Chapter 8 – Isis

As my friends and I took many more journeys into this amazing world, we discovered more and more. We as we explored, we were also learning to consciously explore our subconscious abilities. The elder lady and I spent many days with this medicine, and discovered many things. One evening she exclaimed, “Oh my God!” I looked across the street where she was staring and saw a perfectly manicured tree, but it had a face in it at a strange angle, looking up. The face was so perfectly detailed, there was no way this was done by people. The most interesting part of our visions was that we were experiencing the exact same ones. This taught us that there was no doubt about whether or not this was something real, a hidden layer of this world. This new reality was not entirely subjective. We were captivated and amazed, and we returned to the Secret Garden as often as we could procure more mushrooms. We watched as the world changed into and out of the Secret Garden. As we came back here, we could see these amazing geometric designs blend back into obscurity, but they were still there. We could still see the faces and the creatures in the trees, and the grandfather’s faces in the stones; they look just like the massive stone sculptures on Easter Island.

I could see this place was just like software. Our ability to see what’s really here is controlled by our chemistry. These things we saw, and these beings we were noticing existed here this entire time, on a slightly different frequency. We are seeing around 24 frames per second. Which 24 are we seeing? The universe is flashing at a much higher frame rate than that. We are living right beside an entire plane of existence that is concealed within the frame rate on the very same visible band of the spectrum. However, there is also the entire invisible band of the spectrum that seems to become manifest as time slows down. The term semaphore is used to describe a computer program, which allows other computer programs to function within it simultaneously, and independently of one another. The Windows operating system is an example of a semaphore. The universe is another. Each plane of existence, and each being within it is a cosmic type of program. There are user levels also known as Karma. This, along with the cosmic firewall (gateway) defines what we will experience, and which opportunities or doors are open or closed to each of us. My friends and I were attempting to make a map, and figure out how to navigate this primordial software. We were experiencing dilations of time, as well as popping through other’s awareness’s. We had just begun to experience the collective mind in a new way. Although the little dog-like tree had been our official welcoming party, we still had some distance to go down this rabbit hole before we began to notice the Others.

During an evening where Rose, her mother and I had decided to have a session with the mushrooms Rose collapsed. We were on our way to see the little dog-like tree that had started it all. Rose wanted to communicate with it about certain events in her life. As we passed a certain tree, she collapsed and looked up at us and sobbed, “God is angry with me..” I thought that maybe she had taken something else, or too much of the mushroom perhaps and I tried to console her and tell her everything was just fine. She insisted it was not. She confessed that she had been lying to us, and concealing cocaine use and visiting with such people against her mother’s wishes and defiling her religion. Rose was a very privileged girl. She had savings, charge cards and a very lavish lifestyle that she did not earn. Her mother had sacrificed much to put them where they were, and the one condition was full transparency, and Rose had broken this agreement repeatedly. She could no longer stand up, whatever unseen force had gripped her made her fall to her knees and weep uncontrollably. Her mother and I had to carry her back to the home. Once we got her home, she was placed in her usual spot on the cushions in the front entrance.

When I stood up, I looked behind me, and Rose’s mother was gone from the room. There were sparks in the air that buzzed about like fireflies. The woman who was standing there needed no introduction, and She was very angry. She asked us just what we thought we were all doing. I realized in a split second who and what She was, I fell to my knees and turned my face to the floor. She immediately hissed, “Get up right now, do not do this in front of the child – face me.” The next few moments were quite intense. My heart was beating nearly out of its chest. She told us we had no permission to bring someone so young into Their realm and teach her these secrets. She told us SHE was the mother of this child, and HER lessons would be taught to this girl, and not ours. She told Rose how very disappointed They were with her constant deceptive nature, and she was not to return until she had grown in that respect. Then the Being, the mother, Rose and I sat together and lit the shisha. We all calmed ourselves as we took turns smoking, and She invited us to ask Her questions. The ladies asked most of the questions, and this Being read my mind repeatedly, and answered those questions. I was really trying to be careful, and listen; I was in no condition to ask questions, I felt very stupid. I did enjoy the interaction immensely. I had remembered Her, and needed no introduction. I felt an immediate powerful bond.

