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Basic instruction Guide

Windows Installation

Please visit this link, My Account then log in, and return to this guide. If you have forgotten your password, simply reset it here.

1) Install the correct Firefox from any of the links on this page here, or any other Firefox link on the Secret of the Vine website. The software is ONLY designed for these versions of Firefox. If you already have Firefox installed into your system, don’t worry, this version installs right over top of it, or if you adjust the path, right along side of it. If you install the developer version, it does not affect the original version. You may use both at once in fact if you like. I chose this particular Developer Version of Firefox because it has a nice slick Windows 10 look and feel to it.

2) Download the installer program from the download link in your account, then in your Firefox tool bar find it by going to Tools>> Downloads.

3) Log in to your machine as administrator (important!!), and while you are still connected to the internet, click the installer’s iconsecret of the vine software all seeing icon to install the program. Once you activate the installer, you will need to exit all programs now, this includes your browsers, (except Mac, leave your Firefox open).

4) Run the installer application and enter your membership details, which are the login information for your members area. This is simply the email address you signed up with, and your members password. You were sent a welcome note when you signed up, the email address that this note was sent to is your membership username.

Reset your password here if you have already forgot it.

5) Once you have completed your installation, please restart your Firefox. You do not get multiple installs, you get one installation unless you have purchased a multi license with multiple installations. Once you have successfully installed the software, its security will not allow you to install it again. You will need to read and follow the instructions to operate it effectively.

6)You can activate your new software once you turn it on in your browser with the same username and password you just used to install it, and access the members area.

Please do not remove it with out consent unless you no longer wish to use it. I don’t keep handing it out. That’s why its locked after the initial installation.

How do I find my software, how do I turn this on?

You can navigate to the “Tools >> Add-ons” and you will see the Read See App Manager just underneath the Extensions tab. That is where you can  manage the specific Apps you would like to be activated or deactivated. If the drop down menu on the tool bar says no apps are active, this is because you are not on a supported webpage, and all our apps deactivate when you are not on any of the applicable pages they were designed for.

Again, this software is designed to work with these versions of Firefox ONLY. There is a possibility on some systems that the software is disabled by default at the beginning, or during an accidental Firefox Upgrade. Just navigate to the “Tools >> Add-ons>> Extensions” and the Read See App Manager plugin will be found there. Enable it if it is not already enabled, then restart Firefox.

secret of the vine software all seeing iconIf this guide just popped up in your browser, your software is now installed. Once the software is installed, you will need to locate the All seeing i-con in the Firefox toolbar. Usually it is found in the top right corner. If it is not, click View >> Toolbars >> Customize and look in the bottom of the customize window, and drag out the icon, and place it in your toolbar where ever you want it. (we placed it on the left in the photos below. Then click “done”. Then click the grayed out All seeing i-con (below photo) and when you click the all seeing i-con, you can simply activate your software by entering your username and password for the members area. If you need to constantly authenticate your software.. it is because you’re deleting your browser cookies. The cookie expires after about one month, and you just use the same credentials to reactivate it each month until the license expires.

secret of the vine toolbar

secret of the vine software dropdown menuOnce you have installed and activated the software, you can turn on the begin using the application by simply making any Google search. As you navigate from page to page, the software re-formats and rewrites the text as it is programmed to do, unless you shut it off. Click the arrow beside the all seeing i-con, when you’re on any website then refresh the page to activate or deactivate different apps included with your purchase if applicable. To activate an app, select it, then refresh the webpage, and that particular app will then take effect and its changes become embedded into the page. The same for deactivating apps is true. When you are on a page that has nothing to do with any of our apps, the apps will not be active. This is normal. Most Apps activate on every page of the entire world wide web.




secret of the vine app managerThe App Manager is found under the “Tools >> Add-ons” link in your Firefox menu. Here you can enable or disable the different Apps as you may need them, or decide to shut them off because they are not being used at the moment. You can always reactivate the ones you have disabled from here.


Your Read See App Manager comes with some pre-installed Apps when you buy it, which ones depend upon your package. If you already have any of the software installed, you may decide to buy additional Apps as you need them in the Secret of the Vine App Store, or you can buy Aaron’s Rod Bundle, and it will install them all at once. There is a significant discount when buying the bundle, over buying each of the apps individually.


Use the correct Correct Firefox Browser:

This software, and all the rest on this site has been developed to work within specific versions of Firefox only. You must click the download page link for the list of supported versions of Firefox, install the one that suits you, then install our software and restart. This Firefox works exactly the same as any other Firefox browser, but its path is different, so you must only use these specific versions with all the software available on this site. All the free software available on this website can be accessed at any time right here.

My software will not authenticate..

If you set your Firefox to not remember History, or set your privacy settings to not accept cookies, this might be the cause. However, if more than 180 days have elapsed since your purchase, your license has expired, this may also be the reason. You need to check your My Account page, to see if you are using the correct username credentials to access the software. Our software is attached to the account that you registered as you made your donation.

My software seems to have installed but will not function at all..

Check your other addons. Disable all other plugins to find out if something is conflicting with a specific third-party plugin, and restart Firefox. Then check your addons again, and you should find “Read See” App Manager. Enable it if it has been automatically disabled, and restart Firefox. This will resolve the issue, and your new installation will now appear as it should.

I want to put this on more than one machine, how do I do that?

