Awakening: The continuity of consciousness from one state to another, and from within time to the outside of it. The movement of perception from the individual to the singularity.

Enlightenment: A model of behavior, an algorithm based upon objective definitions of the 24 principals. The absence of illusion and delusion.

24 Principals: 7 vices, 7 virtues, 10 commandments. Reflected commonly as 24 hours (ours) in each of the seven days (daze) of the week (weak).

Death: The transformation from one plane of consciousness into another, the permanent dissolution of the ego.

Singularity: The beginning state of the one mind before the fracture into many, and the ending state following the merger of the surviving remaining fractions. Also, objective truth.

Truth: Subjective – the relative and temporary point of perspective of an individual. Objective – singularity.

The Veil: The barrier that prevents consciousness from perceiving outside of the confines of time and space. The cloak that disguises everything as everything else.

Choice: The temporary illusion of infinite options and paths one can take.

Consciousness: Relative awareness measured in fathoms and based upon lucidity.

Logic: The analysis of information without the constraints of morality.

Information: Data forming a pattern which can be categorized which is derived from archetypal concepts and preconceptions. All of creation is in-formation.

Darwinian: A model of reality based upon a theory of evolution which incorrectly supposes that evolution began in the material plane.

Newtonian: A model of physical science based upon a theory that incorrectly states the universe is based in the material plane.

Intelligence: A compartmentalized and objective comprehension of cause and effect, of which many different types exist. ie: Spiritual intelligence, social, musical, moral, mathematical etc.

Human: Physical manifestation of God in the flesh. Time machine, and quantum hologram projector. Also, lower state of mind.

Mirror: A device used to see spirits. God looks upon the mirror, you are the reflection.

Prayer: Telepathic communication.

Language: A tool using symbols and clusters of symbols to relay the story of creation, nature and God through various levels of awareness.

Music: A tool using symbols and clusters of symbols to relay the story of creation, nature and God through various levels of awareness through sung and played psalms and verses.

Poetry: Unsung written or spoken music.

Belief: A hypothetical model, the absence of knowing.

Understanding: Belief converted into knowledge.

Reckoning: Reconciliation of similar ideas previously thought to be distinct. Revelation, abolishment of heresy and judgments.