House of the Rising Sun – The Threshold

Have you ever noticed certain numbers seem to keep repeating, and wondered what to make of this phenomenon? Is it astronomical? Zodiac related? Biblical? Fibonacci mathematical principals? The answer is all of these are true. It stems from who made us. 0 or the letter O if the beginning, the Alpha – Omega. Alpha is Female aspect, Nina. Omega is Male aspect, Nino. Then there are 5 grandfathers descended from this Alpha – Omega being, they are crimson, blood red in color and represent all there is in creation, and the great pool of blood we all share is the metaphor for our connection to them. Five fingers, five toes. Then six and seven are the Goddess Isis, and the God Rama, who go by many names. They are solid Gold in color. Goddess is Left, Rama is Right. Two ears, two eyes (I’s), two hands, arms, legs, states of consciousness, left and right hemispheres of the brain. And so, the pattern of these beings echoes down through all of creation, 7 sins, 7 virtues, 7 days of the week (weak / children) = 777. The children are represented by the color Emerald Green. We all exist by their grace, through their love, and this is why the heart chakra is green.

The zodiac represents different houses, or states of spiritual evolution. Some are secret, and only discussed by metaphor. It is against the highest law to reveal such secrets plainly until very recently as the new cycle began in December 21, 2012. Isis and Rama have given some of us permission to write about our experiences with them, and impart our understandings, and thus form what is known as the rainbow bridge, between this place and the next, which is very simply put, the merger of the two hemispheres of your brain, and the merge of subjective and objective realities, the former of which is being dissolved by simply, information, and your acceptance of it. Belief. The thirteenth house is coming upon us all now. Since time began, we leave here when we discover our creators, they teach us personally to prepare for this event,and then stand back quietly and allow us to enter into this house. Most people who enter here without their express permission and guidance, die there.

Every time you see or hear the number 13, it is referencing this house, and is the reason so many horrible things happen on that date. 31 of October also hides the number 13. This is a very intense place, with all manor of creature undead to test those that enter the tunnel. You need to have a firm grasp of the 24 principals to pass this stage. 7 deadly sins are actually deadly if your in this house. 7 sins, 7 virtues, 7 vices, 10 commandments (the covenant) = 24 principals. This secret and hidden house of the zodiac is called the House of the rising sun. This is because as you merge your conscious mind, and lift the curtain between consciousness, and subconsciousness, you are being born, and we are stars. A star is being born, the Rising in your consciousness is referred to as the rising of the sun, or the morning. It’s always darkest just before the dawn, when everything dawns upon the new-born sun. The daughters are also suns, and they are especially important in our continued families existence. Those who are in the 13th house will experience all manor of attack, both physical and psychological and psychic.

You might wonder why the Angels don’t prevent things from changing, why Isis and Rama have grown quiet. This is because what was behind you, your old comforts have been removed, you must now make your own choice. Only true children of the light pass through this phase. You cannot go backwards, for if you do, death will come hard and fast and on swift wings. The ancient myth of the Sphinx is also in direct reference to this crossroads you now face. Those who have died in the 13th house, are still there. They are trapped. They seem to be here still.. but they are mentally confined,and may not move forward into completion of the ascension process until the end of time. At the end of time, the good souls who were deceived through no fault of their own will be set free once their deceiver has finished losing the bet, and pays for his deception by being cast into the lake of fire. In the meantime, since it has been severed from the source by God, it uses those who fail in the 13th house as batteries to run its game. Since its power has grown past the point of being of service in our continued  spiritual evolution, Isis and Rama have decreed that everyone shall be put through the 13th house in the next short span.

This serves to separate the wheat from the chaff, the gold from the dust, the fruit from the vine. Those who are ready will find their own way quickly now. Those who are reluctant, have no choice. As more of us no longer believe in this concrete (with Crete) reality any longer, it as breaking for everyone. Some are granted mercy and whisked away to safety quickly and quietly. They die peacefully in their sleep. Some sneak away, and overdose. Some are actually teleported to different schools to continue their education there. They think aliens took them to a better civilization. Some are taken to become seeds for new worlds. But you.. who are reading this have a different path. The indigenous peoples were created from the dna of plants. When a third of the angels fell from heaven, they were entrusted to these peoples who would guide them back into the light, and into the 13th house. However, the first thing these fallen did, was murdered their guides, and put the rest of them into camps to completely corrupt those who survived.

You don’t remember this consciously, but my words are likely resonating in you. The angels are here among us, covered in the blood of their former sins. Most don’t remember who or what they are. But you have all been invited to participate in world war 3. This is a psychic war, that you were all instrumental in causing. This karma is a price that needs to be paid now. If you can pass the 13th house, you will have a choice. You may go home. Or, before you go to far in this process of ascension.. you can stop. You can turn back and face the 13th house as an instrument of God, and become part of the rainbow bridge, and make a valiant attempt at convincing others to follow you to safety of the spiritual plane. All the same attacks persist, all the same rules apply, if you fail, you will become a battery. This is a personal individual struggle. The angels cannot make these decisions for you, or do it for you. They prepared you.. now its up to you, to bring God through you, in your thoughts, words (spoken and written), and your actions. The bible is all a riddle to keep people busy arguing which verse it allegory and which is literal as it disguises simply, 24 principals that will elevate you off of this rock, and open the gates of Heaven for your immortal souls.

Every single person is already possessed. We are all one mind! Lower vibrations let the darkness in. I have seen entire room fulls of people simultaneously turn and stare at me. Each of them has been feeding their dark side, and when the darkness wants to frighten you, this is one thing it does. But fear isn’t a sin you might think.. but it is a low vibration. Faith counters it. Paranoia is a low vibration, and trust counters it. Resentment / Envy is a low vibration, and forgiveness and charity counters it, within yourself, and within others attacking you. Break it down to science if you must, or just think of a radio dial. The best stations are in the high FM band, radios = Ra Dios (Ramma God) or Ray of God. Adjust your set. High vibrations allow the light from within, to banish the darkness within and without.

I sat with God and pondered this article for a long while before I wrote it. I wrote it, and then I asked what else can I possibly tell her to make her understand and keep her safe? They said nothing, let US sing to her..

Imagine Dragons – Demons

Animals – House of the rising sun

Adam Levine – Lost Stars

Dave Matthews – Don’t Drink the Water

Taylor Swift – Eyes Open

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Runnin Down a Dream

Tenacious D – Tribute

Fleetwood Mac – Don’t Stop

Mumford and Son’s – The Cave

Avicii – Hey Brother

Save the World – Swedish House Mafia

Bastille – Pompeii

Charlie Daniels Band – The Devil Went down to Georgia


Don’t fret. If you are a child of the light, this is just another chance to show it. You died. Death wasn’t how you imagined it to be, it was much more subtly inflicted than you could have predicted – the death of your ignorance, the removal of the veil Trance-endence. Remember the phrase, go into the light? Pass through this tunnel, and go into the light. When you get near the shore of the red sea (all the things ever written or read, human knowledge in its entirety) pass by the rocks, do not listen to the siren’s call. Step out of your vessel upon the Golden shores you were promised. There is only One rule here, the Golden rule. Decreed by the Golden rulers. Follow this yellow brick road to the end. Along your way, do continue to demonstrate your courage, your heart, and your understanding. When you get to the end of this road, you will find the Emerald City. This is where you will find us. We are waiting for you, since the beginning of time. We want to know your name, so it may be recorded in the book of life.