Secret of the vine is a representation of a Gnostic collection of works. GNOSTICISM is the collective spiritual teachings based on Gnosis, the knowledge of transcendence arrived at by way of interior, intuitive means. While Christians stressed that only Jesus, the son of God, was simultaneously human and divine, the Gnostics proposed that ordinary people could be connected to God. Salvation lay in awakening that divine spark within the human spirit and reconnecting with the divine mind. Doing so required the guidance of a teacher, and that, according to the Gnostics, was Christ’s role. Those who grasped his message could become as Divine as Christ himself. Gnosticism expresses this specific religious experience, an experience that does not lend itself to the language of theology or philosophy, but which is instead expresses itself through, the medium of myth and parable.

Most Gnostic scriptures take the forms of myths. The term “myth” should not here be taken to mean “fictional stories”, but rather, that the truths embodied in these myths are of a different order from the usual dogmas of theology or the statements of philosophy. Gnostic teachings have historically been taught with varying degrees of symbolism and myth, depending on what level the students being instructed were at. The gospels told to the masses were revealed more clearly to higher initiates who have proven themselves to be spiritually inclined. This idea was the basis for the “Mystery Schools” throughout the ages, real or fictional. As a member began to climb the ranks of the institution, the secrets concealed within the ancient traditional myths and parables were disclosed. Mythology is a term commonly used to describe religions or philosophies no longer currently in use.

Gnostics do not look to salvation from sin (original or otherwise), but rather from the ignorance of which sin is a consequence. Ignorance — whereby is meant ignorance of spiritual realities — is dispelled only by Gnosis (knowledge), and the decisive revelation of Gnosis is brought by the Messengers of Light, especially by Christ, the Logos of the True God. It was not by His suffering and death but by His life of teaching and His establishing of these mysteries and secret multi layered teachings that Christ has performed His work of salvation. In this body of work I call secret of the vine, I am not necessarily pushing Gnosticism, but Gnosis itself, the complete revelation of the once secret divine mysteries.

I would like you to watch this video  with an open mind. It’s really well done and it illustrates the higher teachings of the Gnostic mystics. For the general population, they were taught that Christ was a flesh and blood man. But to the Gnostics, the stories of Christ were parables. The initiates who had passed the tests of their elders were taught that Christ was a higher state of mind that could be activated by fasting, meditation and also by using ceremonial medicines such as Peyote, Salvia or Mushrooms.

Knowledge of our true nature — as well as other associated realizations — are withheld from us by our very condition of earthly existence. The True God of transcendence is unknown in this normal state of mind. It is thus obvious that revelation from on High is needed to bring about this awakening. The indwelling spark must be awakened from its terrestrial slumber by application of the secret knowledge.

In the page on Entheogens, I discuss various medicines that have traditionally been used to access a higher state of awareness and some of the advanced beings which reside there.

This video is a great beginning into alchemy, and the close relationship it has with a hidden context of spiritual perfection. This may help one understand how this current body of information we call science, history and religion has been constructed.

Terence McKenna said brilliantly in one lecture: “Alchemy is the secret tradition of the redemption of the spirit from matter.”

At some point in our history specifically following the catholic ordered crusades, there was a complete break between those who know, and the following generations. Today, the art of reading into the other realms and the true meanings behind the analogies and the metaphors has been nearly entirely lost in the western base pursuit of the transmutation of base metals, without a second glance into our own personal transmutation.

This attitude has spread into every area of this “new age” marketing (yoga etc.), which is nothing more than the transmutation of worthless information into the paper money is printed upon.

This leaves the new generations to hopefully come across the secret of the vine or something like it for a guide into the next realms, or to make that connection with the true divine beings, and they will patiently teach you everything from the ancient lost arts that was stolen during the crusades. This is the original source of this information, the God’s taught our ancestors personally, and helped them document many things that their children may find their way home once more. We need to become the new psychic pioneers who go back into the medicines and re-establish this connection with our creators, and begin to recreate this library of information all over again. Our new books are within our minds, and our new traditions will be shared like this, but more importantly they will be shared orally within the families who hold the keys to the true secrets of the vine.

This video is absolutely fantastic, it manages to touch on nearly each and every topic that I have created within this website, and even some topics I have not yet had an opportunity to write about. If you are short of time, I recommend this video highly.

Remember again Einstein’s words; “Problems cannot be resolved at the same level of thinking that created them.”

In the page on Shamanism, I discuss various medicines that have traditionally been used to access a higher state of awareness and some of the advanced beings which reside there.

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