One Finger Method

I would like to invite you to learn this simple procedure that will have you playing the guitar with little or absolutely no experience in about the time it takes for you to retune the guitar.

The most popular way to learn the guitar is by attending classes in which the instructors get paid by the lesson. They begin by teaching you to read sheet music, which is not really even used by most modern guitarists, they use tablature instead, which is a simple number grid to show you exactly where and how to place your fingers above which fret, and on which string.

If you studied guitar at a special music academy, they would not likely show you alternative guitar tunings until your 3rd year. But what about if you are missing certain fingers or otherwise in some way physically handicapped? What if you happen to have ADD and cannot focus on anything that does not yield immediate results? You won’t make it to your third year of any musical academy if you don’t fit their standard student archetype, and will be thereby excluded from learning the art of the stringed instruments.

Many of you who have played to some extent are familiar with the bar chord, and the power chord. These 2 variations of the same thing allow you to play chords all over the guitar very easily. Most rock and pop songs use them, and many songs simply repeat the same three or four chords over and over again.

The Open C tutorial will show you how to place all of these notes under just one finger, and allow you to play without having ever taken a lesson. The more you play, the thicker the callous on your fingers will become, and the easier it will be to change chords fast and play for longer durations. Check out the Open C Tuning tutorial for a free lesson in the one finger guitar tuning method, and get playing in ten minutes flat.