Chapter 2 – One Small Step

For human beings, the universal theory of everything is a challenging concept to approach. We, in our usual wakeful state speak and think in simplistic concepts, which we call topics. We have forgotten the origin of the language we use, and we are not aware of the most basic fundamental scientific principles. So, even if one were to have a complete and correct version of a universal theory of everything, they would not be able to communicate it to everyone, because it would appear to many as inconceivable. This presents a problem. How have we learned to solve problems? We need to raise our level of awareness. Earlier, we have discussed one of Einstein’s universal theories of everything, either everything is a miracle, or nothing is. This is a very powerful context with which to view the world. If you’re taking notes, please add that to your list of fundamental beliefs. This understanding is required to apprehend what is going on around you. That’s a pretty short and precise statement or equation that sums it all up nicely. If we are to examine the roots of our words, and be conscious of what we are reading and saying, here is another clue we are given that seems to be overlooked by many.

The Universal Theory: Universe, uni – (latin) means one. Verse is a song, or a section of a poem. So, universe means one song, or more accurately, just one part of a song. The word Theory conceals another word hidden in plain sight. Theo is Latin for God. In other words, God is the root behind each Theory. So, the statement, or question as it were with reference to The Universal Theory of Everything can now be understood as: everything is a part of a great composition that was written by God. It would seem Einstein’s statement reflects this understanding completely. It would also seem to that the complete answer lies hidden in plain sight, buried within the very question. This is one context you can use to view the world around you. As you can see, it encompasses both what I proposed earlier, and what Einstein said. As we move along, we will see if there is other evidence to support this context.

Did you catch what we have done here? I made you aware of the fact that you may be assuming to understand the words because you are familiar with them, but you may have never noticed that there is a deeper meaning hidden within, but lying in plain sight. Your awareness was raised, and now you can see the answer written plainly within the question. It wasn’t as difficult as you might have imagined it would be to simply raise your level of awareness slightly in order to conceive something that was previously unnoticed just moments before, and thus resolve the mystery of the universe. By “resolve” I mean re-solve, or to solve again. As John Lennon has mentioned, there is nothing you can know, that isn’t already known. Everything I may present although it may consist of my very own discoveries and personal epiphanies is not new. It’s just new to some of us. I can assure you, there are beings far in advance of us that are well aware of the true origin and history of everything. Part of being human, is to be by nature with many questions and few answers. This is a part of what is going on here on earth, and in the physical plane. This is a construct, a deliberate creation by an aware Creator for a specific purpose, our spiritual evolution.

You may be asking, is that it? Is that the entire theory, God made it? In its most distilled form it is the common denominator. Lennon among many others uses the word Love when describing their version of the universal truth. However, there are multiple dimensions or aspects of this theory to address if we are to cover everything to most people’s satisfaction in some form. There is the universal theory of everything physical, the universal theory of everything spiritual, the universal theory of everything linguistic, the universal theory of everything mathematical, the universal theory of everything ideological, the universal theory of everything geometric, the universal theory of everything musical and so on. Is it possible that there is just one context, or a formula like a thread that can bind these facets into a single gem? Does such a gem exist at all? In theory it does, it is known as the Philosopher’s Stone. The philosopher’s stone is said to imbue immortality on those who discover it, recognize it and reveal its mysteries. As legend has it, the stone can be held, yet has no form. What could this be, besides air, or your breath? Perhaps it is an idea, or an understanding. Perhaps with enough clarity, you will discover this and know just how to use it when you are at the end of your quest for understanding.

E=mC2 means very little without the entire scientific context behind it. It was that context that scientists used to extrapolate humanity into the nuclear age. Unfortunately, the very first thing humans did with this technology was immediately murder thousands of innocent people, and deliberately irradiate the earth. Einstein realized his mistake too late to do anything to stop them in advance of this. Despite his letters of warning and pleas to halt the path they were putting us all upon, there was no stopping them. He had not increased their level of awareness prior to increasing their ability to destroy themselves.

