Modern Insights

The simplest way I can describe our current state of being, is to describe this life as a conversation. Nothing we see in this place is solid, and all is illusion. So what is really here then? Just us, and the Beings that put us here. What is going on, is a school of thought. We are each being asked questions, which we must answer. This can all be reduced to a multiple choice exam. A scenario will come along in life and present it’s self. Do you, a) agree, b) disagree, or c) have no opinion. Terence Mckenna speaks about this phenomenon repeatedly. He is a great proponent of this understanding.

The Reason

The goal of life is to understand. Not just understand how this is all put together, or the riddles to decipher some of it, but to understand your purpose, your power, your inheritance. Understanding the illusion is just the beginning. If it was as simple as that to achieve enlightenment, they would just put it all in a book, and burn the rest. They would destroy the wicked, and reward the just. They would go onto Jay Leno, and make jokes about it all. But our awareness is a little more complex than that. And there are still weeds among the fruit. There is the awakening (which keeps going and going), the search, the discovery.. etc. Each level is a very delicate and crucial part of the entire school of thought that brings one to know enlightenment, and be enlightenment. Each level has a part to help you create a foundation that cannot be over turned by the storms that will come along to test you. In some sense, I do a disservice to those who read my words, and awaken before their time. For others, this will help validate what you already suspected. My goal here, is to make you understand that your not alone, and push you toward the true context that you should be seeing life through. I want to put you in the hands of the musicians, artists, film producers and poets, and have you know, your creator hid higher meaning in all of these things for you to discover when your ready.

I urge you to be ready. I have seen beyond your gaze, and I have foreseen many die without first knowing their creator. I feel an ocean of sadness from the ocean herself. You need to see what I have seen, and more. There are gifts hidden everywhere, like an Easter egg hunt, if only you knew where to look. Even locked in your own dna are secrets left unopened because of an uninformed diet. We have been deceived Wizard-of-Oz.pngfrom our inheritance at every level, and I want to return your attention to the place from whence you came. Every level of pre-programmed fundamental belief must now be re-examined if you are to emerge from these never ending cycles in this deteriorating matrix of false reality. If you study the music section, you can learn to follow the lyrics in every direction you like, and you will begin to see the pattern of your own path to follow. I’m not taking you home, I’m just going to point the true direction. The rest of the journey will be taken on your own, and if your lucky, you might have a few friends to accompany you down the Yellow Brick Road. Should you have the courage, awareness, and heart to reach the end of this road, you will surely meet the Wizard of Awes.

The Harvest

Our collective time here is now close to the end before the next Great Harvest. There has become less and less fertile soil in which to plant new children, and the air and water around us now run with poisons cast there by the weeds among us. No one has told me to sound the alarm, no one elected me, or gave permission or authority to reveal these secrets. These are the secrets of our keepers, our creators. Not all their secrets, but just a few. Enough for you to grab a hold of the idea if your willing, and take a greater part in all of this than you could have imagined for yourself. Prometheus was in big trouble for revealing things hidden from mankind. He had not the wisdom to realize that if their technology would exceed their humanity, they would surely destroy themselves. However, I feel that there is a certain amount of responsibility to understand and distill what I have learned in this life, and present it in a very simple way to those who would care to follow. My discoveries did not come easily. I have visited the great halls. I did not have an invitation, I did not have a guide. Eventually, They dealt with me face to face. I didn’t get the feeling They really missed me when I was gone. It seemed more like They never had a break from cleaning up my messes all across this planet. To say the least, I was met with a certain level of exasperation. I have heard Their voice, shivain my mind, in my intuition, and right in front of me as They manifested before my very eyes. We have communicated my whole life. I had never realized just to what extent, until the Goddess introduced herself personally and made a few things clear.

I will tell you only a few of the things I learned while communicating directly with Her ~ We have all been here before, endlessly it would seem. Some of us cycling for thousands of years. Some of us for far less. Our parents here, are not our real parents. The bodies are a genetic line being followed in this dimension, but the souls are our brothers and sisters. Our true parents are the Great Creators. The Goddess has created most of the beings you see here, if not all of them. They have genetically engineered every living organism on this planet. There is a God as well. They are two sides of the same coin to make an analogy. I don’t know how many more there are, I never asked. I have discovered that there are so many beings around us that we are not aware of, that there is likely at least one in every room.

