Tibetan monks have nearly all experimented with Entheogens, and many have confessed that it was these experiences that led them to the order. However, from an official viewpoint, this practice is against the sanctioned belief structure of the order. For this reason (politics) many will no longer comment upon their former entheogenic activities. They instead rely for various reasons upon the art of meditation as their only path to spiritual salvation. In my personal experience, any path other than self inflicted trauma is completely valid, as told to me by the Great Spirit that resides in the next place. However, the Spirit will also advise you to learn the discipline of meditation in addition to the discipline of contemplation, in order to achieve inner balance, which is required to navigate the next realms of the thought plane.

What is meditation?

Meditation is one of the four direct paths to enlightenment, the others being Fasting, Trauma, and Entheogens.

Meditation is two things, it is a discipline, and a path. It is not the destination. The destination, is this great all knowing Spirit of Creation that you can learn to have a relationship with. It speaks usually at first with pictures.. so do not drive them from your mind – look deeper. Learn Their ways, and ask Spirit questions when you are ready.It knows your languages, all of them, so there is no need for any specialized training or ritual or incantation. At that point, you are not in silent meditation, for you have arrived at the destination, which is the beginning, of all things, Spirit.

Understanding this concept before one embraces any type of yoga allows one to appreciate the subtleties of the true art of it, and discard the modern fallacies that have since become identified with the word yoga.


Manly P Hall put it very wonderfully in one of his lectures, that modern day yoga, if studied as a whole objectively, is actually little more than simple techniques of self hypnosis designed to encourage and implant the belief that one is experiencing an attainment of oneness with the Divine Spirit, that one has achieved enlightenment, and attained the access to the center of all things. Those who through great persistence eventually may experience this euphoria, this connection with self and believe they can see beyond all who have not attained Entheogens & Shamanismtheir level of discipline, however.. all they have really actually achieved is the art of self hypnosis, and deluded themselves into believing they have attained a higher level of consciousness. Therefore, what modern yoga schools have actually discovered, is how to convert a combination of superstition, simple psychology, and narcissism into lots of cash.

Further more, the entire structure of this movement is that of a pyramid scheme. Once a member pays these huge monthly costs for a time, studies the movements, and achieves some level of flexibility, their meditation begins to naturally reflect upon two ideas. One, that this is costing quite a bit of money, a quick calculation of a full room of members for an hour can sometimes be in the tens of thousands of dollars per room full. Then they hit upon the next level of the implied higher understanding of modern yoga. What if they could become a teacher too? And so, this yoga student aspires to become the teacher, paying thousands more in fees for the privilege to do so. If they pass all of their tests, they become certified by an internationally recognized head of the entire scheme, and they become certified to teach the art of self-hypnosis world wide.

In the Beginning..

You could read someone like Osho for a true mystical understanding of the nature of consciousness, and think about what resonates with you personally in a quiet space until you drift into the void. When you can find this void.. you can learn to communicate with it.

I discovered by a happy accident one day, by intuition alone, that a perfect meditation aid is pure Rose Petal extract. It targets the third eye nearly instantly, several drops under the tongue, and you feel the third eye nearly instantly. The ancients referred to this substance as “distilled prayers of the saints”.

Incense has been around before man. Through every life you have had, you have used this in spiritual context. The smell of incense aids in taking one back before the time of the birth of this body, past the ego. The word actually refers to the activation of your IN-sense. This is a great meditation aid. You will want to find the ones that resonate with you, it is a personal choice.

Schools of thought

Some schools of thought are of the opinion that if it doesn’t hurt, well, no pain no gain. This is untrue. Some are of the opinion that the Entheogens & Shamanismprocess of enlightenment is a process that takes the bulk of one’s lifetime. This is untrue. Some of the very same thinkers believe, that the attainment of transcendence is nearly impossible. This is also untrue. These things stem from a misunderstanding of reality, and consciousness. These ideas also stem from a misunderstanding of faith, for instance, a desperate clinging to tradition and superstition. There is also another reason at play that is confusing to many right now. One needs to have a fundamental understanding and connection to what is actually going on, and the cycles of our experience in this plane of existence to begin to conceive the fundamental truth of ourselves.

What I am eluding to is this: what was once true, has changed with this new cycle. Long ago, we were excommunicated from reality. This is called the Fall. We entered into an age of darkness (spiritual), not to be confused with the physical shadow of this concept, the darkages. We once as a race could experience God directly. One thing led to another, and we were kicked out of the garden it is said. The reality of it was, we kicked God out of the garden, and have since tried our best to replace this lost connection with technology, among other things. This shift you might hear people talking about is the change in direction of our consciousness. For a long time, humankind, was not allowed to know the Creator directly, due to the way in which souls are forged now. We are born into the darkness, and only those who seek the light over lifetimes are going to find it. The rest are lost.