Even Einstein had made incorrect assumptions about mankind. What he had done, was the exact equivalent of giving a monkey a loaded gun in a crowded school yard. When mankind’s technology exceeds their humanity, they destroy one another. A simple saw blade is an example of a technology that is still beyond some of our humanities. You can see clearly the old growth forests being murdered just as fast as the wood can be sold and marketed. Their consideration of all the animals, plants, insects, indigenous peoples, and the balance of mother earth herself does not slow this destructive rampage down one bit. We have many lumber and paper alternatives that are renewable. They are not interested in renewable resources, these flawed individuals deliberately want the market like it is. I personally believe if we each had the master context with which to behold the universe and each other, we may yet create a balance between our technological capabilities and our humanity and create a lasting peace and preserve our divine gifts for future generations. Humanity is in such a rush to arrive at its final destination, that barely a backward glance is given to our history and what we have learned thus far as a collective species. Should you reach your final destination before you discover your origin, you will not think you are so rich on that day.

Science has limitations. These limitations lie not within our level of technology, or our ability to comprehend it, but with the attitude of separation. Science and the church have long been bitter enemies. Scientists in the days of old used to hide their findings to avoid being murdered as witches, or satanic collaborators. These discoveries were concealed within cleverly designed verses which used every different conceivable type of wordplay to conceal their true multiple context. For science to completely make use of what is available to mankind, we first must stop removing God from our calculations. In order to resolve the mystery of The universal theory of everything without entering God into the equation, is the same as someone asking you to please explain precisely what is two plus two, without using the number four. The answer then becomes one plus one plus one plus one.  This is convoluted, and a little preposterous, for it only answers the question with yet another question.

We have long since separated church and state, and this includes church and science. I agree with this entirely. However, we need to continue to refine our system of thought to separate church and God. The church is a monument to the men that created it, and control it. The only reason you might ever find God in a church, is if God followed you into one. What then is the church not separated from? Religion, fear and deception go hand in hand with the church generally speaking. In this day and age, this is common knowledge. The purpose of this book is not to bash the reputation of the church. I am firmly under the impression they did that themselves when they murdered more than 2 million women and children brutally by stoning and burning at the stake for being accused of witchcraft. If someone wants to choose to allow themselves to be led by such organizations, they are a clear example of the division between common sense and madness that can occur if one allows conflicting thought errors to reside unchecked within their fundamental belief structure. For instance, everyone knows that it’s very wrong to murder people. Yet, millions upon millions join murderous organizations that claim to deliver them unto to the Promised Land. If I remember my Sunday school lessons clearly, there is a lake of fire that was promised for murderers and their accomplices. The entire concept of church has become a paradox.

If we need to determine someone’s ability to process information, IQ, we need only to find indications of paradoxes within their fundamental belief structure to know how far they go down the rabbit hole so to speak. There are two emotional driving forces at work within each of us. Love, and Fear. Each of our actions is based upon one or the other of these forces. These are the simplest terms, or lowest common denominators that we can use to measure our thoughts and actions with. Is something believed, thought, or carried out in Love, or in Fear?  Every other human thought-shade of grey is merely a perceived human complexity. These complexities do have their purposes and uses. However, if we are trying to problem solve, we need not try to make the problem analysis intentionally complex. Reduce the concepts to their lowest common denominator, and work from there. There are no excuses, biases or justifications with the lowest common denominator. Love, or Fear, which is it? You can unravel all of religion, and advance science past all of its perceived limitations by using this method to analyze the ideas proposed or imposed by each side of that coin.