This God and Goddess tend all their young “Personally” when they are in great turning points. They are here, they see you, they know you, they made you. You can speak to them without ritual, without idols, they will hear. You can call them Mom and Dad, they wont mind. They want you all to know love. It’s as simple as that. The ones who don’t get it, can come back around, to this planet, or another colony and try it again, and again. The weeds, get sorted out and put to other purposes or burned. This whole entire infinitely complex system of illusion was designed so you can know love. And so the weeds get siphoned off as we pass through this great distillery. Everything else, is just a detail. I would like you to know, they want you all to look for them some day when your ready. They want you to gaze upon them. They want you to know your true lineage. And they want you to hold your head so high like the Kingdom it’s self is inside of you. Because it is.They left the doorway right inside you, waiting for you to open it and come home when you are ready. And finally, when your up to the task, they would like you to understand how Their Garden grows, and help them grow their precious fruit. This is the Will and Testament of your Creators. This Garden, and Eternity, is your inheritance should you choose to accept the terms and conditions of Their Will.

The Transmutation

In Britain they value the Pound, Germany the Euro, In U.S A. the Dollar, In prison they use stamps… but if none of this really actually existed, what would be considered currency in the after world? Souls are our Creator’s currency. We are the commodity. They are the mint, and the bank. This plane of existence is the alchemical processor that allows for this transmutation from clay into gold to occur. The value of the soul increases with its inner nobility and balance. It’s ability to emit, and willingness to teach these things to other souls. If you would like to be a part of this type of system, and increase your inner wealth, you will need to begin this task while you are here, alive. All things, including us, are healed in Time. This is the place where you learn these abilities, this is the place where they are tested, and this is also the place where the other fruit are grown on the vine. This is, the Garden. Adam and Eve were not banished from the garden, the rules were changed, it’s still all around us. If you find your peace with it, and learn how the garden grows, you may begin your journey back at any time you like.. But don’t leave it too late. To whom much has been given, much will be expected. You were given everything, and it’s payback time. Who among you will answer the call?

Many of you have been taught, there is but One true God from whence this has all been brought forth. I am telling you there are more than one, yet, they are the same. They have emanated from the same, and they are not separate. If you choose to learn their ways, you will not jerusalem_nightbe separate any longer either, and you will understand instantly how both points of view are true, depending on the perspective from where you are looking. I suggest, you don’t take anyone’s word for anything, and you go and see Them yourself. If you are ready, and humble, they will come to you directly. And you will no longer feel that you require an interpreter, priest, guide or shaman. Have no fear in their presence, for fear, is the true opposite of love. They are very personable, and they speak any language you would like. I suggest you organize your thoughts prior to flooding them with juvenile questions. I will address the gateway to Their presence in the Shamanism section. If you have been less than perfect, have no fear. Some of their most precious gems get the most of Their understanding and love. People all over the world are literally dying to speak with them. Some even go and bow before an unyielding pile of rock daily with no response out of fear, and misunderstanding. This is quite unnecessary. You may go for a visit, gain some insight and perspective, and come back unharmed, more enlightened. There is a great peace that can come over one who knows, as opposed to one who does not know them. They have been waiting for you for your entire existence to come see them.

The Alien

There are some who are quoting ancient texts stating that we were put here to mine for gold on the behalf of ancient aliens. Let me point a couple of things out to put these ideas into some perspective, and their source into context. The common misinterpretation is that these ancient beings came from outer space. But they did not. They come from inner space, and they never left here. Mining for gold was and still is, just an analogy, a metaphor, for the inner kingdom we are yet to discover that resides inside of us. The alchemists of old knew this, as their outer journey for wisdom and knowledge proceeded, the inner journey was advancing toward the same goal inwardly. Unfortunately, some people latch onto a text they found somewhere, and they begin to extrapolate facts and context based upon a literal translation. This is not going to work for this exercise. For this kingdom can only be discovered by merging both sides of the brain, not by smashing the truth out of this like is the traditional, left brained problem solving custom of the human race.