One computer per license, one installation only. Your “extra” downloads are in the event you are visiting the link from the wrong browser or something, not for extra machines. Just click any applicable link or package in or store. We have economic multi-licensing options for many of our programs and our windows bundle of all of the great software currently completed called Aaron’s Rod.

My download doesn’t show up in my programs list:

That’s because all Secret of the Vine software installs directly into your browser, not into your programs list. You can find your program by going to “Tools >> Add-ons and click Extensions”

How do I contact support, what is the best time?

You can contact support here, and you can send your mails when ever you like. The staff does their best to serve you as fast as possible. Sometimes we are able to assist you outside of business hours, and if we are here we will. If we are unavailable, please be patient. There are very few of us dealing with very many.

You are not entitled to email us with every personal problem or general issues unrelated to our software. It is our goal to work with everyone as partners in our effort to make this system of use for us all. Incessant or repetitive emails just can’t be dealt with. I need our support staff to be dealing with technical support. The members area and guides is for the methodology required to make the software perform optimally.

If there is truly something that we have not addressed in the members areas that is limiting your ability to use our software, please let us know. If you have a testimonial or a great suggestion, we would be glad to hear it. Please give us some room to perform for all of our members by limiting your use of our support staff. The programmers and graphics guys are answering your emails as double duty, and it is impossible to get anything done some days. Thanks for your patience, support, and understanding.


You will need to enter your membership credentials, your username and password to install or update your Secret of the Vine software products. If you do not remember your credentials, you were sent a welcome email when you purchased the software. This email address is your Member’s username . You chose your password. If you cannot remember your site password, please reset it here.

If it is your system with the fault, you may use the built in update feature, if your running the windows version of Aaron’s Rod to try to repair your Secret of the Vine software. You will not be charged for the updates, this is free of charge for 6 months.

Windows Aaron’s Rod purchases only ~ Update link is in your program directory under Secret of the Vine, just click it for the latest version of your software to be installed into your system. You need not contact support. Your updater will function for 180 days from date of purchase.

Mac only ~ You can find your update in your account under “My Account >> My Downloads”. This is where we will be putting them when they are ready for download. Contact support if you need an update and you don’t see one in your downloads page.

It is required to prevent Firefox from updating to an unsupported version. By installing the Secret of the Vine software into Windows, the auto update features are permanently disabled. Mac users must manually adjust this setting If Firefox is allowed to do as it pleases, it would have auto updated and auto-disabled your software because they want to require me to go through their signing process for every little adjustment, which is technically impossible. I am not responsible for free replacement if you have not followed these instructions, and removed your Firefox for any reason, act of God, or otherwise.

As you may have noticed, Firefox can sometimes interrupt different plugins with an automatic update. If you do not want to have to make another software purchase from the store – Do not update it for any reason. If you need a more secure browser, just use chrome, or regular Firefox installed alongside our recommended versions please.

Once you install Firefox into Windows, the software will permanently Freeze Firefox, and everything is will always be as it once was, and all of your favorite plugins, including ours of course, will always continue to work just fine.

Warning* You will also need to set a system restore point after your software is installed, this way, if you have a major problem, you can simply restore your system to the point it was last operational with our software installed, and you will not need to repurchase the software. Heed this warning please.



If you have a system crash, it is possible you will damage your Secret of the Vine software, or Firefox, or Windows files. If you click the update feature for Secret of the Vine software, it will replace all of the Secret of the Vine software core files. If there is still an error, you can try a system restore, this works 80% of the time. If this doesn’t work, it is possible your Firefox profile has become corrupted. secret of the vine app managerRather than delete the entire profile, or reinstall Firefox, you can delete the prefs file found in your Firefox profile folder. To do this quickly, in the Firefox main menu bar, just visit Help>>Troubleshooting Information and on that page, it says Show profile folder. Click that button, and shut off Firefox. Go into the profile folder that you opened, and rename prefs.js to prefs.jsold. Then restart Firefox.

If you are still out of luck, you will need to put the Secret of the Vine software on a new Firefox Install, either reinstall Firefox on the computer you’re using, or by using a different computer. If you damage your own system with bad shutdowns, we do not assume liability for such things or acts of God, or theft etc, and you will need a new license. Our license is for ONE INSTALL ONLY, as YOU agreed to during the installation. I am very upfront about this and very strict about the policy. This is why it is important for you to create a System Restore Point (Right Now) the moment all of your software is installed and operational, and take care of your system.

Membership & Support:

Your members link will now be available to you when logged in only, from the navigation bar under the store link entitled “Members” Your registration has been approved upon payment, and you have full access to that area while logged in. If you try to access the link and your not logged in, the website will redirect you to a page not found. Please log in first.

If your software is not functioning, Do NOT “try it” on another machine, it wont work. Please contact support.

Do not remove the software for any reason, if you do, you need to visit the store to repurchase it. If you have any issues you cannot overcome, you need to contact support. If you removed it anyway, you need to visit the store and buy a new copy.

If I determine that the terms have been violated and or the spirit of our agreement has left the agreement, I can and will deactivate it at any time remotely.

I disagree with the restrictions:

If you are reading this, your software is already installed. We have a record of this, and the IP and machine its been placed on. Due to the fact that our products are downloadable (intangible), there is no way to return them. There are no refunds, you agreed to this before downloading or donating for the access to our membership, its in the terms and conditions. The refund policy (no refunds) is also prominently displayed on the website under the contact link.

For more information, you can browse the applicable guides as well. All other issues may be resolved by contacting support. Thanks for your support!

Further Information can be found within the Application Guide directory.

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