It is with this in mind, built into our fundamental belief structure, which we can now navigate more swiftly through the corridors of thought and the complexities of ideas that will be presented to us in this world throughout our lives. If only we could identify the correct path each time opportunity knocked, just how far could we really go in our personal evolution, or even in the direction of our worldly hopes and dreams? Most people define fortune telling as fantasy, or divine guidance. There is a science to decrypting the true path, the best path with the richest reward. Just because you were not born with access to the divine mind, and just because the history books they teach in school are either false or incomplete, does not mean that you are prevented from advancing along the evolutionary ladder to heights you only dreamed of as a child. Part of the reason, and the challenge of being here is to rediscover the mysteries of the universe. Let’s assume you have been following along at home, and re-examining your fundamental belief structure as we go along. Let’s also assume you have been replacing inconsistent beliefs and resolving errors of redundancy and paradox within your own belief structure. So, what do we have so far then? Everything is a miracle, problems cannot be solved at the same level with which they were created, your mind is not within your brain – your brain is the servant, everything is intentional and manifest by divine intervention, reincarnation is the method used to conceal the greater evolution of our individual souls, there is a concealed context at play in most literature and in the very language itself, and all forms of action, thought, spoken word, and physical action are all initiated from one of two emotions, Love, or Fear.

When we begin to add it up, as though it were a calculation, we can begin to extrapolate new information that was not previously obvious to us. Extrapolation is another type of algebra. Sometimes we can determine the shape of the missing information, by the shape of the hole it leaves. This shape is outlined by the pieces all around it, like a puzzle, with one single piece in the middle missing. You know what it looks like. This is extrapolation, a form of thought algebra you can use to see the unseen. This is a very important concept.

There are huge amounts of information you can discover all around you if you are good at seeing this in all of its forms. This is also known as reading between the lines. However, many people confuse this ability, with making assumptions based upon incomplete information, which is something a little different and slightly twisted from what I am describing. Do you really have the required information to make the correct calculation? What is the acceptable margin for error? Again, what is the intent behind the extrapolation or assumption? Is it Love, or Fear? The tricky thing with love and fear, the slippery slope as it were, is that many times we confuse one for the other. Fear masquerades as many different emotions, it is an emotional chameleon. We have a system of justification that allows us to harbour fear in all of its forms. When we were given the gift of sentience, this disease manifested within us. It muddies our waters, and prevents us from achieving our goals. Fear may very well be a manifestation of the brain, and adopted by the mind. We must develop defences against this, and discipline our thoughts in order to filter it from our awareness. Remember always, the brain is the faithful servant of the mind. The seat of the brain is in your head, but the seat of your mind is in your chest. The mind is much larger, yet it can become a prisoner of the brain if we allow fear to govern our thoughts.

A simplistic approach to revealing our own inner maledictions to remind ourselves as we think, if you need to justify something, it’s quite possibly and probably wrong. Each individual is responsible for their own psychological make up. As opposed to the Christian teaching, that you just need to say some words, and Jesus will bear full responsibility for all of your sins. During the beginning of the reign of Emperor Constantine, Christianity was still illegal in many places. In time, the emperor murdered his own wife and child horribly. As the fear of divine retribution for his actions in the next life began to creep into his mind, he began to interview each different faith in an attempt to procure salvation for his immortal soul. He described what he did to priests across the nations. Each of them told him, no, we cannot absolve this for you. Eventually he came upon the Catholic priesthood. They told him that their Lord forgives anything and everything, and they absolved him of his sins. The emperor then proceeded to make Roman Catholic the new religion of all of Rome, and ordered all other practitioners of all other religions to be murdered. Let us add personal responsibility for one’s psychopathology to the list of fundamental beliefs one needs to have to be able to become a truly rational being and process information without errors.