When you look out into the world from the perspective of this simple truth, Brooding Alchemistyou will see a field of the creators children, their watchers, and the weeds. This crop of souls, is our creators work, and effort. If you ignore the Jesus scarecrows and other deliberately obfuscating traditions, you can get much closer to the truth and see things for how simple they are. We are all part of this one crop of our Creators’ children, under the house of our Creators. What lies beyond this crop is not of our concern or debate. Many people cannot see past their own nose and realize where they are, and they have no business contemplating the further cosmos. Let us first learn to crawl before we walk. Know thyself, before trying to know everything else. If you really get to know yourself, you will begin to follow the cord back to the wall and find your source on your own. There is a very quiet voice inside of you, it is the most quiet, so you will only hear it when you are ready to listen. This is not a metaphor, or an abstract feeling, its an actual voice speaking in your own language. As many of the authors of the banned gospels have insisted, the kingdom is inside of you.

This modern silliness about physical humanoid aliens, be it in any way valid or not is just simply another spin off of the age old sales tactic of the roman catholic church’s modification of the ancient sacred texts that the bible is based upon. Constantine who adopted this particular sect was a murderer, he killed his own wife and child, and scoured all the different religions to find a particular God who would absolve him of his past crimes, and of course any future ones he may choose to commit, which he certainly did. All he had to do was confess, say he would try not to do it again, voila! ~ forgiven.

This modern day alien hunt to save us from ourselves is tantamount to the exact same thing, dodging responsibility for our own mess and our own crimes. Everyone here is in a prison of their own creation. Christ is returning to the land, yes most certainly. Christ-consciousness that is. But its not coming to save the sloths or the zealots. Its coming to separate those who have the spiritual integrity from those who do not. The world is not coming to an end, this was mistranslated due to allegory. Its bigger than that, the entire reality is going to unravel. Those who can adapt will do so.

Those who constantly refuse to look at themselves, and acknowledge their own responsibility for their own gifts and transgressions will run out of places to hide, and run out of people to blame. This world is our spaceship, and its people still commonly glorify decadence and horror. How does it even begin to stand to reason that some benevolent big brother would prolong the continued mistreatment of our own world? Very large numbers of us still, bite the hand that feeds us. It doesn’t take a higher being to understand, keep your hand out of this cage.

If this so called benevolent race did show up, it would be more likely to knock this society back into the stone age to save the planet from its 5 fingered 5 figured inhabitants who still beat each others heads in for fun. Einstein was dead on when he defined genius, he said that the difference between genius and idiocy, is that genius has its limitations. This whole dodgy mindset reminds me of a song by a man who let loose album after album of songs that taunt such wishful thinkers:

Bootstrap theory

The brain is a filter, not a container for our conscious mind. As for the returned function, if their experience is still “normal” this reminds me of the experiments conducted with fleas in a container with a lid on it. They jump up in the air, hit their heads on the lid and fall back down. Over time, the lid is removed, but the flea still exhibits this behavior, they hit their head on an imaginary lid. Graham Hancock’s series Entangled is presenting the bootstrap theory as well. The nature of consciousness cannot be fully explained, or even conceived if one were to explain it without a comprehensive understanding of the bootstrap theory. If you come to investigate this phenomenon, especially if you work with entheogens, you will begin to notice things about reality seemingly rewriting its self. Not only do we seem to be projecting our own relative physical experience, but we also seem to be rewriting our own history as our present story plays out.

I was very intrigued to learn that many of the Kabbalists and Zoroastrians believe that the stories in the bible were metaphors and allegories for the different levels of consciousness we experience while in this realm, which has been my own personal experience for a very long time. As a student of entheogens for many years, I have experienced drastic movements in my consciousness. It doesn’t stay in one place, and once moved, never goes back. I experience the same as these faiths teach, the archetypes of different characters already pre-written, as though my story is already written. I would be deeply troubled by this, but for an interesting twist.. look around, what is going on in any given scenario? Is it like one of Aesop’s fables? A biblical parable? A specific mythology? If you can identify what story you are in, who then is playing what role? Now you know how it ends, but what can you do with this information if you are stuck in archetype, after archetype? You can switch characters! That’s your power, your free will still exists within this construct.