She told us many things, about what we are, where we are from, and who we once were to each other. We were told our true ages, the mother and I were thousands of years old, while Rose was just over 200. This was precisely why she was to be kept securely in this world, and not have her perception expanded artificially. We were told of other inhabited planets, other futuristic societies existing in this very time and about certain ancient feuds. This illusion was explained just a little, I got the sense that the conversation was designed as not to permanently disturb Rose too much. As I gazed upon Her at one point, the cloud of this reality parted and allowed me to see inside a hidden dimension. It was as though we were floating in space, with the stars behind us and I could see the mother clearly. She could see me as well. We look similar to these forms we wear here, however, we have gems embedded into our faces as though each of us is a hand decorated Faberge egg. Our true forms are clearly supernatural, and obviously deliberately created, and not grown naturally by any stretch of the imagination. It was explained to us that all of the beasts of mythology, aliens and many different types of beings are here masquerading as humans, working through their own lessons on their own path. Basically, a human is a disguise, not a type of being. You might also say it’s a stage of awareness. It has been made quite clear to me, that even the dirt from which these bodies sprang, can be waved away like a fog, this entire dimension is very similar to a cloud if you have seen it done.

The Being that had joined us bid us farewell, and cautioned each of us about our further adventures with the medicine. Rose was told to respect her mother, and stop lying, or things will go very bad for her. We were told to explore our own path, and exclude Rose from supernatural ideas entirely. As the Goddess left us, the cloud of fireflies that had once threatened to consume our entire plane of existence, peacefully fluttered off along with Her. After this evening, we would speak only of this conversation with Rose, but nothing further that we discovered. She was so terrified, for months to come; she slept with the lights on. Each of us compared what we saw and heard, and it was identical. The mother, whom I will not name do to the fanatical nature of certain religious affiliations, called the person she knew with the highest religious authority and special knowledge of the sacred secret traditions and mysteries. He lived in Saudi Arabia near Mecca. She explained word for word what had happened to us, coincidentally on the very last night of Ramadan. He told her that this type of experience was indeed known to them, however only one or two people in the entire world would experience this meeting each year. In fact, the holy month of Ramadan celebrated each year is to attempt to communicate directly with this Divine Being through fasting and prayer. He told her that we had received the greatest honour and blessing of this entire world.

I had taken the mushrooms many times with the mother after this night. Each time, the Goddess would have a visit with us, and tell us things She wanted us to know, and answer our questions. Many different secrets of this dimension were also revealed, that would teach us about perception, and how this place is constructed. For a time, it seemed we were on the fast track to learning what was required to be able to leave this plane of existence once this life was through. Eventually however, this world became less and less real. The mother realized that if she were to be able to continue communicating with her daughter, she would need to go back to sleep, and rebuild her world of concrete and steel. I did not see the point of trying to convince her otherwise, she was intent on sharing this entire life with her daughter, and her possessions. Once someone becomes rich with worldly possessions, it can be nearly impossible for them to let go of them. They become trapped by them, and refuse to advance to the next level. I had heard of this, and even read of it. However, I never thought I would actually witness it. A certain level of faith is required that we will be provided all that is required as we are ushered into the next realm. This higher awareness is not like a church or cult that demands we forgo all creature comforts, but we need to stop focusing on amassing more and more physical wealth, and refocus on amassing the spiritual understandings that we need to in order to pass to the next level. A number of the banned gospels, Enoch, Thomas, and Peter have verses that discuss this issue. Perhaps the fact that the Vatican happens to be both the smallest, yet the most wealthy city state in the entire world might have something to do with these books being banned. Christ himself supposedly said that His church should be left to Peter’s care, funny his particular contribution of wisdom and insight was formally excluded from the official cannon, and hidden by the church.

Due to my goal here, which is to keep this book as short yet informative as possible, I will not go into the many adventures my friends and I had in the field of psychonautics. Due also in part to the nature of our conversations, and discoveries, the pandorica we opened is well beyond the scope of this book, and possibly any other. I can only aptly describe certain scenarios within a reasonable amount of time by referencing movies in some instances. The meeting with this divine Being was not unlike this movie clip from Contact, in many respects. It shows me, that whoever made this movie had also met these Beings in person, and likely meets Them on a regular basis. During one of my sessions with Isis, the person I was with asked her why She spoke funny, like a stereotypical omnipotent Goddess is often depicted in the Hollywood movies. Isis answered, “Because the people who make the movies know Me, and they also know what I sound like.” This came as no surprise to me. More recently, I have been seeing concepts being presented to the general public that I know to be true only because I have experienced them myself first hand. Movies such as the Adjustment Bureau, Immortals, Exodus, Noah, Interstellar, Cloud Atlas, Limitless and Lucy are just a few examples of recent movies made and backed by individuals who are experienced with the understandings presented within this book.

