Secret of Music

The golden thread that runs through it all

Psalm 105:2 “Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all his wondrous works.”

Have you ever wondered what secret actually makes up a hit song? Is there some magical algorithm that runs commonly through each radio hit? What do all the hits have in common among themselves? What might be the difference between a song you might write, and a simple song on the top 40 chart? The answer is simpler than you might think, virtually all of the top 40 songs have dual lyrical context hidden within them. The Black Sabbath tribute album Nativity in Black has a song with an intro Double Entendreabout the top 40, called Supernaut in which they make reference to this hidden context. It has long been believed, that to speak to God, one must pray. It is also believed that those who pray often, are more pious than those who do not. However, it is also commonly understood by most people that if God speaks back to you, you likely have a mental disorder.

The only exception might be in the case of some kind of life and death struggle narrated by a Discovery Channel special, ghost hunters, or by a church authenticated circumstance. People, for all their defiance and willfulness, are firm believers in control. They each believe they have it, or a piece of it. However, in general, people actually need to be told what they are allowed to believe or not, they require permission, or suggestion. To believe that God speaks to you is pure heresy in the eyes of nearly any church, they have proclaimed the prophets are all dead, and they are all that remains. People have been stoned to death for such remarks. Most any church is quick to launch into fear based explanations such as demon possession before they will even begin to imagine that there might be God among them, which is quite ironic and downright absurd. This fear is a sickness of the mind. It is this sickness that keeps mankind chained to the wall of the cave they were born into. Certain people have openly admitted that they speak directly to God, and God speaks back, however this is usually done under the guise of artistic license and ignored at face value by the general populations. When enough of the artists are saying the same thing though, is it time for us to begin to take their words literally? These artists performing in this video seem to agree on one thing for certain.

Occam’s Razor

I’m going to ask of you to perform a test, an investigation if you will, to ascertain if this fear concept has any real basis or perhaps if our collective perception of our Creator(s) needs to be re-examined. To perform this test, you will need to suspend all disbelief and cynicism while investigating these topics. You will also need to release all fear, and ideas of heresy to be able to conceive of the true context of many of the songs you have listened to all your life, yet not known at all. I’m going to make some simple suggestions, and I would like you to examine them for yourself.

I believe if you come to understand what is being presented, you will open a window, a true window to your Creator, and you will begin to see a side of this being you never imagined it had. It’s humor, It’s patience, It’s disguises, It’s nature and It’s intentions. Imagine for a moment, this being divided it’s self into two aspects, male and female. God, and Goddess. Imagine as well, that these beings walk among us, and they always have. Imagine also, that these beings are your true parents, your divine Mother and Father. Now imagine that they have been singing to you, all your life, in secret. I made a compilation video to illustrate a variety of different music and videos and movies which are all addressing the same awakening awareness. Most people would not believe Ozzy Osborne, or Ministry sing gospel music describing other states of being. But really, Ministry? Black Sabbath? Of course they are singing about God, its even noted in the title of the band, yet they got a reputation as being satanic.

Every time someone can’t put something else in a context that they are comfortable with, they tend to point at it, and scream Witch! Even with names like Our Lady Peace, or Judas Priest the context still manages to escape the casual listener. Take a look at their song list, the subject matter, the titles. Do you see the overall subject of their collective works? Read the lyrics, does the gospel shoe fit? Most of the Rap artists, House Dj’s, and hip hop generation are creating trendy and popular gospel albums as well. They always have. It has been a secret until now, waiting for individuals to discover the message in the bottle. These artists and their messages of illumination have hovered right on the border of our awareness all along. I have seen recently an author that discovered many of these hidden understandings, and twisted it into an Illuminati conspiracy, and wrote a book about it, twisting facts and making assumptions to fit his agenda. Note that Charles Manson also heard these messages in the music, and found himself in the center of hell, because information does indeed have multiple streams of meaning running through it, and the stream you pick up depends upon what is inside of you when you attempt to perceive any of it.


For some of you, having such thoughts can be frightening already. Uh-oh.. someone let the Lord out of the bible.. He’s going to consume us all now! For some of you, breaking with tradition, such as the loyalty to your earth family whom you have come to know and love, is nearly unfathomable, many of you will insist, these are my parents, and these are my children. For others, suggesting that there is a God and a Goddess is a terrible blasphemy! Just release these fears and doubts and guilt as they Lucidity and Consciousness are both measured in Fathomsbubble to the surface. It harms no one to at lease suspend these chains that bind your awareness for just a while so you can see differently while you investigate another point of view.

The Lord was never safely trapped in the bible awaiting to be released like some holy terror by some high priests who decreed when the appointed time of revelations should descend upon us all. Revelation is just a word being used to describe a part of the process of our opportunity to achieve enlightenment. Our Creators do walk among us, as they always have, and as they always will, within you. Once you achieve Enlightenment, you merge with the subconscious mind, and discover that there is only one mind. All of these artists have in fact Achieved Enlightenment, and they are speaking and singing as one mind, with God. Every song is about transcendence from one state to the next higher state.

