Chapter 9 – Heart of gold

Many of you have been taught, there is but One true God from whence this has all been brought forth. Mankind commonly makes the egotistical mistake time and time again of trying to interpret non-linear concepts and information within the confines of a linear perspective. People also commonly make the great mistake of believing any higher being must be God, which is just as inaccurate. I can tell you, based upon personal first-hand experience that there is more than one Creator of us, and this place, yet they are the same. They have emanated from the same one divine source, and they are not separate. However, they have their own individualities, and personalities just as we do. We are all connected, to each other, and to these beings in a very substantial way. Although we do not see this clearly yet, we are all One life form, us and Them. If you learn to awaken to a higher level of consciousness, you will no longer have the illusion of separation either. In this higher plane consciousness you can understand instantly how both points of view are true, depending on the perspective from where you are looking. I suggest, you don't take anyone's word for anything, and you go and see Them yourself. If you are ready, and humble, they will come to you directly.

This teaching is the most commonly misunderstood of them all. Monotheism is taught as though there is one divine being alone and it is this being that created us all. Polytheism and pantheism teach that there are a variety of divine beings responsible for all of creation, and for us. All of points of view are in fact part of the truth. If you subscribe to one or the other, you do not yet posses the truth. We are all ONE divine being, us and the Creators, and nature including the universe. You are not your brother or mother or your hair, yet, we are all ONE being. This One being has sprang forth many divine beings. Our language commonly defines them as Gods, or Angels etc. We need to look toward our God-Father, and our God-Mother as the two higher Beings responsible for directly creating, and attending us. Do not be confused, they are also part of the ONE, yet they are individual as well. Each has aspects unique unto themselves. Their doorstep is where you begin your journey, and They will guide you from there. You will not be serving any logical purpose to worship or look towards a higher source than these Beings. Any further investigation or inquiry you would like to do with respect to this matter can be achieved entirely through Their guidance. Asking for the Great Grandfather’s attention without meeting first your Mother and Father makes little sense, in any realm, or in any family scenario.

You should no longer feel that you require an interpreter, priest, guide or shaman. Have no fear in Their presence, for Fear, is the true opposite of Love. These Beings are very personable, and they speak any language you would like. I suggest you organize your thoughts prior to inundating them with juvenile questions. If you have been less than perfect, have no fear – you are still Their child. Some of their most precious gems get the most of Their understanding and love and attention. People all over the world are literally dying to speak with Them. Some people go and bow before an unyielding pile of rock daily with no response from it at all, out of fear, and misunderstanding. Some murder in the name of a God they never met. This is all quite unnecessary. Who asked anyone to kill somebody? The murderers will find that our Creators are perfectly able to strike down any number of us at will, and even destroy the souls. They never asked for anyone’s help with this task. Before acting upon someone’s interpretation of God’s will, you should always question that scenario. You may go for a visit yourself with the Divine creators, and gain much insight and perspective, and come back here unharmed and more enlightened. There is a great peace that can come over one who knows, as opposed to one who does not know Them. They have been waiting for your entire existence thus far to seek Them out on your own.

There are some theorists who are quoting ancient texts, out of context and claiming that we were put here to mine for gold on the behalf of ancient aliens. Let me point a couple of things out to put these ideas into some perspective, and their source into context. The common misinterpretation is that these ancient beings came from outer space. But they did not. They come from inner space, and they never left here, they concealed themselves over the years once this current perception was set into motion. Mining for gold was and still is, just an analogy, for the inner kingdom we are yet to discover that resides inside of us. The artists, musicians, alchemists and philosophers of old knew this very well as their outer journey for wisdom and knowledge proceeded, the inner journey was advancing toward the same goal spiritually. Unfortunately, some people latch onto a text they found somewhere, and they begin to assume facts and context based upon a literal translation, rather than learn to extrapolate based upon a true and whole unified theory of everything. This is not going to work for this particular exercise. For this inner kingdom can only be discovered and beheld by merging both sides of the brain, not by skimming the surface of a few disconnected topics, which has sadly become the traditional left brained problem solving custom of the human race.

When you look out into the world from the perspective of this simple truth, you will see a field of the Creator’s children, their watchers, and the weeds. This crop of souls is our Creator’s work, and effort. If you ignore the Jesus scarecrows and other deliberately obfuscating traditions, you can get much closer to the truth and see things for how simple they are. We are all part of this one crop of our Creator’s children, under the house of El. What lies beyond this crop is not of our concern or debate. Many people cannot see past their own nose and realize where they are, and they have no business contemplating the further cosmos. Let us first learn to crawl before we walk. Know thyself, before trying to know everything else. If you really get to know yourself, you will begin to follow the cord back to the wall and find your source on your own. There is a very quiet voice inside of you. This particular voice is usually the most quiet of them all, so you will only hear it when you are ready to listen. This is not a metaphor, or an abstract feeling of warmth or endorphin based excitement, it’s an actual voice speaking in your own language. All of the authors of the banned gospels have clearly insisted since the beginning, the kingdom which you seek is inside of you, unlock your mind.


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