The entire internet is littered with conspiracies and prophecies. Some of these are true, and some are false. But from where are we supposed to create a foundation to comprehend anything, if our very nature, if our very existence is built upon a series of false belief? This writing is here to expose the biggest conspiracy of all of time. Who are we? Where are we? Where is our creator? Are there any new messages for us? Most of you have realized by now, the church, the government, and the media are lying to you, about everything, and actively suppressing any relevant information they can. Ancient Sumerian texts have been rehashed with what ever cultural convenience was required to convince the local masses for more than 10,000 years are being passed off as literal scripture, and prophecy and the modern people blindly follow such false teachings to the slaughter. The hundreds of false prophets of YouTube will have people believe the entire world is ending every two weeks. What is the solution to all of this misinformation? Is there one prophet among us?

Madam CleoThere are many prophets recorded in our distant and recent past. Jesus and Mohammed being the most famous among them. When there is a natural disaster of epic proportions, millions of people are still googling the quatrains of Nostradamus, and a large percentage of those people have continued to search for predictions by Edgar Cayce. If many people had 3 wishes, one of them would likely be to have the gift of second sight, to be able to see into the future. Imagine if you will, that this gift had been granted. And you begin to see all of the future. Increasingly and exactly as you imagined. The would be nothing you did not know in advance. For the first 2 hours it would be just fantastic.

However, questions quickly begin to arise regarding the exact nature of this ability in your mind at that point: Is it possible, I am dreaming? Is it possible, what I think, is manifesting? Am I somehow creating this? Am I alone here? Perhaps this is not reading the future at all, perhaps this is all just a self fulfilling prophecy. As the possibilities take root in your mind, the probability that your completely alone in some kind of cosmic hologram increases with each new prediction. You would find yourself near the point where you can no longer function here in this place, in less than 3 hours.  Anyone with a perfect vision from the future would be suffering from acute paranoia, and afraid of even their own thoughts, afraid to think.

A better way to spend any wish, should you ever see a falling star, or unearth a mysterious lamp, is to wish you knew the truth. The future is being written by us. The best of these modern day false prophet showmen shaman know that they can predict your path by getting a few details about your life, and knowing how the universe will predictably continue your lesson. These lessons are not new, and they are known to some. You need to learn aladdins lampto do this on your own, to be able to see the consequences of your choices, and to recognize and master the lessons you will find you are being presented. Only this realization and understanding will allow you to forecast your future with any great accuracy.

Step number one, is to discard everything you thought you knew, and have another unbiased look if you can now manage to do that. You should never find yourself to be the least aware being involved in any financial transaction. There are words to describe people like this, sucker, fool, mark, sleeper, parishioner, food. You can also use the same words to describe anyone who would pay a psychic. At one time, there was some truth to these method of divination. But, it has all since become corrupted. To truly be able to interact with the divine, you will need to learn to master this yourself.

Prophecy is not what it seems like you imagine it would be from a distance. Calculating likely hoods based upon current events in motion is a what is actually occurring, if there is in fact any actual rational thought involved in the deception at all in the first place. For over 50 years it has been understood and accepted by scientists that the physical results of every experiment are to a certain degree influenced by the observer. Einstein didn’t agree at first. But in the end he conceded that there is a force greater than us that we are immersed in. And our observation of it, influences what we discover. So our eyes, and our experiences, no matter how disciplined, are subjective. We are to a degree co-writing this script with our fundamental belief structure. So remember, as the observer, you are changing the results of everything you observe.

