Instructions for HomoPhonic


1) Install the correct version of Firefox from the applicable link on this page

2) Visit the Installation Tutorial and read it entirely before installing this program

3) Once you read the Installation Tutorial, Visit the My Account page, and locate your file(s) and install them

4) Visit the Firefox menu Tools>> Add-ons>> Extensions>> Read See App Manager  and activate the Add-on and restart Firefox

5) Click the all seeing i-con now found in your Firefox toolbar, and login with your member credentialssecret of the vine software all seeing icon

6) Search any document you like and activate the different tool buttons in the HomoPhonic toolbar to change all the text on a given page

If there is any issue completing the above steps, visit the Troubleshooting Guide.

The toolbar for HomoPhonic will minimize into a small icon with a triangle. Click the triangle to make it expand, drag it anywhere on the page you want it to be, just click it again to make it small.

HomoPhonic adds its own button on the language toolbar (separate from the ThirdEye toolbar) with any other language apps you purchase. Each app performs a different function, most in combination with each other. This application rewrites the page, and shows you its changes by highlighting the text with the same color as the the button for the specific app you are using. If the color of the button is grayed out, it is inactive. Just refresh the page to undo any changes made by the application.

To disable only the HomoPhonic app, just click the dropdown beside the all seeing i-con, and uncheck HomoPhonic, then refresh the page, or click the icon its self, and it will turn gray, then refresh the page.

To disable the entire Read See plugin, just repeat the steps you took to enable it in step 4 and then restart Firefox.

To change the wordlist, or to create and add your own custom wordlist, you need to have purchased the Customizer application. This is a very powerful application that allows you to tak full control of the architecture of this application and program your own output very easily. Please review the Customizer Instructions to learn how to customize your particular application(s), and how to use alternative wordlists. The Customizer is sold separately and not part of any bundle or other individual software. You only need to purchase it once, and you have full control over the output of each language application.

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