The family, your parents on earth are as real as they always were, but they are more like a big sister and brother guarding you and protecting you as a sacred duty, and they are your earth Angels on behalf of your real parents so you may enjoy a normal life without the awe and intensity and pressure of an infinite eternity and a looming network of a billion sons and all the Gods and Goddesses looking down upon you. How could a child ever play, if they only knew?

As for the monotheism issue, this is the basis for all modern religions, the one point they actually all seem to agree upon. However, one needs to consider the folly of allowing other beings who do not have any true divine inspiration interpret esoteric wisdom on our behalf and then confine it into two dimensions upon a sheet of paper and deliver it conveniently to your doorstep. What if, the original wisdom was that there is ONE source, One truth, yet many higher beings, or aspects of our Creator created from it. What if this is the confusion that separates an ancient religion that is now considered mythology or paganism from the current modern form of worship. What if our collective ego tried to define what is not definable in this lower state of awareness, and thus blinded us completely to Their nature, and severed our ability to connect in this life with our true Creators?

There is a pattern being revealed time and time again upon meditation and decoding opposing theories, such as monotheism, or paganism, aliens or spirit beings, and even whether God is a Man, or woman. The pattern shows us that in most cases of opposing view points, both points of view usually are correct, depending upon how far back you stand as you perceive both sides. The correct view is not one, or the other, it is Both combined. Mankind has the ego of a Demi-God however, and casts premature absolute judgment upon all it surveys. It strongly defends it’s point, then claims and believes that it is already enlightened and awakened and all who do not follow are doomed, and any who suggest otherwise are of the devil. Some with acute paranoia and inflated egos have recognized an underlying pattern in some music for instance and firmly attributed this hidden meaning to the Illuminati because they cannot stand far enough back to discover the true context. To be Paranoid, is to be annoyed with the paranormal.


To be able to understand the context of the songs, it does help to know certain spiritual truths, and philosophies. Whether these truths are your truths or not, is one thing. The people who write music believe they are, and write their songs accordingly. Understanding their belief will help you decode what they are saying. If their truth becomes your truth, is a whole other story.

Hermetic philosophy describes one of the principals of the universe to be polar. Love, hate, or peace and war. Each thing or idea or being has its polar opposite. Love and hate are the same thing, but in varying degrees, as in a thermometer. You cannot measure the end of one concept or the other, but make a mark on the scale which is between the two. Even most language has a masculine and feminine version of their words, although this is not obvious in English, the language we use is based upon and within older languages which are very polar.

Many people who assign the Creator a gender believe God is a Man. This is why all priests are men, and all church leaders are men. The god is not lost, nor is it concealed. It is mankind that is lost, go find has also a poor accounting of woman, and seems to have been written exclusively by men, in a time when the woman was still feared, suppressed and openly murdered by the church leaders if deemed politically necessary by the church-state. Others, believe that God is a Woman. But each point of view alone is only partly correct. God is both, among other things not even detectable or describable by our limited human awareness. Some would then try to rationalize this statement by asking then, “Is God is a hermaphrodite?” As are we all. Part of our disconnection from our own true self, has been that our Creators have actually cut us in half and placed us here in an eternal unconscious perpetual search for our other half. People commonly already accept this idea in the form of having a soul-mate, and they are mostly OK with that idea, as long as it is confined to a nostalgic romantic notion and not intermingled with the actual nature of our Creator whose image we were apparently originally cast in. One of the most important secrets of the vine is that we are both male and female, yet neither. We are larger than duality, we are a singularity.

For most of us, the first song we learned was a simple lullaby that was sung to us as infants. It’s possible you, and your parents have missed the second religious context entirely for all of this time. Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, and everywhere that Mary went, that lamb was sure to go. This song is a parable about the Goddess Mary, and her child, the little lamb. This song is a simple example of dual religious context disguised as a simple nursery rhyme. The next lullaby we likely learned was; Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky.. This lullaby is a reference to us, as we go through our school here and demonstrate what we are to our Creators. We are the stars, and the source of our soul’s light, is from those stars in the sky, not of this earth. As you will begin to see, these are not the only songs that we have known all our lives with this same context, and the same messages.


The word Universe actually means, uni-(one) verse-(song). In this place, this dimension, it has been rediscovered by modern scientists recently that all of creation is made of sound. Sound is the key to unlocking such secrets as the Philosopher Stone, and the substance of the atom itself. Material objects are woven together from photons, (light particles) and frequency/sound. This entire Universe is a song being sung by our Creator. Many of the secrets of this Uni-verse have been concealed within the modern music of today and yesterday by the modern prophets, if one knows where to look. The Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio can also be found encoded throughout all of our music from the very beginnings to modern pop.