Experimentation at this level for a number of years seemed to prove my conclusions. Watching Ink Heart gave me another strange clue.. I wrote a book, depicted my own story and characters, and wrote myself a really cool ending. Did it work? Well, to be honest, I never had to work a day of hard labor in my life since the moment it was completed, and it wasn’t the resulting book sales that did it. I never released my book.. I write, money comes, I explore, I write about it, more money comes, I explore. I use these very principals to pull up my very own bootstraps so to speak and explore every bit of this reality at my leisure. So, a simplified understanding is this; we are in a quantum physical popup book. If you don’t like your role, choose a new one. In the beginning, there was the word, and in the end, it will end where it began. In the meantime, so it shall be written, so it shall be done. Pick up the pen.


Compassion is not compassion at all if its just posturing. However, the difference between genuinely helpful compassion and ignorance, is a different topic entirely. One may be feeding the poor hungry birds because they seem to eat all the white flour you can throw at them, and they feel very noble. Some may feel as though everyone else is kind of compassionate because they didnt give them a piece of their sandwich. How ever, some of us know, that taming wild animals puts them in danger of being harmed by those who would intentionally do so. Some of us know that feeding birds processed foods is going to severely cut their lifespan. Some of us know that making animals dependent upon man can have a completely disastrous effect upon their natural habits, over population, interfere with their migration, spread disease, and damage other people’s property.

I have personally witnessed some self righteous spiritually impoverished street people who have stolen a loaf of bread to feed the pigeons, which directly convert the bread into caustic bird dung that they spray all over the area which turns into dust we breath, and eats the paint off of the nearby cars, none of which these people own.. and they feel good about it all, blissfully unaware of any cause and effect other than what immediately benefits their fleeting desires. As I witness this event unfolding, 20 reasons bang around my brain urging me to tell someone something they just don’t want to know. Compassion for me, is keeping quiet, allowing this poor miserable person their fleeting moment of joy and bliss as they connect with nature the only way they know how, and understanding, all those birds, all those painted cars, all those lungs full of debris are making a sacrifice for this very sad and destitute soul that they may experience just a moments peace.

There is a hermetic principal known as transmutation, to convert one type of energy into another at play in this moment of clarity, and I see the divine perfection in the moment, and I am able to touch this peace as well. As the sun breaks through the clouds, and touches my back, I know the creator has just observed this transmutation, and touched me to let me know this is His truth, and His compassion. Though I may see it nearly every where, and the more I learn the more I see.. everything is just perfect outside of me, it is only my own ignorance that I am in charge of, and if I can hold this vast understanding of all the causes and all the effects, let me not lose my perspective and steer off the path by missing the last curve in the road ahead of me. Through clarity, temperance, perspective and compassion, may we each find the truth of righteousness, and learn to demonstrate it vividly, and quietly, for what we say to people has little effect, it is our actions that others tend to mirror.

Lips to ear

I would love to share with you some things I have been taught while in the medicine.

If you replace the circle in the word love with the Letter I, then you change the word loving to just living.

The circle represents a line and a principal. This is the line, the curtain between this place and the next. The children are in the center of the circle. We, the awakened ones are the line which is this circle.

The principal is this, since the circle is also the One, there is nothing outside of the circle. However, rather than looking outwards for the answers we seek, the infinity is inwards, with the children and through them we move through infinity.

This is why you are in a machine that reacts negatively when you attempt to solve your problems outside of yourself. You need to reason are clearly with the inward principal, inwards to infinity.

This is why we protect the line which is also a circle. That all may have a chance to learn. This is why children should not be attending ceremonies for any reason. This is a disrespect to the Divine Parents, and wrong. The only difference between life and death is information. When its over, really over, they take you behind a curtain and show you that we are just one being alone here projecting all. Once this happens, you begin to unravel, and you will rejoin the source.

The apple is this scenario, imagine there are two types of energy or information, black and white, or color. All information we require to have a beautiful existence is in color. The truth is all white. Then they ad contrast, or all false. This begins this wheel of karma spinning. Within this duality, between the black and white.. is the rainbow. This rainbow is the combinations of masculine and feminine energy also known as God and Goddess. Once you are in the halls of judgment you have many choices to make. If you are black and white, instead of color, you are outside the circle of life.

I am currently between this process, but before I go.. I just wanted to share the insights I journeyed to bring you all. Keep out of the medicines until you are ready, and live a bright lovely life. When you are done living, you will return to loving, then you can take this journey and pass the Grandfathers in the temple to infinity.