Here is an exerpt worth reprinting until I get abit more time to formalize my transmission:

When asked about the cure for cancer, I reply:

Yes, I can give you scientific equivalents for everything I say, metaphors are microcosm to macrocosm (and reverse of this) esoteric conversion tools. First of all, we are ending contemporary soon. Latin for contemporary, is Con – (with) Temporary (temporal = within the sphere of time) So, what your asking for, is a physical cure for death, without Trance-ending. Recent scientific discoveries, and not new, they are discovering what is old. Wave physics, and the frequencies to manifest reality, in health, or lack thereof (ie: monsanto) in machines, nano bots (natures polar opposite of enzymes) in propulsion (anti-gravity systems, worm holes and GOD FORBID point singularities (which are black holes aka worm-holes aka inverted stars such as Lucifer & Lilith), weapons, and travel). When Einstein gave the world E=mc2, what was the very first thing they did with it? Hiroshima. It all comes down to meta frequencies, called zero point. Now you know why the God’s titled it so, for if I give you the recipe for what you ask, there would really be zero point, because the very next day, some retard (means slow in Latin) in a lab (in search of fame and fortune (VANITY PRIDE GLUTTONY GREED SLOTH WRATH & the APPLE) would create a point singularity weapon and engulf the entire known universe in a black hole, for this is the spot, Earth where the entire universe converges to manifest paradise, it is a Divine metaphor, microcosm. So tell me Adam, are you looking to commit the ultimate collection of deadly sins all at the same time on behalf of the entire human race, or shall we have some fool looking over my shoulder do it for us? And who shall we make king of this new world order? O’bummer? And if I confine my answer to health implications only, who shall receive the elixir of immortality, and who shall perish as undeserving. Who will stand judge of this process? Shall I allow Cronos (father time) to swallow all ye who partake of this elixir in endless temporal contemporary made con-crete (with-Crete (Icarus)) There are far worse things than death as Pandora discovered. You need to watch this movie thrice and then think twice before you destroy our once paradise. I shall utter the secret sacred name of our Lord once more and be removed from all of you, and all of creation before I help recreate the Tower of Babylon. Guess what happened in Pompeii? They were swallowed by the RED sea, for demonstrating such boldness and uttering this name. Your all standing upon a volcano, and you don’t even know it. One word can break this world, and open the portal to the RED sea, and no one will see or be any more. Too be or not to be.. is just one question. How about to see or not to sea. Its as simple as A.B.C. for one who holds the book of Life such as me. Stand down Captain wink emoticon