Many religions claim this power of absolution. This is a very large part of precisely why many people join these groups. The salvation loophole; where people know right from wrong, and what is virtuous and what is not, yet do anything they want in any situation anyways, and Jesus is expected to bear it all. 2000 years later, and people would still have him carry their cross too! If you subscribe to such paradox of thought and belief, there is no hope of being able to comprehend higher concepts. But, what does the Universal Theory of everything have to do with this particular thought error? The answers to the questions of life you may be seeking are higher thought concepts. If you are unable to resolve certain paradoxes at a basic level, you will not be able to process this type of information without distorting it. If we do not have a personal responsibility for our own salvation, we tend to hit the eject button when this road becomes difficult, and leave it to someone else to ether deal with, or blame for it. On the day we realize we cannot escape from ourselves, we may endeavour to create a better self with which to spend our eternity. If each of us would simply be responsible for our own products and quotients, we would no longer die. Jesus did not die for our sins; he died because humans around him were vicious and cruel in nature.

Science is just beginning to stumble upon the principals of self-evolution and genetic switches. It has recently been rediscovered that our thoughts and beliefs can influence, and even directly switch our genes from off to on, or on to off within our current bodies in a relatively short time period. Science has long held the belief that we get the cards we are dealt genetically speaking, and there is nothing we can do about it after that fact. The reason for mortality within our genetics is unknown to us scientifically. However, we can observe that our telomerase can only reproduce faithfully for a certain number of times, before it begins to lose information and we age or grow diseases. The Mother of Creation is a software engineer among other things. Two of the many pallets she works with are the elements, and genetics. Our current periodic table of elements is but a page, or one verse of a book of them. Our genetics in this world are all related, and so scientists assume all that is. So far, we have only discovered one example of a non-carbon based life form on our planet. There are only so many genetic combinations, but it is nearly infinite to us. The ability to live forever in these bodies is impossible within the laws of physics. However, we can live easily for thousands of years if the correct genes (our software) were reprogrammed slightly. Although this may not be the place for such lengthy stays due to the reincarnation / soul evolution driving this program, we can certainly upgrade our own personal experience while we are here significantly, or degrade it depending on who or what is at the helm of our genetic programming. The fundamental beliefs that I am driving at here are; with a deliberate personal responsibility we can enhance our very genome, and that we are all one organism in this universe;  us, the universe, and God. The separation is an orchestrated illusion. The next step in evolution is right around the corner, and it all begins with an idea.

Most people wonder why we are left with our illusion and confusion in this vastness of space and time if there is indeed a master intelligence that knows and creates everything. Why would a benevolent God create the ability to feel pain if it loved us? Why is there so much suffering in the world? Why does it allow us to kill our Mother the Earth and not stop us? It is this train of thought that most atheists are bound to. From a very narrow perspective, we try to comprehend the universe and all of its mystery. Our ego lies within our brain, and left unchecked begins to convince us of its own supernatural merits. The ego is a sentient cluster of fears, false pride and data. We confuse this creature with our own very existence, and believe it is us. This is the main reason we have a great difficulty comprehending our Creator and It’s reasoning even in the simplest of terms and language. A young child could conceive and conceptualise the deepest mysteries of life, yet the adults have trouble. Why? As we grow, our ego grows with us. As we expand our awareness, it becomes more sentient. At a certain point, we become mixed with it, almost completely losing the border between self, and instinct. It is at this point that we surrender control of our inner checks and balances system to it for safekeeping. The ego specializes in self-preservation, what better built in security system could we possibly want? When we lose ourselves to this ego, it begins to do the thinking for us, and it decides if information is valid or false. We become its prisoner at that point. Not only does the ego want to preserve itself, it will stop at nothing to do so. This is like our very own C.I.A. and N.S.A. in our minds filtering everything, always listening. Higher thoughts become a threat to our ego, because such information will illuminate it for what it is, the shadow. And so, the adult ego left unchecked becomes the warden of our mind. The trick is, we don’t even know it’s there, or where it begins or ends. The greatest trick the devil ever played was to convince mankind it doesn’t exist. If you have seen the movie Cloud Atlas, then you might recognize old Georgie as this creature.

