The Universal Theory of Everything is the broad topic of this site. The Greek word Theo means God. The word God is at the heart of the word Theory. Just as I have proposed with each of the the other topics in this Universal Theory of Everything, God is at the center of it all, and literally and figuratively behind everything, in disguise. I could inundate you with mountains of relevant quotes, and scriptures worthy of a second look. But I assume you have the ability and curiosity to research and discover such wisdom on your own. This site is dedicated to the secrets of interpreting some of this disguise, and revealing the truth behind certain misinterpreted fundamental ideas. If I have addressed these topics in a way you can relate to them, you can then begin to re-read everything of this nature, and discover the true context within that which you already thought you had known.

I have studied many modern works these Beings have left us for many years. I have come to be aware of many different aspects of this Being, that are not commonly discussed to any great degree, because as I have mentioned in the Music section, we call it prayer when we speak to God, and a disorder when God speaks back. Unfortunately, there are those who would attempt to represent this being to any who would listen, such as authentic lunatics, and wannabe cult leaders and evangelists who couldn’t even pass that bar. Fake psychics, and corrupted shamans have their own reasons to want to make you believe in them.

Given that I actually have been in Their presence while I had knowledge of that fact, I have a different perspective than you might. You have been in Their presence as well, I assure you. But it’s likely you were completely unaware. It’s also likely that if you were aware of anything unusual, you were a little disturbed or frightened. I’m not at liberty to disclose everything we spoke about. They did not openly disclose these secrets I tell you in these pages. I broke into their library, and discovered them for myself. I poked and pulled and prodded, myself, my mind, this reality, and the reality of everything and everyone else around me for a very long time. I spent over 50 days without food. I spent over two weeks with no water. I spent over a month an a half with no sleep. I spent years in a small room alone. My insight was not acquired through simple conversation. I have done things most people will never do. I have, in return been able to reach with my mind further than I had ever imagined possible. Due to my persistence and my experiments, I have a unique perspective that has allowed me to acquire among other abilities, an advanced ability to recognize patterns and extrapolate information.

This is how I find myself in the position I do. I have used my heightened awareness to further investigate the patterns and secrets of this reality. I had discovered that to be defined as human, means being at a certain level of awareness. Had I truly exceeded this? I was young when my experiences propelled me into an other world commonly referred to as Neverland by legends and folklore. At the height of my fast, Beings not of this world met with me. They wouldn’t tell me much, but they did tell me “You’re not ready to wake up yet”. They told me I must go back, showed me somethings for my troubles, and then they departed. After my great fast, I had to go into a library for a year, and read every book I could lay my hands upon about psychology, parapsychology, religion, metaphysics and science to begin to attempt to begin to assign English words to the concepts and understandings I had been exposed to. I determined that during my fast, I had indeed exceeded the current publicly printed human knowledge of mankind, or at the very least, touched it, held it all for one long moment in my very hands as my mind expanded and flooded past it’s boarders during those months.

To be human, is not to stay human though. It is more of a concept we bring with us when we are past this world. I had missed some of these concepts of the human condition which I had not yet exceeded, yet would be required to advance beyond my earthly limitations. My Humanity, and Humility. The knowledge I had already discovered was indeed the treasure most seek in this life, all of it. Yet we are actually here to discover the true treasures hidden withing this reality, and bring them with us as the keys that will unlock the gates of the next world. Knowledge is not power, not there, for all that can be known, is already known by all who are there. It was known before time began here. This is what the lyric and the song are discussing by John Lennon, “There is nothing you can know that can’t be known”. The rest of all of the other pursuits combined are but a labyrinth, cleverly designed to occupy us, our egos and our left brains until we discover what lies within us, and within each other. What lies within us is that divine piece, that flame, God, and Goddess. Some occult followers have been taught that this inner spark is an unaware piece of power that they can manipulate for their own purpose. However, if you allow yourself to become familiar with it, you will discover, that this flame is but a small copy of our Creator, and It contains cosmic awareness. They did not tell me to actually do anything with my insights except to use them to further advance my own spiritual resolve. The word They used was Shine, “Use what we have given you and emerge, shine“, said the Goddess to me. In the immortal words of John Lennon, “all you need is Love”

Some may wonder about the Creator’s Son we all hear so much about, does God have any daughters, and if so, why are they not given notable mention? Yes, they do. The word Son is actually a metaphor for Sun, and vice versa in all scripture and lyrics. God has many Suns, it is what we all are, stars. When we look outside of ourselves we see, male and female beings everywhere. But this is not what we are, this is not what God is. There are two aspects to each star, male and female, as it is with our Creator. So, the Son’s are the daughters as well. Small men have since polluted scriptures and rewritten them to suit their personal agendas. In this process, the Goddess, and her Daughters have been largely omitted from Great Works that were once intended to Glorify these beings and cause mankind to pay tribute and respect.

