  • beans
  • tobacco
  • candle
  • bowl of water
  • * Rattle
  • * Hydration
  1. Prepare the medicine doses. Any type of psychedelic in sufficient quantity can be used.
  2. Gather the other elements of the ceremony and place the offering in a small bowl.
  3. Participants gather in a circle, and do not leave the circle during the ceremony.
  4. Arrange everything, a container for the cacao, tobacco, rice and beans, and I use a little prayer mat to place this on with the candle, bowl of water, and a small dish for medicines / tobacco.
  5. This step is optional but a nice touch: we roll a tobacco cigarette or use a small cigar and smoke a small amount after we light the candle to begin the ceremony. Whoever has the tobacco speaks. We state our intentions for the ceremony, and give thanks, and pass the cigarette. We pass this back and forth until every participant has nothing further. Once this is done, we take the medicine.
  6. Lie back (mind the candle), head to feet, side by side. Close your eyes, and meditate on letting go. When you see the light, with your eyes closed – move toward it. Speaking verbally can disrupt the other participants, so unless it’s important, connect with the mind, and don’t speak until the apex of the experience has passed, and the spirit has withdrawn from the “space”.
  7. When the ceremony is completed, thank the spirits, let them know the ceremony is closed and blow out the candle. Spend the rest of the day / evening doing something introspective, mindful, low key and meditative. When the ceremony is complete, everyone should have something to eat / drink to break the connection. You can speak to the other participants freely about your experience now. Pour out the bowl of water down the sink. Do not drink, dump on the floor, or water a plant or animal. Do not consume any items that were offerings. Burn or dispose of those.

If you follow the steps above, then you will have an excellent chance of having a wonderful bonding experience with your partner. Medicines can be unpredictable, and the reason for this is everyone is at their own level, with their own list of things that need to be worked out before they can just roam freely and explore without hitting a variety of detours, speed bumps and obstacles. If for one of these reasons a ceremony or ritual does not go as expected, then you may need to get to the root of the issue, and repeat the ceremony at a later date for desired results.

couples-ceremonyParticipants don’t need to agree upon or even understand all the details of this ceremony or consent verbally or otherwise to become blended with other participants, they just need to participate to make it so. If one person knows how this works, and the other does not, it does not matter. They will be linked psychically if they participate. This is the second caveat. Some people use tactics and medicines like this to invade and push past the free will of others. If this happens intentionally, or otherwise, a special severance ceremony is required at a later date to cut the former psychic associations. So, be aware, and be careful of who you allow in your presence when you are under the influence of the medicines. As with all types of law, ignorance of the law does not exempt someone from the effects or the enforcement of it. Examples: gravity, theft, do unto others.

Why does this work? Medicine is a solvent, a psychic solvent. It dissolves all barriers between 2 or more psyches, and allows them to flow within one another. The partitions that divide us into individuals are much more delicate than we realize. Although the partition between us and the next level of awareness, (the veil) is very robust and recreates itself quite quickly, all of these partitions are temporary constructs, and are already in the process of decay. Each one is a little different, and some don’t grow back completely if at all as the medicine wears off, depending on the individual, the medicine, the ceremony etc.

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