Electromagnetic Spectrum

electromagnetic spectrumThe EM Spectrum or electromagnetic spectrum is the known chart of frequencies we are aware of in the known universe. Physical matter is merely energy, condensed into a slow vibration that gives it both mass and visibility to us.

Gravity seems to make only visible objects cling to the ground. It does have an effect on other things, but mainly physical matter. As you can see from this graph, the more energy there is in the frequency band, the smaller the wavelength is.

Just what does this graph really represent though? 2 dimensional reality? No, only 25% of 2 dimensions. If you imagine 3 more pieces joined at the corner you will see the true 2 dimensional representation. I have created another graph to represent what this would look like.

To begin to understand what this graph represents, we need to see the two dimensional portrayal. The wavelength is smaller in the center of the star, and more intense.




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With simple wave physics we know that if you cast a stone into a pool, the waves near the impact are smaller, and get larger the further away from the impact. What this tells us when we observe this graph like this, is that there is something impacting the void in the center of the star. All we know of the physical universe exists within this EM Spectrum. Solid objects are merely energy condensed into a slow vibration. So, the yellow part of the graph, this void.. what is it? It shows us that it is there, because the impact of some unseen force in the center of the graph demonstrates that when you interact with this void, like water, there are ripples.

Since gravity only generally has an effect upon visible matter, which is rooted in the visible spectrum, we can also conclude that gravity is not a force, it is an emanation, another EM signal tuned specifically to the visible spectrum of light.

This is very similar to a microwave, it is tuned to a specific radio frequency in the EM Spectrum in order that it will only interact with water molecules. Try leaving a plate with nothing on it in the microwave for several minutes. It does not even get warm, because there is no water for the frequency to cause friction with. This is the exact same phenomenon with gravity, it is a tuned frequency that is tuned into anything that falls within the visible spectrum.

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It seems that the Peruvian God's eye might have its roots in the two dimensional representation of the electromagnetic spectrum. How this is possible is quite simple. In a time long ago, if a young Peruvian was misbehaving to a certain extent, an entheogenic brew was prepared.

The child was then sent to spend some time with the Grandfathers, so they might learn the nature of things, and become more harmonized with those around them. Ancient Peruvians had complete access to the universal mind, where all knowledge begins and is stored. There is a knowing far in advance of what we currently possess in this physical realm.

It seems that the idea of this God's Eye, is to represent this complete graph, and the spectrum of visible light is reflected by the different colors of wool used. Its quite likely that the sciences used to be taught differently using more complete graphical representations.