In Genesis, it reads, In the beginning, there was the word, and that word was God. Music is the evolution of the word. Each of us is woven together with deliberate and unique purpose by our Creator. We are an expression of this divine being having a human experience here. We are each a unique song being sung into existence by our Creator. Music is an ongoing expression of this mathematical phenomenon that weaves throughout all of our topics.


If planet earth was a clandestine operation to seed the human species, and then over the eons, guide them into the light of a higher realm and out of the dark, then this secret operation just might have a code name. Given the fact that we are the third rock from the sun, and revolving around everything that is revolving around everything else, the code name for just such an operation might be Rock and Roll. If, such an operation did indeed exist, and if it was so named, it stands to reason that there might also be a coded transmission buried in the music we have been listening to as our group consciousness has been brought into ever higher realities and knowledge. We are going to make an effort to provide you with the context you might require to decode theses messages, and make a few very poplar examples that just might change the way you look at all music forever.

God RocksA group of crows is called a murder, a flock of geese, a herd of sheep. What then might a group of Angels be called? A Choir. A Hymn (pronounced Him) is a verse we sing to the Creator. But Psalms (pronounced songs) are verses that our Creator sings to us. The songs,(Psalms) are not limited to the bible as you may have been led to believe. There are hundreds of thousands of them in every language. Most songs that you might listen to, if you close your yes, and empty your mind of everything you think you know about this word, and the bands, and the media.. just listen to the words, you will realize that your Creators, God and Goddess are singing the words to their children, you! There is only ONE mind. These artists have each Achieved Enlightenment, and share ONE mind, with all the rest of us who have access to Christ Consciousness.

As you learn what the songs are being encoded with, the higher context that is included with almost every top band in North America, a larger pattern emerges. These seemingly every day ordinary bands are all saying the same thing, in fact, it’s the same thing the religions are saying as well as science and everything else that we are linking together in this variety of topics. The pattern is being repeated by band after band, album after album. Some bands are thinly disguised, mixing the spiritual and science in their name such as Soundgarden,and Meat Puppets. Others such as Stone Temple Pilots, Warrior Soul, Oasis, and The Cult hide the religious connotations right out in the open. Other bands are named after the Goddess which is largely excluded from the popular scriptures of today’s organized religions; I Mother Earth, Madonna, Our Lady Peace, Nine Inch Nails, and Screaming Trees. The band name Alice in Chains is a clever euphemism referencing Alice in Wonderland with respect to the Allegory of the Cave written by Plato nearly 2500 years ago, which describes our mortal state of limited awareness in this earth school. Most of their songs are all about God and metaphysical spiritual awareness. The song Rooster is actually about this spiritual metaphysical awakening, and the struggle between the light and the dark during this process. In the Language section, we discuss context and sub context at great length, you might want to read that section first before continuing further in this section.


Why on earth are we still as a society blindly relying on some ancient texts written by people who died centuries ago, and were rewritten by the most notorious murderous organization since before the fall of Rome, the catholic church? Did you know these people and their close associates murdered over 2 million woman and children alone, calling them witches and burning them alive? Explain why anything they say or do holds water today? Rather, try to form an intelligent explanation for your children as to exactly how baby Jesus and the child rapists and murderers are theologically connected, and why it’s somehow OK. So, now that we stryper isaiah-53-5have put a name to evil incarnate, where did our true modern day prophets go? Have they been hidden from us perhaps? Or have they been in plain sight and we have been just too distracted to notice them, and what they were trying to say to us..

I would like to suggest that the modern day prophets and saints have created for this purpose a support group here on earth known as Hollywood. As I have proposed already, most all the music and lyrics from nearly every popular band in the history of music are today’s carefully disguised modern gospel, and this operation is centered around this place, and others like it. Of course you have likely heard the gospel of bands like Creed, and Collective Soul. But have you ever heard the gospel of Nickelback? Or Black Sabbath? Or Simple Minds? How about the gospel of the Stone Temple Pilots, Faith No More, INXS, Journey, Filter, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol, The Stills, Madonna, Bon Jovi and the Beatles? In fact, nearly each and every artist, and group are singing gospel music, in nearly each and every song. If you notice, most of the band titles even have an obvious spiritual theme, don’t they? However, this isn’t merely another Christian Rock spiritual theme, this is the spiritual awakening, the transcendence from this reality, to the next, the final evolution of the souls journey in this plane of existence. They are singing of the Beings (God and Goddess) behind the entheogens, and the journey you need to embark upon to discover Them.