The truth of the matter, and many of you already sense this, is the future is already written to a large degree. The main thing we have yet to albert-einstein-intuitiondetermine is which role we play in it, and what our lines are. We are all in this movie together, cast and crew. Your activities and thoughts will determine which role you find yourself playing. If your looking to someone who claims to tell you your future, you are being taken for a ride. All soothsayers are false! It is forbidden for the ascended to reveal your plan to you. They would be caught, and immediately expelled. If you want to know your future as clearly as you can predict it on your own, you will need to enhance your own perception, awaken your own intuition and leave Plato’s allegorical cave where you have been merely guessing at the shadows your whole life. To even understand the truth, you will need to begin to leave this cave. Your own intuition needs to be followed and understood. There is no one who can read this for you. It is your connection to the divine early warning systems. You don’t usually get much time to react, but you do get the signal if you care to learn how to tune into it, and find the balance required to eliminate the false alarms set off by irrational fears. You will need to create a partnership with this aspect of your awareness, and use it to discover your true path.

The modern day prophets are to be found in the music and film industry, and they don’t work for private interests. If you study the music and language sections, and learn how this information has been encoded into the music we all listen to, you will discover exactly where the prophets have all gone. You will then have the understanding to go ahead and re-examine each piece of music you ever heard, and all the new music on your radio, and hear the messages they left for you to uncover. If you search around on YouTube a little while, you will discover all kinds of unemployed nobodies, with no gifts, no inner light, no higher awareness, and no purpose who are trying to come off as doomsday prophets and cash in on a little YouTube profits. Blow it all off. They don’t write your script. Some of these people are going to experience exactly what they are fearing, because they are bringing it to themselves.

If any of you have seen the movie Narnia, they describe the place where they need to be very careful, because their fears can manifest and attack them. The Never Ending Story also described this place as the sadness swamp. These modern parables hold much insight if you care to see and learn how things in the reality that surrounds you really are. If someone happens to be trying to convince you that the sky is falling, it is possible that they are telling you the truth. Their truth. But what is of interest to you, is your truth. No longer can you rely on a psychic, priest, shaman, or ancient prophecy to forecast your future for you. You must now face the music, literally, and learn to develop your intuition. Never again should you allow someone else to practice the black art of manipulating your perception. Never again should you hand over your power of you or belief to hucksters and frauds. For a part of this story that is being played out before you, the pen is in your hand. The Fountain you all seek, has been in your hand, and under your nose this whole time. So it shall be written, so it shall be done. In the beginning, there was the Word, and so shall it be in the end, pick up your fountain pen and manifest your destiny.

God grant me the serenityThe Fountain
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

AwakeningIn 2012, December 21, there was a cosmic event. Thoth called it a turning of the wheel in the 14th emerald tablet. The Age of Darkness that we have been immersed in for a very long time is at a close, and we go into the Age of the light. This sounds kind of stupid, and airy fairy, so let me be the first to point that out. However, this is the long and short of what has happened. The Creators, specifically Isis is coming back into the awareness of the people, and eventually the children. All will be aware She exists, and know where they are from and what is expected from the beginning of their lives.

This is what the Age of the light means, it’s about awareness. Isis has informed me of this Herself in person, in plain English. For any of you who may be interested in interacting with Her directly and cutting out the middleman here, please read the secret of the vine section dedicated to Entheogens to learn about exactly how and where this can be done safely, properly and legally. You are entitled to become your own prophet, so go and do it, and stop looking to others to give you the weather report. Your going to need to learn to do this before your children. For some reason, the last generations did not care to explore this next realm or care to share their own personal experiences if they did. They folded up their little counter culture, and joined forces with those who would suppress these insights. This must change with you. Go there, learn from Them, and teach your children when they are ready.

A for those of you who would ask me if I was a Prophet, I would say, No, my writings are for free and online for all to see, from them i do not profit. To those who imagine I must be a medium, I say this, No, I am a Large, I am One with the Collective Consciousness. And for those who would ask what is in store for 2016, I would say, Revelation, El Nino will rip the beaches from many shores this year beginning in the spring. Many of our most beloved Celebrities and shining stars will appear to have died in the coming months, but what is really happening, is they decided to leave and await us at the gates upon the Golden Shores, they are getting the party ready over there. Its going to be up to You and Me now. This is OUR spaceship, and we better get hip quick. Those that don’t are going to be left in the air-lock when we take off from this space and go back home.