Our Creators forge souls in great numbers, all at once. We all participate in each others evolution here, and each batch of us is linked, by quantum entanglement (because we were made all at the same time) which accounts for our strong ability to communicate telepathically with each other whether we are aware of this gift or not.

Meditation exercises

  1. Imagine if you will, a jeweler creating a series of gold rings. There is a sand mold created, with all of the chambers connected by a thin channel, through which the gold is poured. This arrangement is similar to a tree of rings. When the gold pours into the top of this mold, it flows into every channel, and fills every ring shaped hole. When the ore has cooled, the jeweler uses a gas catalyst to break the bonds of the resin, which was used to keep the sand in its ring-tree formation. When the catalyst is broken, the sand falls away from the gold ring tree, and the rings are broken from the spine of gold that Entheogens & Shamanismconnects them all together, and the slightly deformed area is then hand polished to erase the traces of its former connection, and the gems are then added by hand. Any chambers that have collapsed during or previous to the pouring of the molten ore will have deformed lumps of gold, which is then recycled, and its valuable essence will be reused in the next ring tree.
  2. Imagine a very complex sand mold for lets say, an engine block of an automobile. It has many complex and precise shapes, ports, galleries, guides, chambers and wells. The sand mold is originally created in two halves from sand and resin, then bound together into a block. When you observe this mold, the insides of it, you can see the opposite shape of the piece it was intended to create. You can see this as the negative shape of the intended piece. The molten ore is poured into the top of this very complex mold, and gravity carries it into every tiny area. When the gas catalyst is introduced, the negative shaped sand mold falls away from the piece, and the intended design is revealed, and ready to be hand worked. This is the nature of this reality. This was never intended to become a technological Utopia, this is simply a foundry, a forger of souls. See the value of duality, and the true intention of the Great Architect. Know that this construct is here to shape you, and not merely a random collaboration of accidents, or frightful conspiracies.

These meditations reflect the true nature of reality, and put into true context the seemingly negative opposition one encounters through their spiritual journey in this realm. This is how souls are forged, through negative opposition. If the gasses from the ore are excessive, or if the opposition of the mold is weak, the mold cavity will breach, and the result will inevitably be the recycling of the divine ore that is our essence. The ancient Egyptians depicted this as the Goddess Maat eating the souls of the unworthy, or malformed. When we see the opposition to our desires and our goals, it is wise to find our way around it, rather than smash through it like the Minotaur, with the body of a man and the head of the bull. We are being shaped by that which opposes us, deliberately, intelligently and en mass by the Great Goldsmiths Themselves. Find your true shape, and you will be ready for the final phase of hand polishing, and the addition of your gems, also called crowns in the book of revelation. In alchemy, they describe turning base metals into gold. Most people now see this as a sophisticated allegory, but it can be simplified even further. The words metal, and mettle are homophones. They sound the same, but have different meanings. In the allegory of the alchemist however, the meaning, is used interchangeably. The alchemist’s greatest secret is this: This physical reality is entirely designed to alchemically change mankind’s base mettle’s into gold.

The Harvest

We are collectively now entering the harvest phase of our journey through the universal foundry. All who are not found, are therefore lost. The gas catalyst is being introduced into the collective consciousness, and as the loosened sands fall away from our cooled golden shapes, the first of the gold rings of this new series of freshly forged souls are being broken away from the tree, examined, hand polished, and crowned or simply recycled. Our final polish is done by us with the help of the Great Spirits that created us. The crowns, the gems being added are the chakras which are being opened through the efforts of us in co-operation with the Master Jewelers who created us.


To participate, and to actively help co-create your final evolutionary process within this lifetime, you can combine three paths to enlightenment, and make them into one path, your path.

  1. Reevaluate your relationship with your body, and your diet. Revise what is necessary, and perform a cleanse at least to begin with.
  2. Learn to meditate beginning with contemplations, and then in silence, and then with connection to Spirit
  3. Learn the ways and art of the sacred medicines, the guide to entheogenic study is here

Once you have taken these steps which represent your body, mind and spirit respectively, you will notice, you have internally and externally combined these techniques, and vastly increased your awareness, and your clarity. You may now revisit each method, and combine as necessary to advance your spiritual evolution. Through this method, you may ascend as fast as you can fathom and implement the information. Do remember the diver who ascended the fathoms too quickly though, and perished because his system moved too quickly to adjust to the lack of pressure upon his physical body. This article describes what to do to create a hyperbaric chamber of sorts for an individual or yourself if this scenario occurs. This effect is present here as well. Stay at each new level for a while before you return to the surface. I believe my article on consciousness will be of assistance to you as well.