Stage Two:

Stepping into the light

The end of the fist stage, can be basically signified by the conclusion of the reunion with Spirit, and the completion of stage one is usually signified by a very intense experience known as ego death.

At this second stage, you should be well on your journey into the mysteries of your relationship with your creator. With each passing ceremony, you go deeper into yourself, and learn to remove errors in belief, superstitions and behaviors that are limiting your growth, health and even success on the material plane. It is at this stage you should begin to see that every thing is connected, and even begin recognizing the patterns within nature, literature, and the cycles of karma.

Ego death begins to give way to ego transcendence.

Meditation gives way to transcendental meditation.

Extrapolation gives way to transcendence of the limitations of human awareness.

Time begins to give away Her secrets.

The true power and purpose of one’s essence is slowly revealing its self to those who will become masters of this awareness only to advance and leave this awareness behind entirely.

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