Secret War on Drugs

The most dangerous thing you can do with any visionary plant is get caught with it!

The language you are likely using when referring to drugs, or any controlled substance has been carefully crafted by lawyers, who redefine the language into a paralleled legalese which sounds like English, seems to work in the same context, when you use it in a sentence but actually has a considerably different meaning as defined by the bar association or applicable bylaw or statute, and they can keep on war on drugsmaking up new definitions, and they do as new laws are passed. So, drugs is one of these words. Ancient cultures did not call these drugs, they called them medicines. If you are a history buff, you might choose to look at the original relationship and name and context rather than allow American judicial employees to change the context of these things in the very core of how you perceive, evaluate and define your own reality, or it is not your reality, it is theirs.

The church does the same as law, and takes ordinary words and gives them perverse meaning, and abuses words like God, faith, trust, belief etc until no one in their right mind would allow that crap in their home, or in their minds. We personally need to take an internal inventory and audit just where is the source of these definitions we have grown complacent to assume we know what it is. We use these to communicate, and it is important, not that we agree, but that we are talking about the same things. If we cannot find that common ground, fine.. but at least know, that you know what words mean, and where they really stem from, and in what context others are using, or misusing words. For instance, would you vote to ban all medicines? Of course not. But they have manipulated the language, the concept, the context, and the very essence of what is being spoken of, so people don’t even know what they stand for, because they are not aware there are 2 meanings and 10 contexts for legal phrases that these politicians pass around so innocently with their agendas.

These medicines, or entheogens, are a type of natural technology. From whom, or for what, is debatable. Society needs to be protected from itself, and the children from it. But, these medicines can provide a technological breakthrough to cure illnesses of the mind and heart. Have you ever heard of any pharmacological method of curing a horrible person, from being ugly? These medicines can achieve this feat with very little cost or effort. They can also cure other types of so far incurable issues of addictions to opiates, cocaine etc. It can even cure those who smoke weed outside of a ceremony, who incessantly abuse it. These medicines can deprogram religious zealots and former cult members.

I am not by any stretch of the imagination speaking of becoming hippies, or endorsing living in a society that doesn’t shower or clean up after one’s self, do one’s own share, pay and work their own way and dodges personal responsibilities. You are likely a person with ideals and conscience. Most of us don’t need the threat of hell fire to find it in our heart to do the right thing, and look for happiness without removing it from others. How many people do you see that do not have this? Too many. Are they the cause of everything that is ugly in society? Possibly. DMT, mushrooms etc taken in a respectful environment of the proper dose (large) can change these hollow persons to become wonderful contributing members of society, in under 30 minutes with no chance of permanent harm or addiction, or overdose.

war on drugsDon’t the rest of us deserve to be without such ugliness in our environment infecting what we create, including our children? Don’t the hollow hearted ones deserve a chance to touch infinity, and discover this life as a gift? There comes a time, to put ones ideals into manifestation, and action. I think all of us would be in a better place if actions were made from ones conscience. Entheogens don’t make people into followers, who go join a church or cult either. The ideas of God and creation brought forth by entheogens cannot be touched by that type of low level filth. Whether you believe in God or not, it would be a much gentler place, if everyone were to experience entheogens for themselves, and act upon what is right. If free speech, was replaced by true speech, if peoples thoughts, words and actions were congruent, what a world this would be! This type of medicine offers this possibility in one single large dose. Further doses re-enforce this model of kindness and congruence and connectivity and do not encourage addictive behaviors, rather call them into question. I agree there should be structured use of these plant teachers, and responsible use of entheogens does not involve a party gag or a lab experiment, but this should be made available. This is the only promising solution we have not tried in this society as of yet.

As for the proper controls no one under 27 years old should be partaking in this, unless they have they go through the proper ceremony which ideally would have human guardians and some degree of medical know how. This type of medicine needs the proper set, setting, and sitter. Ideally, the parents would teach the children the proper way of this, and thus take the most care in this coming of age ritual. We are between here and there obviously, and this transition is going to have some hiccups, no matter how we slice it.

Another way to view this issue is to understand that many of us have become amateur chemists and botanists, and we can derive these medicines, or grow them ourselves now. This new awareness is coming, whether society likes it or not. Society should be prudent, and provide safety and education in these endeavors because this will not wait 10 years for official tests and such, it is here now. The kids are in the underground, with fear, and fools, and fake cocktails, and rough substitutions tearing at the veil of their minds with any sharp stick or stone they can find. Until society catches up, there will be more casualties, clearly. This lumping together of drug addicts and consciousness explorers by making psychedelics illegal also has its effects on the innocent. We wouldn’t want some MDMA or DMT toting heroine junkie interacting with a teenager who wants to experience enlightenment, because its possibly crystal meth, and maybe a little heroine, not DMT or MDMA he may ingest. All the next generation will likely touch on these medicines, if society can make sure the kids have a safe method of doing this, then their safety is vastly increased. This new generation is quite often pretty smart, and does their research on sites like erowid or reddit, but not all of them.

Let us instead wage war on ignorance for just awhile and measure the results of that. If they still don’t allow you sovereignty over your own consciousness, go underground and make it happen guerrilla style or simply catch a plane and go somewhere and find a ceremony that does.

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