Mechanical Book of Life Software

The premise for all of the software being presented in the Secret of the Vine web-sight is this; There is a divine pattern to everything. One draws upon this divine pattern each time one draws anything. A conclusion, a self portrait, a bath, or a gun. There is an archetype for each scenario, and here in this plane of existence, there are only so many archetypes being replayed, inverted, and mirrored in pieces and in the whole. This software puts the key into the lock placed upon our conscious minds in the time of Babylon. All one needs to do is give it a twist.

In the beginning of this project, I thought it would be simple. This could be a place where I would write my thoughts, and impart ideas to many people who could use a fresh perspective. As the months, then years went on, my own personal studies and work evolved. I added new categories, and created a curriculum of sorts, since I have interests in all areas of life and literature. My adventures into the spiritual medicines continued, and they escalated to a point of no return. I began to see the Divine pattern running through all things, more and more clearly. I even began to see it running through my personal life. I could clearly see who I was reaching, and who I was not, and why.

What I wanted to do, was make everyone understand, that there are messages in science, literature and especially music. There is a hidden context, and for some people, its just a matter of pointing it out. These people then get to examine all of their music, which is where the real teachers and modern day prophets impart wisdom that I could never even begin to catalog in an entire lifetime. So,what I did, was I began to make a huge music collection, and used the meta tags in the songs to at least tell people which of 40 different hidden spiritual contexts the music was about. That free mp3 music repository is here.

I began to isolate some of the songs that I have been studying for the past 19 years, and show people what they are really saying. However, this was a lengthy, tedious and resource consuming process. I needed to find a faster way to decrypt documents. Eventually, my idea evolved into these software solutions. I co-developed a browser technology that intercepts a page as it is being loaded, and rebuilds it based upon any features or functions I would like to add or remove. So, basically, I can redesign the entire internet. What the Secret of the Vine application does, is intercepts all images, and text before they are displayed to the user, and allows me to recreate the entire page. I add toolbars to any loaded page (which can toggle on or off) with new buttons and features that allow the user to glimpse into the secret context and patterns in all literature and arts. How wonderful, now we can Google renaissance paintings, and use ThirdEye to flip them all upside down, mirror them, spin them around, invert the colors etc to see if there is anything new to be gleaned by doing so. Here is a sample application with that feature built into the description for ThirdEye at the bottom of the page. The ThirdEye software below however, allows you to use this on any image on nearly any website on the entire internet, and it has color inversion as well.


The language toolbar has the capability to rewrite any and every document you can load into your web-browser, even txt files from your own desktop. Now instead of trying to interpret songs, literature, poetry, alchemical and scientific documents one by one.. I have created this tool that can rewrite all of history as it is loaded into your web-browser. I divided the language applications into 6 different styles, each with its own unique method of highlighting and analyzing written text. When you push a particular button to highlight all of the Homophones on any given page for instance, the button will change to a unique color when activated, and the corresponding color of highlight will illuminate the targeted text. This way, if you like, you can use all the different styles of language decoders at once, and you will visibly see at a glance which application is responsible for which change within the page. I decode analogies, metaphors, homographs, homophones, and other types of steganographic patterns I have discovered within nearly all literature, scripture, mythology and alchemical texts with the click of a button.


Not all Philosophers are created equal though, and there are some who’s opinion may very well differ from mine. Anticipating this, I created a Customizer application that allows the user to change what is known as the steganographic algorithm that tells the different applications which words / phrases to target, and how to modify, add to, replace or redefine them. In this way, if your personal experience dictates that “thou” should = “you”, then you can change the behavior very quickly and easily. I call these steganographic algorithms “Wordlists”.

Each application has its own Wordlist, Each target word / phrase and its result is listed one per line, separated by a comma in a simple txt file. Its that simple to make your own Wordlist, and reprogram or enhance this entire suite to your own liking in just minutes, with no programming skills required at all. You can also use the Customizer to rewrite an entire book or internet article in seconds if you wanted to just by using synonyms. You can also create different Wordlists for different languages including Latin, or make your own translators. If you decided you wanted to encrypt your own communications, you could use a custom Wordlist shared with a friend anywhere else, create your own algorithm, and run it over your document to encode it, and then reverse the process at the other end to reveal the content.

To access our alternate Wordlists, you will need the customizer to do so. At any time, you can return the software to the default Wordlist, it is saved within the application for reuse. The Customizer saves all previously used wordlists for your easy organization and future access. The Customizer works for all 6 language applications, only one purchase is required to customize them all.

Secret Security

Since this website is all about secrets, I do understand the importance of keeping your privacy private. I have designed an application to automate this process fast and perfectly for any Microsoft Windows operating system. Once you install Pandora’s Box, 4 protected folders are added to your system, in which you can keep all of your sensitive data. One click makes it all vanish, and removes all forensic traces of your computer activities, as though you just installed Windows. All additional partitions are hidden, USB and CD Rom deactivated, and typed urls and paths are all erased. Not even Windows can find the hidden data, because the application modifies Windows functions, so your data cannot be exposed. A secret key combination restores everything the way it was. There is no other commercial product in existence that does all of this like Pandora’s Box. That’s why I made it, because I needed it myself. Now, you can keep your secrets safe as well.


Aaron’s Rod is a bundle that contains all 6 language applications, and the image manipulator Third Eye. It is on sale at an introductory rate for a limited time. This bundle installs all 7 applications in one go. All other applications, the Customizer and Pandora’s Box must be purchased separately, but there is a bulk discount on those items if purchasing more than one license in the same order.

The actual book of life that the Lamb takes from the Father’s hand in the bible is not a normal book. Among its attributes, it is a decoder. It unravels the mysteries of this life, and teaches about the next. I hope you enjoy my mechanical replication.

~There is no limit to what you can discover, except the limits you impose upon yourself ~