Los Angeles means literally, The Angels. Hollywood means Tree that is Holy. The wood of the Holy tree has since ancient times been considered Holy. Even a leaf or branch from a Holy tree symbolizes love and affection. So, this seems like the western place in the world that represents a higher purpose. It’s not the only one, it’s just the main attraction on the West coast in the continent that captivates us on our radios, TVs and western theaters.

The Master Pattern

Let’s begin by categorizing some of these songs by topic. There are many artists who have a nearly exact list of themes (album titles such as Journey) and a microcosm of this journey reflected by the song order on their albums. Have a look at the back of your CD jackets and see how many of them might have a similar pattern as the specific topics listed below. We have made an attempt to show you the context of some of these songs (Psalms), and decode the dual meaning of their lyrics, where there most certainly is dual meaning. Just by becoming aware of the pattern of the repeating themes, you can begin to discover the underlying theme of the higher context of the songs in each album. As you discover the different methods used to disguise hidden meanings in songs, you will recognize the pattern in other songs as well. Remember, one letter can change a word,which in turn changes the meaning of the sentence entirely revealing and confirming the context for the verse. An example of this can be made of the word sun. If you replace the letter u with the letter o, you may discover the sentence is about the Son. Thus a lyric describing the sun in his eyes, may actually be describing someone who has discovered enlightenment, having instead the Son in his eyes. We have also begun a discography section to put all of the works of an individual band in one page so you can browse all of the titles at a glance. On this page of Rock Quotes, we have been gathering a few quotes of magic, spirituality and entheogen use from some of these rock stars themselves.

Play it again Sam

As you read through the lyrics, you will see this pattern I describe. You might think it’s blasphemous, foolishness or just plain unlikely what I am suggesting they are saying to us in certain songs. Keep reading, and suspend your doubts in this respect until you have examined hundreds of bands with a clear mind. These higher beings are quite funny, and very playful with their children. We are all connected. Every time you have been intimate with another, They are there with you. The band Kiss has just such a song, its called Let’s Put the X in Sex. What the X is referring to is the cross + turned 45 degrees + like so. This is to remind us that the act of sex is holy and sacred, and we should not constantly engage in this act frivolously. Their other song titles and steganographic context within the rest of their entire body of work, including the band’s name KISS, do support this conclusion. This band is singing about heaven, God, and Love in nearly every song. Yes, even the song Beth short for Bethlehem, refers to the Goddess and her process of spiritual evolution, they are singing about the avoidance of continuing their ascent, and continuing to delve into the earth playgroundAnd those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. with the friends they know, the other dwellers of the cave. If all you have to go on with regard to the nature of your Creators, or Their sense of humor or level of intimacy with Their children is what some ancient writing said, you don’t know them at all. Keep reading the lyrics, you will begin to get a picture of their playful and humorous nature. They are not all fire and brimstone as we have been led to believe by society. This is partly why these lyrics are here, so you can get to know them a little before you meet Them, and you will – meet Them.

In the future, when there is a larger group that has taken an interesting decoding these messages, perhaps we can arrange a study group to compare our discoveries and thoughts on different songs. From what I have searched on the web, I have found an absence of intelligent or insightful discussion. For instance, I was under the impression that a song like Hotel California would convey a really obvious meaning. It’s just a regular song with an obvious meaning referencing a classic metaphor we all likely studied in school, and nothing is even really hidden. I have discovered a variety of interpretations from the paranoid, calling it satanic, to the idiotic, saying it’s about a place in the desert. In my reality however, this song is a very simple metaphor for Plato’s Allegory of The Cave, this place right here outside your windows. Perhaps if we begin a forum here in the future, we can all share in an intellectual discussion about a variety of songs, and what they seem to reveal, rather than trying to guess which shadow comes next.

Magical Mystery Tour

Below is a project I am working on to categorize hundreds of different songs by the secret spiritual context, and add the album art and lyrics into the mp3 tags, so these playlists will be downloadable when I am finished, and the artwork and lyrics will remain intact, embedded within the mp3.

magical-mystery-tourI have organized certain songs with hidden meanings and context people have overlooked. However, my idea is not to try to directly reflect the complete entire meaning of each song (most touch more than one topic), but to give those of you who look into this, the understanding of the larger pattern that is being represented within thousands of songs. There is a Hermetic undertone, and a hidden dimension of context within every great work, be it Art, Song, Architecture, Cinema, or Literature.

I have classified spiritual musical topics into 40 different categories of hidden or sometimes not so hidden meanings within many different types of popular music. Browse these playlists by spiritual topic, and see if you notice the pattern for yourself: Youtube Playlist Collection

If you would like to retrace the footprints of John Lennon’s Magical Mystery Tour of Huautla in Oaxaca where he met the Mushroom Priestess Maria Sabina and have a wonderful tour of Oaxaca and a mushroom ceremony in the same spot John went to, you can book a tour in the Events & Tours section and we can arrange it.