The Tower of Babel

We were once much closer to our creators when we began this human race. As people and certain beings who were entrusted with higher information continued to disrespect the natural process of enlightenment over time, we were separated further. All human languages are merely dialects of the human language spoken into the air (error). Language is not the only thing designed to confound us, everything here is, even the human brain has been Enigmatadesigned as a labyrinth. The story of the tower of Babylon is about the decision from above to confound humanity further in order to maintain a certain level of spiritual maturity within those who would one day find the path to enlightenment. There were at that time many people with great knowledge. Their leaders decided that they would destroy this reality by teaching everyone the secrets and giving them powerful entheogens. So, instead of climbing the “mountain” by the natural methods laid out for humanity from above, they created an artificial “tower” to hack back into the higher realities without an invitation. In response,  a time operated lock with genetic and linguistic software was designed to re-enforce the gates of the next realms.

They split not just the languages, but the genetics. They divided man into the 7 nations. The reasoning was that when the 7 nations had eventually matured enough to learn each others languages, respect each others religions and customs, and intermarry again, enhanced children born naturally aware of the cosmos and the shared keys of knowledge would appear once more on earth among men. There isa linguistic puzzle to solve, who’s pieces lie across all spoken word languages. The ancient tribe called the Dogon still scribble what appears to be quantum mechanical symbols onto their mud huts. They speak of being sent here from the stars with information from beyond, and worship the constellation of Sirius, the great dog. Yet, no serious etymologist, or physicist or even clever fringe researchers such as John Anthony West and Laird Scranton still can not possibly fathom that the true etymology of all language is from above, just like it is said in scripture. Because of this flaw in the ego, researchers still cannot make the simple obvious connection between the three words Dogon, Sirius, and dog. Humans are in love with the stories they tell themselves, and ignore the actual data.

Genetics is the grand pattern of the genome of creation split into groups and distributed across the globe with intention. No one person, one tribe, one community or even one entire nation has any members who contain the complete map of our human genetics. The higher secrets of our bodies lie within the combinations of genetic bloodlines. When the language was redesigned and fragmented, specific dialects were assigned to specific genetic groups, which would divide them genetically as well as intellectually via the same process. To each different group, prophets would appear both seen and unseen and lend their hand to write the sacred texts that would be adopted to each nation. These were not merely the same ideas and insights being encoded through local customs and allegory familiar to that specific nation, these books also contained different keys, and different obstacles designed for a specific group to excel in, and built in barriers to overcome. Depending upon which life lessons need to be learned, the soul will be assigned to the specific culture which has specific strengths, weaknesses, and keys built into it.

When someone speaks a different language, they process information differently, which creates also a psychological barrier. Different regions have different animals, different fauna, and different dominating celestial events and perspectives of the cosmos. This entire reality has been divided into pieces of the whole, not just the language has been compartmentalized. Language, Genetics, Psychology, Diet, Philosophy, Spirituality, Politics, Fauna, Animal, and the Cosmos are each branches of the tree of a nation, and each nation has its own specific tree. Only once someone steps out of the frame, can they begin to see the picture. These aspects are the true scope of the deliberate division of humanity for the purpose of compartmentalizing and concealing the path to immortality to all except the most earnest, educated, determined and worthy of the seekers among us.

There is also an actual tower remaining on earth that was once used as a method to hack into specific star constellations via teleportation / entheogenic methods. The great pyramid. There were similar yet much smaller such “towers” created for the same purpose called mithraeum, quite probably modeled after the great pyramid. These were used by consuming a heavy dose of entheogens within the structure which had specific celestially aligned holes built into them. This allowed the participant to project their consciousness into a specific area of the cosmos. In modern quantum physics they have been recently learning how to teleport entangled particles. When two light particles are created at the same time, they are in a reversed mirrored image of each other. If you send one twin particle to the other side of the world, and manipulate the one in the place that you are, the other particle will mirror any position of its twin faster than the speed of light. This effect can cover vast distances, even cosmic. This phenomenon is known as quantum entanglement. Science is just beginning to use this effect to design a new generation of super computers which can think in parallel equations using this principal with faster than light speed results.

Each pair of quantum particles is made of two particles, each of which is called a quantum bit, or q-bit for short. Modern day researchers and etymologists are prevented by the stories they tell themselves, what they think they know, their ego, from realizing that this is an indication that the secrets the ancients held were of the true quantum nature of higher realities outside of the simulation we are experiencing here on earth. Nearly all of the ancients measured everything they constructed in cubits (q-bits), and laid out their temples, communities and cities as microcosms of the cosmic macrocosm deliberately. They understood this place was a simulated reality, and every particle here had a quantum twin in another place in the cosmos that was being manipulated to cause the appearance of life here, yet these bodies are just puppets on quantum strings. The secret to all physical existence and reality itself is found within the understanding of the cubit (q-bit). What it seems to me the ancients were doing in their temple towers with celestially aligned chambers was simple, yet very powerful. They were hacking into the quantum continuum by opening their minds with entheogens, and targeting specific constellations in order to influence events and even entire civilizations in this reality. It is said, kings and presidents still utilize these chambers to this day, and for this purpose during specific celestial alignments to hack the matrix of this reality, and inflict their will upon the human race.