If this artificially sentient parasite of the mind is allowed such control of our awareness, it deliberately questions and negates all thoughts that may lead to its destruction or removal. Your malignant fundamental belief structure will calcify, sealing the door to the tomb. We cannot remove the ego permanently in these bodies. The ego is the avatar of the operating system of the brain. It is your ego that is processing this information first, and relaying instructions and powerful suggestions to your mind. We need to deliberately take back our mind, and establish boundaries and limitations for this being. In order to do this, we need to learn how to identify the ego from our mind. There is a funny comedy series called Austin Powers. I’m sure you’re familiar with the characters and the story line. This show is a thinly veiled spoof about the ego VS the mind. Dr. Evil is the ego, and Mini Me is the mind. Mini Me is like the inner child that cannot speak for itself. Dr. Evil is always scheming planning and plotting, endlessly. From a comedic standpoint, this is how the ego looks as compared to our mind. To learn to identify our ego, we may need to take measures designed to do so.

Meditation, yoga, fasting, and the use of entheogens in some cultures are methods specifically designed to separate the mind from ego, and reveal who you really are. If you can do this, identify the difference between your mind and your ego, you can learn the mysteries of this universe. At the very least, we can learn to raise a family, and instil virtuous values and morals within our offspring, that they may grow and do the same down the line. The lack of tradition in this respect is responsible for the lack of peace within the world. For if we cannot respect our selves enough to free our own minds, and if we cannot respect our Creator enough to study what has been placed before us and within us before we judge Him / Her to be true or false, friend or foe, then we will know no piece in this world. There has been a recent shift in our paradigm it seems to take up healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating better, exercising, and yoga. In fact the industry has taken quite a notice. Just as the industries’ marketing managers are aware of the children’s influence upon the parents spending habits, and the wives’ influence upon the husbands, they are also aware of the ego’s influence upon each of our minds.

What we now equate with traditional body and mind wellness has been perverted to address our egos. Eating well now equates to sucralose, aspartame and fake stevia mixed with sucralose. Yoga is only for the young, fit beautiful well-to-do classes who model the latest lulu lemon outfits for one another and idolize Bikram as though he’s the new messiah. Exercising now equates to tracksuits made in Indonesian Nike sweatshops with a wrist mounted heart monitor. Best selling book, The Secret discusses the universal law of abundance, and plays upon the instinctive egomaniacal nature of greed while it quite ignores over a hundred other established universal laws. As you can tell, the ego has inserted itself into even the most well intentioned endeavours, and is effectively preventing us from reaping a benefit from any of these now commercialized activities. Not only that, but the sucralose unravels our RNA so quickly and completely, that with every diet coke we consume, society becomes stupider, and permanently damages our collective gnome. The ego, has effectively cut off our metaphorical nose to spite our own face. I can assure you, not one executive of any of the aspartame / sucralose flavoured product manufacturers consumes them, nor do their families. The genetics of the uneducated are becoming mud. Google MSG / Hydrolysed Protein & DNA as well as aspartame / sucralose & RNA. In a very short time, we can expect common society to lose our very gift of IQ. In similar fashion, the Monsanto group has been systematically genetically modifying the vegetable crops, all of them. They have created GMO seeds, whose plants will never produce a fertile seed again. You will need to buy new seeds every year. In the course of their experiments upon us all, they have also rendered much of this produce as substantially nutritionally inferior. They have been allowed for some reason to take this gift from God, the ability to produce our own food, away from us as well. In much the same way millions trusted their salvation to Christian propaganda, millions more entrusted our safety and well being to politicians. We know, how to tell when a politician is lying about something or covering something up, their lips are moving. The politician’s pen is another example of how a technology out weighs our collective humanity. Yet we trust them? Again, personal responsibility for your true health, the health of your children, and the preservation of the authentic genomes our Creators made for us, lies with each and every one of us. Research while you can, before the ego of society perceives the internet as a threat, and shuts it off to prevent the spread of truth and unbiased information. You need to create a new tradition of education, health and well being for you, and pass it down through your family.

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