Mother of God title picIn the beginning, before the Genesis project there was emptiness, a-void. There was just One being, and She was alone (ahla-one). She began to hum softly to Herself, and conceive an Idea (ID-ea). Mmmmmmm soothed the Mother of God. She thought of a family, suns and daughters. She thought of Uuuuu. She imagined a spirit, spiraling Dna and it made a sound Ssss.. Mother hummed softly to Herself as She im-age-in-ed the Individuals, they would each have the ability to see Her, Themselves and their Home, so they would need eyes.. They could feel separate, but a little from the One. There would be a space to grow and they would have Iiiiii’s.. to see.. Cccccc. These 5 principals would oversee Her new Creation as the Grandfathers of Infinity. MUSIC was born, and the Uni-verse (One-Song) sprang forth into existence and sang praises unto Her. The Father, Her husband decreed that there shall be the Word, and that Word shall be God. There shall be laughter, and words to sing along with the Universe (one-song). There shall be whispers, secrets, and stories, wordplay and jokes. There shall be a library of psalms (songs) and Hymns (Him’s) and together this would create a History (His-Story), and His story would tell of Her story and the Great Archetype of Hymn and Her Universe of infinite Love reflected in Her infinite MUSIC (I – M U SPIRITS I C). And this was before the world was borne… She sang the song to create this place, arise, arise arise.. and a flower was borne, and this flower was a Rose, for it rose from the Divine Music that filled the Great Void, and this song, She still sings today, as She sings each one of you into existence.

Mother of God