Science in general is a manifestation of the collective ego. It can be used as a tool to examine the collective ego, just as much as it is used as a tool to explain what it is capable, what exists and it’s properties. Science only will ever believe in material that it can see, measure, hold, and dissect, just like the personal ego. Tools each have their own purpose. Not every tool can be used for the same task. Science, like the ego, likes to portray it’s self as a multi tool that can be used for explaining, rationalizing, and measuring everything. Newtonian science is the new religion, and its members are immersed within their own delusions and politics. If one has the misfortune of discovering that an accepted theoretical model is incorrect, the discoverer must then endure years of personal attacks and face a deliberately sabotaged career. Usually, years later once vindicated, these forward thinkers if they are still alive to witness this event would have little use for academic acceptance.

At a certain point, science must make allowances to merge with the other tools and studies that we have available to us. There is nothing wrong with the idea of science. But the scientists with their ego have no tolerance for, and no allowances for a merging of other sciences and studies. Science does not even cooperate with it’s self. The science is one thing, energy spent collecting facts, measuring, documenting. But the scientist who claims impartiality, spends just as much time defending and debunking anything else that comes along to offer any alternative explanation or plane of measurement. We do not have to go very far back in humanity to see this clearly.

It was less than 200 years ago that it was still illegal to dissect a body. Galileo was almost killed for his contributions, as were many others who were merely attempting to discover the truth. Science has tried so desperately to separate from religion, that it has become separate from everything. Science rules by mockery, just as religion rules by fear. But even in the face of their own ridiculous past which has discredited it’s self, humanity still falls in line with what ever they currently present, and then swing along with the flow when they conclude the opposite findings very shortly therafter.