Aarons Rod


Aaron’s Rod is our bundled software package that runs on any page you load into your browser. Aaron’s Rod contains all of our major software releases including but not limited to:

Did you ever wonder if there were secrets hidden in Plain Sight, but perhaps your thinking is hardwired to ignore such concepts? I have designed a suite of amazing tools to help you free your mind and discover the mysteries that are right before our eyes!


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I expect you will enjoy this bundle. This is the culmination many years of my personal research and development, and it comes from the heart. Some of the brightest software minds currently among us have all played a part in bringing this right to your feet. We all hope you enjoy this for years to come. There is never any need to update it as technology pushes forward, this has been developed to freeze a special edition of the Firefox browser, and the core programs will always be repairable just by clicking the update feature.You can read more about Aaron’s Rod here, and my metaphorical decryption of the Red Sea here.

The bundle also contains a precise set of links to articles and guides on the Secret of the Vine website that will assist you in the methods of use and understanding just how to part the Read Sea of literature we are immersed in.

Read See App Manager:

Your application(s) is/are managed by our Read See App Manager. The manager comes with some pre-installed Apps when you buy it, which ones depend upon your package. If you already have any of these software applications installed, you may decide to buy additional Apps as you need them in the Secret of the Vine App Store, or you can buy Aaron’s Rod Bundle, and it will install them all at once. There is a significant discount when buying the bundle, over buying each of the apps individually.

You must use the correct Correct Firefox Browser:

This software, and all the rest on this site has been developed to work within specific versions of Firefox only. You must click the download page link for the list of supported versions of Firefox, install the one that suits you, then install our software and restart. This Firefox works exactly the same as any other Firefox browser, but its path is different, so you must only use these specific versions with all the software available on this site. All the free software available on this website can be accessed at any time right here.


Customize your application:

To change the wordlist, or to create and add your own custom wordlist, you need to have purchased the Customizer application. This is a very powerful application that allows you to tak full control of the architecture of this application and program your own output very easily. Please review the Customizer Instructions to learn how to customize your particular application(s), and how to use alternative wordlists. The Customizer is sold separately and not part of any bundle or other individual software. You only need to purchase it once, and you have full control over the output of each language application.

Instruction Guide:

There is an Instruction Guide for each application. Please read the guide completely before use. These applications are very simple to use and customize, but one needs to have followed the instructions exactly in order to get the correct results. Please visit the Application Guides Directory for your guides and tutorials.


Membership is also included with this bundle which provides access to the wordlists for every different program in Aaron’s Rod. This allows you to see exactly how each program functions, and gives you an opportunity to join the team from home. You can design and create your own custom wordlist simply by using the exact same format you see on the applicable wordlist, creating your own in a text file, and sending it to me. If it is a correction or enhancement of a current list that is in use in any of the software, I can update it remotely for everyone for free. If this is a custom wordlist for your own business or research purposes, I can create an installer for a nominal fee, and add the script to your current software as a new option button in your tool bar! If I fall in love with it, I will add it to the bundle for free and you can just update it remotely any time after that.


Aaron’s Rod contains an update feature that will add the latest versions of these programs, along with any new ones that are developed in the future and added to the bundle.

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