Many attempts have been made to deliver a unifying theory of everything. The strange facts that accompany all of these mainstream theories are two. Number one, they are all disproved in time. Number two, they all exclude God from their equations. These two commonalities are called denominators. Common denominators put seemingly unrelated equations into context within a larger framework, which is why religions are also called denominations. From symbolic mathematics, through history and archeology, geometry, all scripture, psychology and even language there is a unifying common thread. Entheogens. One by one, each of these seemingly differing studies are beginning to recognize that they are connected. These individual pursuits are not individual at all, they are merely facets of the same thing viewed from different angels. In Canada some years back, Quebec got some radical group in power who wanted to separate from Canada, these were called separatists. In the same way the current mainstream sciences wish to believe they are all studying separate things, those who have a mind closed such as this are also separatists. What then is this grand scheme of all things united only spoken of in the ancient whispers of the four winds you may ask? Do we even have a word for it? Yes, we have two.

The Word

Atheists call this consciousness. The rest of us call this God (collective consciousness). What is the difference between an atheist, and the rest of us? Do they really believe there is no God, no great underlying hidden architect of the cosmos? The difference between atheists and the rest of us, is they believe that they ARE God. This is why there is an underlying bed of egotism, conceit, and contempt within them for those who have a relationship with their creator. They may not advertise these qualities, having disguised themselves among us very cleverly.. but just talk to them about spiritual matters, and they will show you very quickly how they operate. Even if such a person explored entheogens, they will find what they expected to find within the experience, because this is one of the aspects of entheogens, if entheogens were an electrical component, you would see them as a transistor, or vacuum tube. They amplify your input. If you don’t have any input to amplify, then they open the gates of infinity, where you can see beyond yourself. In order to see the whole picture, one must first step out of the frame they are in, and then step out of the next one, and the next one until you reach this point. This is the process of enlightenment.

Divide and conquer

Entheogenic experiences can be divided into two different facets. One is transrealism, where there are few extra visionary hallucinations, but the world around the experiencer changes. The mind is greatly amplified, and patterns are recognized everywhere. There are faces in the clouds, in the trees, even in the rocks. There are symbols built into reality. The interesting phenomenon is this, if one who is in the medicine in this state can see these things, they can also point it out to one who has never tried entheogens, and they will see the patterns as well, because they are there. Understanding that everything is connected and unified as a whole is also key to entheogenic use, no matter what the core beliefs of the user may be. Unfortunately, modern, actually let us use the word current psychiatry has a label for this state of awareness. They call this psychosis. And so, I have given you the identity of the first frame you must step out of. You must realize, current scientists have not been to this place, nor will they for some time to come. You must take responsibility for your own evolution. When you can do that, you will be ready for your next challenge, the shaman.

The second type of entheogenic experience one can have is transmentalism. This is when the experiencer goes to an inward reality and sees all kinds of things, some self generated, and some are not. The visions that are not self generated are either generated by another entity, or they are themselves another entity. In this state, depending upon what the user believes, they can either establish communication and realization that there is sentient life on the other side of the veil, or they may imagine that they are generating everything within their own psyche.This is where the ego steps in, to take credit for everything in this type of person. They conclude that they themselves are generating everything within their consciousness. Essentially instead of making contact, and communicating with beings from the other side and establishing a relationship with them, they develop a God complex. This is known as reductionism, coined by Jung to describe schizophrenia.

Its a Sham

Many fake shamans suffer from this misunderstanding, which is a true type of dangerous psychosis. They believe they are you, and may do any number of unfortunate things to your psyche if you do entheogens with them including reprogramming you, breaking into your mind, demonic possession, rape etc. Those examples are all forms of rape. Not all reductionists are harmful to others, other than the fact that they spread biased misinformation among you. This type of psychosis is contagious to those with a weak mind. It is insidious, like a virus it makes a duplicate of every thought you have, and inverts the duplicated copy to the opposite of the truth. Learning more does not resolve this, it just adds more data to a malfunctioning system.

Oh Cult

A cult is a manifestation of the infectious nature of this type of psychosis. Cults like this are far more common than you might think. Most cults consist of only two members, one man and one woman. In this type of cult masquerading as a relationship, one person will attempt to mentally control the other by modifying their perception, perhaps subconsciously, but many times very intentionally. This is also very common among parent-child relationships, which is why the mother-in-law is quite often despised because of the constant attempts to assert a psychic / psychological control over her offspring. Many mothers think they are God as well, because they experienced childbirth. It is the tendency of man to pretend it is God, and the tendency of God to pretend it is a man. Understanding this tendency to play God and the underlying cause of this behavior is the second frame, out of which one must step. You must take the responsibility to make this journey on your own, with no guru, no shaman, no parent and to some extent independently of your spouse. 


Here are a few examples of some of these frames one must step out of to see the bigger picture.

  • Science
  • Pseudoscience (science which excludes God from its equations)
  • Pseudospiritualism (paying money for any spiritual services)
  • Psychiatry (psychology and all associated outdated terminologies)
  • History / Archeology (theory of evolution)
  • Atheism (belief in only that which can be measured by man, delusions of grandeur)
  • God complex (the truth is not complex)
  • Vanity (materialistic, superficial)
  • Greed (hoarding, lording, power hungry)
  • Envy (looking at others blessings instead of counting one’s own)
  • Wrath (bitterness, blame, fearful)
  • Pride (ego, quick to judge, dismissive)
  • Sloth (no responsibility, too lazy to seek)
  • Lust (all manner of rape)


Narrow is the Path, and straight is the Gate, and few there are who find it. For those well intentioned individuals who try to describe this hidden realm as the collective unconsciousness, I say speak for your self. It is the men and women who have not found this realm and dwell only upon the material plane of existence who are collectively unconscious.

The two most famous tales of enlightenment are known in the west as The Ark of the Covenant, and Alchemy.

Many want to know their purpose in life, so I will give you three that you may more easily find the path that leads to the fourth.

  1. Know thyself, find this path I speak of, and achieve enlightenment
  2. Show those you love how to win this prize
  3. Love as many as you can