Snow Patrol has very intriguing lyrics. I have discovered many instances of concealed context within their lyrics, but also very open plain ideas being expressed.


Songs For Polarbears


Downhill From Here 3:24
Starfighter Pilot 3:19
The Last Shot Ringin In My Ears 4:26
Absolute Gravity 2:46
Get Balsamic Vineger…Quick You Fool 3:27
Mahogany 2:47
NYC 4:28
Little Hide 2:42
Make Up 2:12
Velocity Girl 4:37
Days Without Paracetamol 3:32
Fifteen Minutes Old 3:09
Favourite Friend 2:46
One Hundred Things You Should Have Done In Bed 6:14


When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up


Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 2:11
Ask Me How I Am 2:35
Making Enemies 4:19
Black And Blue 3:40
Last Ever Lone Gunman 2:43
If I'd Found The Right Words To Say 4:47
Batten Down The Hatch 3:30
One Night Is Not Enough 3:23
Chased By…I Don't Know What 2:41
On/Off 2:40
An Olive Grove Facing The Sea 5:18
When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up 3:18
Make Love To Me Forever 2:55
Firelight 3:43


Final Straw


How To Be Dead 3:21
Wow 4:02
Gleaming Auction 2:04
Whatever's Left 2:39
Spitting Games 3:46
Chocolate 3:02
Run 5:54
Grazed Knees 2:55
Ways & Means 4:47
Tiny Little Fractures 2:28
Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking 4:32
Same 6:54


Eyes Open


You're All I Have 4:33
Hands Open 3:17
Chasing Cars 4:28
Shut Your Eyes 3:17
It's Beginning To Get To Me 4:35
You Could Be Happy 3:02
Make This Go On Forever 5:47
Set The Fire To The Third Bar 3:23
Headlights On Dark Roads 3:30
Open Your Eyes 5:41
The Finish Line 3:28


A Hundred Million Suns


If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It 4:20
Crack The Shutters 3:21
Take Back The City 4:40
Lifeboats 4:42
The Golden Floor 3:20
Please Just Take These Photos From My Hands 4:26
Set Down Your Glass 3:44
The Planets Bend Between Us 4:18
Engines 5:10
Disaster Button 3:58
The Lightning Strike 16:18
What If This Storm Ends?  
The Sunlight Through The Flags  


Fallen Empires


Fallen Empires
I'll Never Let Go  
Called Out In The Dark  
The Weight Of Love  
This Isn't Everything You Are  
The Garden Rules  
Fallen Empires  
New York  
In The End  
Those Distant Bells  
The Symphony  
The President  
Broken Bottles Form A Star (Prelude)  
Reworked – Live At The Royal Albert Hall
Finish Line  
Crack The Shutters  
You Could Be Happy  
Take Back The City  
Dark Roman Wine  
Spitting Games  
Planets Bend Between Us  
Chasing Cars




1 Introduction  
2 Final Straw Was A Massive Succes, Were You Prepared For The Scale Of It?  
3 Last Year You Played Stadium As Support To U2, How Was That?  
4 Were You Intimidated By The Size Of The Audiences?  
5 How Much Does Your Setlist Change From Night To Night?  
6 What Was The First Concert You Ever Saw?  
7 What Is The One Thing You Can't Live Without On Tour?  
8 When Did You Start Writing The New Album?  
9 You Have Used The Same Producer, Garret Lee, Who Made Final Straw With You.  
10 Can You Explain How The Writing Process Works With You?  
11 About "You're All I Have"  
12 About "Hands Open"  
13 About "Chasing Cars"  
14 About "Shut Your Eyes"  
15 About "The Finish Line"  
16 About "You Could Be Happy"  
17 What Is Your Favorite Track On This Album?  
18 How Did You Approach Martha Wainwright The Sing With You On "Set Fire To The Third Bar"?  
19 What Artists Are You Listening Now?  
20 You Name Check Surfjan Stephensen In "Hands Open"…  
21 Has Anyone Mentioned Snow Patrol In A Song?  
22 How Do You Discover New Music?  
23 What Is The Most Recent Album You Bought?  
24 Are There Any Guilty Pleaseures In Your Record Collection?  
25 What Most Inspires Your Music Writing?  
26 As The Titles Indicate, Would You Say That "Eyes Open" Is A More Optimistic Album Than "Final Straw"?  
27 When You're Done Touring, What's The First Thing That You Do When You Get Home?  
28 How Did You Decide On The Album Title "Eyes Open"?  
29 The Album Art Like The Last Album Features A Man And A Woman, This Time In An Embrace…  
30 There's A Lot Of Confusion About Where You Are From As You Are From Ireland, But You Live In Scotland…  
31 I.D. "You're All I Have"  
32 I.D. "Hands Open"  
33 I.D. "Chasing Cars"

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