Instructions – Customizer

To change the wordlist for any language application you have installed, or to create and add your own custom wordlist, you need to have purchased the Customizer application. This is a very powerful application that allows you to take full control of the architecture of this application and program your own output very easily.

1) Install the base application(s) first ( Installation Tutorial )

2) Follow the same basic installation instructions to install the Customizer

3) Click the dropdown menu beside the all seeing i-consecret of the vine software all seeing icon

4) Hover over the menu item that says Launch Customizer, then click Customizer.

5) Firefox will open a new page with each customization option, one for each different language app

6) Click the corresponding link to launch that particular Customizer application.

7) Create your own wordlist or add one of the alternates marked as compatible with your particular application

8) Click the save button, then use the targeted application as usual to reflect your new changes

The Customizer is sold separately and not part of any bundle or other individual software. You only need to purchase it once, and you have full control over the output of each language application.

To create a wordlist, I use dropbox. However, you can use any CORS enabled server. For our purposes, dropbox is all I will cover in the instructions.

1) Create a dropbox account.

2) Install dropbox

3) Make a .txt file on your desktop, or in your dropbox folder

4) Sync your dropbox folder

5) Right click the txt file you created to get the dropbox sharing url

6) Convert the url to something our program will read

The dropbox URL they give you for your .txt file will look like this:

You will need to convert it into this:

Simply, remove the characters from the end that come after .txt and replace the first part of the url ( the domain ) with

7) Run the Customizer app for your targeted application

8) Replace the URL in the wordlist textbox, click save, and refresh your page

Thats all there is to it. You can repeat these step for as many wordlist urls as you want to create, and and swap the pre-created urls included with your software, and revert any time you like to the default url, just copy it and save it from the Customizer application.

The Customizer application shows the 12 previously used URLs, and the original default URL in the event you would like to reuse them again.


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