We are faced with many illusions when we come here. Some of which are;

  • that we are alive
  • that we are awake
  • that we are material
  • that we are Human
  • that we are disconnected from our Creator
  • that we are disconnected from each other
  • that we cannot speak directly with our Creator
  • that our Creator will not speak directly with us

May I suggest you collect as much research and study everything you can to confirm for yourself that there is a Divine plan, you are at the center of it, and you can know your Creators personally. At which point, you can begin to move towards that end, and make personal contact on your own. After this has been achieved, if you have not already begun the rest of your journey to the center of yourself, strive to awaken the flame within. Discover what it truly is, and how it is fueled. Then take your light, and find others who are struggling, who would accept guidance, and fan the flame of their inner spark as well. Learn what it is to be a teacher, then learn how to teach someone to discover their true heritage.

I will be able to share a great secret about your ability to tap into this flame. The tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a parable about the power of true love, to be able to awaken another from their deep slumber with a true kiss. The path to this self awakening is through learning the seven virtues and the seven vices, which are also portrayed metaphorically in the story by the seven dwarfs. In the tale of Narnia, the metaphor for this are the seven swords. Once you have awakened your own Divine flame within, and you choose to help another to do the same, it will require all of your most true love and careful attention to achieve this, not as simple as a kiss, but the same idea. If you have not yet even awakened your own inner flame, you will have some distance to go yet before you are in that position to help another through this process. The Princess and the Frog is another similar parable that discusses a similar journey, but from the vantage point of a female. The words Prince, and Princess are literary metaphors to describe those who will inherit this inner Kingdom because the flame is inside of them. The stories were written about you.

Theology is the study of God, yet this section has been devoted to discussing you. This is because another secret of the location of God, is that It can be discovered within you, and within others if you learn how it is done. You must first begin to master your virtues and vices. Therefore, the study of God begins with Know thyself. This is not a metaphor, or a warm fuzzy feeling, or anything you can even conceive if you have not yet experienced it. Baptism wont do it, base jumping wont touch it. Having a weird psychotic evangelist yelling “praise Jesus” as he hits you in the forehead isn’t it either. Not even close. There are many who will insist they have this connection, yet, they do not. They believe it, and want to convince you of it’s authenticity as well. This helps them continue to believe the lie. They want to share with you, sit down and make you a part of their deception. They might speak to you in a gentle monotone to lull you back to sleep. But they are hollow, and in spiritual poverty, they do not really have God to share. They came to take something from you, not to give. Your belief. How will you know when you have awoken the true God flame within? You will see It, everywhere. You will see it in the trees, the mountains and in the sky. You will see it in the water, and even on a blank piece of paper. You will see it in each other, and you will begin to recognize the Angels around us. You will hear it in the music and see it on TV, you will read it in the books and in the graffiti in the subway. You Know, when you have touched this divinity, for you will be in awe, and you will wonder if you had died, but not yet been informed. All other experiences fall short. Its that simple.

A word of warning. Beware when you have touched this Great Being and observe as I have described. At the time of your arrival to this place of awe and amazement, you might be so sure you have finally arrived. But you have not. You have just begun your journey. Only those who can measure up and pass the advanced tests are allowed to be in this state of awareness, and stay there. Thus far, you may recall many tests of character, faith, and humility you had to pass prior to your arrival at this station. But you are now approaching a new level of consciousness, and there will be higher standards. Anyone who holds this knowledge, has advantages over everyone who does not, as though they are fast asleep and drugged, and you are wide awake and walking among their sleeping forms. Being in the sate, is a Sacred Trust. You must not break it.

As I have made clear to you, the God and Goddess have attended you personally in an attempt to bring you into the light. I can assure you, that in this time of elevation, you will have another visitor as well. One you know well, yet had never completely been able to conceive of either. As you become enlightened, the master of the darkness sends his missionaries to shake your every foundation, and test your every weakness. It is his job to keep the low in the lower realms. The next time a person in perceived power over you tells you, “I’m just doing my job Miss” please remember to act with dignity and grace. They might not be what you think they are. They may not be doing what you thought they were doing. The higher your awareness, the more intense the tests may become. You will realize in just a short while exactly what J. R. R. Tolkien was describing in his work, The Lord of the Rings. You will realize that this is also a story written about you, and your going to play the role of Frodo. The main difference is in your story, you put the ring on, and you can’t get it off. Neo in the movie The Matrix is another parable to this identical situation. Once in, there is no going back for him either. Michael Jackson wrote a song called Thriller, which is all about this stage of enlightenment. Vincent Price does a great job of sounding scarey and omnipotent as he narrates this prophecy very cearly. Most people listen to this song on hallowen, and they do not think that it has any basis in everday life. That is incorrect. Listen to it again, knowing what you now know, see how you feel about it now.

If you want to live among the Gods, to be immortal and free, to know all, to travel the universe, to escape fom this dark cave which you are born into time and time again endlessly with no memory of what has come before, if you ever want to leave this underworld – then you will know good and evil. You will know every difference between them, and which side you stand firmly upon. You did eat the apple. But don’t let my warning frighten you. It’s not as frightening as it sounds. A great movie to help you get some additional lighter perspective is Year One. The characters in this movie are largely unaware of any of these topics or concepts, and they must rely entirely upon what they have inside of them to pass these tests.