Marijuana Ceremony

This ceremony is very adaptable to many different scenarios. Most of you think you know the cannabis plant, and what it’s all about, however few realize that this plant is a very powerful psychedelic if used correctly. This method is perfect for people who feel they do not have access to more exotic psychedelic plants. This method is also very important for the seasoned psychedelic explorers to revisit after each one of their “breakthrough events / ego deaths” as well. As we mature, the nature of all of these plants, and our relationship to them changes very significantly.

marijuana-ceremonyThis ceremony does not include many different elements. There are two main ways in which someone can experience medicines, internally (eyes closed) or externally (eyes open). Of course many people go back and forth rapidly trying to take in both sides at the same time. It can be difficult to still the mind enough to just keep their eyes closed during the medicine. In this ceremony, both experiences are valid, however, your intentions are going to define which type of experience you want to have. If you want to take a journey from this space, into another space, and see the next places, you will need to keep your eyes closed. If you want to see what this space really consists of, and who the other participants are (past life regression) then you will need to keep your eyes open. Switching back and forth can sometimes cause one to get stuck in the middle. The middle is not always a nice place to be, in any medicine. To avoid this middle state, take a sufficient dose, not a medium dose, and choose eyes open or closed for the peak of the effects, and stay that way.

Type of medicine:

Items to have on hand:

  • candle (beeswax is preferable, paraffin wax is toxic)
  • incense (copal, white sage, sweet grass – other incenses may smell nice, but are quite often synthetic ensure your incense is natural)
  • two lighters


Begin every ceremony by doing a cleanse of the apartment, house, area and each other with the smoke from burning incense. You can say a prayer or chant during the cleanse if you like, chant the intention to purify the area. This will warn any negative entities that powerful Holy spirits are enroute and they should flee and not interfere in your ceremony. The incense is the actual physical manifestation of very ancient guardian spirits. People with a very thin veil need only smell the incense to travel to other planes of existence, it is a door.

Include a bowl of water to trap any other lingering negative energies or any negativity that might become expelled during the ceremony. Toss out the water at the end of the ceremony.

Include a candle in every ceremony to ensure that the soul can find its way back to the body in this space and time. This is very important. You will never know or understand just how important this is until the day you need it.

The list of elements and items for the offering often dictate what type of ceremony you will have. This is how the intention is expressed to the spirits involved in your experience. You can mix and match elements to discover other rituals as you progress.

There are many people who wish to connect with the spirits directly, and have their first deliberate conversation. For this intention, ideally, one will do this ceremony alone. You may choose to do this indoors, or in nature depending upon your personal circumstances. Either will work, but nature is preferred in all ceremonies. How this is done is very simple. In a quiet safe space, no music, no talking complete the following tasks:

  1. roll a joint from finely cut marijuana bud, no seeds or leaf. Ideally just put the bud in a shot glass and use scissors to powder it. Make it the size of a cigarette.
  2. light the incense and the candle.
  3. hold the joint in your hand and say a short prayer stating your intention to connect with the divine spirits.
  4. smoke the entire joint alone. If you have other participants, each will have their own complete joint.
  5. lie back on your bed, picnic blanket, yoga mat, however you decided to make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.
  6. your mind will seem to spin and twist. This means you are in motion, and traveling. Do not open your eyes or interrupt your process or anyone else, you will be taken to some places and shown things, and possibly be given choices to make about your direction and purpose here.
  7. When the ceremony is completed, thank the spirits, let them know the ceremony is closed and blow out the candle. Spend the rest of the day / evening doing something introspective, mindful, low key and meditative. When the ceremony is complete, everyone should have something to eat / drink to break the connection. You can speak to the other participants freely about your experience now. Pour out the bowl of water down the sink. Do not drink, dump on the floor, or water a plant or animal. Do not consume any items that were offerings. Burn or dispose of those.

marijuana-ceremonyIf you are doing this with others as a past life regression, then instead of lying back and closing your eyes, sit in a circle with few participants, and have a gentle conversation with each other. Although there maybe funny moments, and it is ok to laugh, take it seriously, and know that this laughter can give way to crying very easily as memories float to the surface, some from this life, and some from other lives. Have a great compassion for one another during this process. It is likely that your ceremony is no accident, and you have known each other before, maybe many times. Proceed very cautiously, emotions will run very high. What usually occurs is you will connect with the other participants and the spirit, and realize that you are all from the same source. The context of this reality can shift into a higher understanding of everything, and this effect will linger.

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