I mentioned that nearly all Rock and Roll bands are producing spiritual works designed to be cool, to define cool and hip. The contexts of which are multi layered. The casual listener can skim the surface, while the psychonaught can delve into their depths and find ever more information and insight. However, as I explain to people personally which music, and what it’s saying, I sometimes encounter that glazed look in their eye. It’s difficult for me to remember what I was like before I could understand these things on my own, before my 1997 fast. I prefer not to remember what that personal Age of Darkness was like. To help the interested readers, I have been slowly decrypting some of the bands and songs I have found with hidden meaning. A certain Chuck Manson had discovered some of this with the help of certain drugs such as L.S.D. in the 1960’s. He discovered that the Beatles were concealing messages within their lyrics, and he also noticed that no one else had become aware of this. Of course this led him to believe that he was naturally the chosen one. Ever since this warped mind demonstrated what can happen if this subtle communication leaks into the gutters of humanity, people, and society in general have been very resistant to the idea that musicians are concealing hidden meaning within their works, and even more resistant to mind expanding drugs. In fact, since the Manson incident, as part of a routine diagnosis for mental illness, one of the questions the attending psychiatrist will ask the patient is if they have ever discovered any such hidden context within any media. If the patient answers yes, they are diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and medicated as such. In our current society, there is a very crude stigma attached to any significant higher thought process.

What else may be lurking in our minds, and awaiting us in the infinitum? For each, it begins differently. I suggest beginning by making contact with Isis directly through psilocybin. Do not try to contact any angels, or lost relatives. You should only seek your maker, and accept guidance directly from Her or Him. You should never try and fast, unless you’re willing to die to find out what you are – but there is no need for it. The rest of the journey goes something akin to Alice through the looking glass. It eventually becomes strange beyond your imagination, and not everyone there wants to see you succeed. Your choices will determine your fate, and if you choose not to seek, it will seek you at the least opportune time. Those who wish to leave these lower states of these lower realms; must do so by solving the riddle of this life within this life. Many will need Her direct guidance, and I hope my writing can help people over come classic stigmas and guide your journey to go meet your Great Parents as well. On that note, another great movie that very accurately depicts a souls successful journey through her final life is called Pan’s Labyrinth.

For more than 10 millennia, we have written recorded evidence that sages of their time throughout the various civilizations have taught their pupils that a Great Mother has created this place we call the earth, and all of its inhabitants. Most people have some kind of relationship with this idea at some level of their awareness. Isis is sometimes called the Goddess of a thousand names. She is also known as the Virgin Mary, Fatima, Venus and many others. Her role throughout history has been greatly diminished in modern religions, either by egotistical men who wrote the popular religious books of this recent time such as the bible, or by Her own deliberate concealment. Up until recently, most of us are not supposed to know of Her existence, only speculate.

We have been placed here in a deliberate state of confusion to see who among us is fit for the next level of existence, and who is not. She, and the other Creators have deliberately crafted everything in this physical universe with this concealment in mind. She explained to me about the brain, how they designed it to lead us in circles until we either tire of playing with our mental toys and emerge with the correct questions, and begin to look outside of ourselves. If this does not happen, we will become hopelessly lost in its labyrinth. This insight is the basis for the myth of the Minotaur, which was trapped in a labyrinth near Knossos (or Gnosis = Knowledge). The beast is an analogy of our ego, rooted in worldly knowledge trapped within the labyrinth of our minds awaiting the undisciplined explorer. Our eyes are designed to only see the visible spectrum, and our ego is designed to cleverly discard any information about that which is not visible, what is not matter, matters not to the egocentric.

When I see someone teaching false things, or spreading superstition in the place of knowledge or true understanding, I feel quite impatient with them. It is with great care I must hold my tongue in the presence of charlatans. I do try to allow them to keep their dignity, and I have a feeling of deep pity for them on some level. However, if push comes to shove, I clearly revoke their privilege to speak on such matters within my presence, or to speak with those who are currently under my own responsibility. If they insist and press the issue, I will counter their beliefs and words with these truths until they quiet down or we part. When I teach someone or lead him or her to these sacred teachings, I am responsible directly to the Great Lady that created them. This was made abundantly clear to me on the first occasion of our very first meeting. Since this time, I have not seen Her angry again. Only happy to see me, and those whom I have brought, and very sad for some of the news She must tell us on occasion. She is very direct and will not mince words when She needs to make a point clear to us. We do not waste time, or speak of the same things more than once; unless of course I am not overcoming an obstacle, or recognising an issue that She is has been addressing.


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