To clean one’s mind, one needs to begin with the body. As we go through our years we accumulate many things in our digestive tract that are not digestible, trans fats, medication, fillers from medication, toxins, micro plastics, mucus lining from dairy and of course a variety of parasites. Some people have mood swings from past prescriptions which can gather in the creases and corners of the intestines and leetch into the blood stream from time to time. Parasites have also been known to change the body chemistry and deliberately alter moods that result in specific foods they thrive on to be consumed by the host. It is very important to have a balanced body and brain chemistry so one can manage mood and emotion, especially when attempting to open psychic doors through meditation, or psychedelic medicines.

healers memeOften people find themselves searching for meaning when things go wrong, when they can no longer tolerate the default mindset, when they have hit rock bottom and cannot seem to get traction. When they have hit the bottom, and platitudes and Alan Watts quotes and spirit science mems don’t cut it and you are ready to actually make a change, the cleanse is a perfect place to begin. Let us assume that you have parasites, and past medication altering your mind chemistry to some degree. Whether this is the case or not, the following procedures will resolve these and all the other aforementioned issues, and you will find you can gain energy to think clearly, remember better, increase IQ, and manage emotions. In addition, you may inadvertently create a healthier complexion, extract more nutrition from your food, cure chronic stomach / bowel / weight issues and possibly avoid disease such as cancer, and significantly boost your immune system to ward off all manner of other types of illnesses and infections.

Psychologically, you can expect to be able to manage your emotions better, diminish neurotic behaviors, increase your sense of presence and mindfulness, sleep better, have better more vivid dreams, release past traumas, and stay focused on your daily tasks including meditation if that’s your thing. Spiritually you can expect more connectedness, more interaction and co-operation with your inner guides, chakra movement, and a less heavy more pliable veil. The medicines and herbs will work better and have a significantly improved effect which means you will need less and go further while being able to retain more of the experience along with enhanced cognitive function that will allow you to make better sense of medicinal experiences and provide the tools to convert wisdom when found into a practical application and actually use it to improve your life experience.

The clease length varies with your individual goal. You can expect aforementioned results with a 3 month cleanse, and some people make some or all of these changes permanent and repeat specific procedures for the rest of their lives. There are 4 steps to this cleanse.

  1. Vegan diet, no animal products. (Do not replace dairy with dairy substitutes for the first 3 to 6 months).
  2. Weekly Hydrotherapy colon cleanse.
  3. Adjust your food intake to change your pH to an alkaline state.
  4. Anti-parasite treatment.

Do this in any order, but continue steps 1 through 3 for a minimum 3 month duration, and you can consider yourself detoxified and cleansed. Each of these steps is integral to the others, if you omit one, the rest of your efforts will be compromised and you may only experience limited success with respect to the benefits I mentioned. There are some things that need to be mentioned about each step which will ensure you have the shortest path to success. Your entire body is made up mostly of creatures and bacterium which are not you. There is a balanced symbiosis occurring, and you must learn not to upset this balance, but find it and maintain it at a proper pH. You may feel worse as the toxins move out of your system, and pass through your blood. This is part of the reason for the hydrotherapy, to lessen this toxic shock to your system. Once the toxins have released, and found their way out, you will feel wonderful, energised, alert, present and in control of your emotions. Power through it, and don’t worry about the rough start if there is one. A lifetime of neglected maintenance is bound to exact some kind of toll. Each step moves and releases toxins. All 4 combined should release and remove nearly all the ones you will need to concern yourself with.

During this process, abstain from all alcohol, recreational drugs, snacking, eating out, binging, and create around you some serenity as not to release adrenaline, cortisone or other digestion / mind inhibitors. This is going to be a full body / mind reset, give yourself the space, and ask that others kindly respect your efforts.


vegan memeFor some this is impossible, for others, they say things like they are taking it one step at a time, in other words, a half measure and an excuse for inaction. Just do it for the duration of your cleanse, and after you can go back to what you were doing before if you choose. This is important because many parasites come from animal products, and are sustained by them. Part of the anti parasite treatment relies on starving them while flushing them with hydrotherapy and a dose or two of anti parasite medication. It is important to completely eradicate these in order to kick start your immune system, and adjust your pH. Dairy is terrible for intestinal health because of the mucus / plaque membrane it forms along the walls isolating your colon from absorbing the nutrients and providing safe haven for parasites to infest in the walls behind this hollow snake within your colon. If parasites are allowed to remain for years, they can form cysts within the colon and embed a “queen” right into your intestine, which will just keep pumping out eggs like a factory. At that point, surgery is the only way to remove them.

Google search parasites + cysts + brain and look through the images. Don’t make any exceptions or excuses, just do this right, and figure out alternatives to what you have been eating. During the cleanse, do not eat out! If you have the money to invest and intend on doing this for life, invest in a twin gear juicer and a vitamix, or these vegan recipes will kill a conventional blender, and the high rpm juicers are garbage, made using lots of toxic plastics and kill the enzymes and microbiotics with oxygen and heat before you even get it in the glass. Add juices to your diet made from your favorite produce, and check out vegan and juice recipes on youtube.


vegan memeThis procedure helps flush toxins / dead parasites that are pouring out of you before they are reabsorbed by your colon. It also removes things such as old medications and fillers stuck in the colon. This will diminish the sick feeling / weird emotions accompanied with the cleanse. Drink at least 4 ounces of electrolytes every 8 hours to replace what is lost, and rehydrate you. Despite its name, hydrotherapy, it can dehydrate you, and this is counterproductive. Find a good hydrotherapist, and continue using the same one, explain the cleanse and your goal, and ensure they will go further each time (more pressure / massage) to evacuate the entire colon in stages. If you keep using a different person, they will just keep giving the same initial treatment which will have little effect. A good therapist inspects what has come out to some degree and will alert you of parasites, and even tell you the color of the pills in your last prescription. They will also monitor for irregularities, certain build ups or blood. Do this once per week, no more than that. Use vegan probiotics to replace the flora that was lost in this process. This bacterium is necessary for digestion, and life.

Alkaline pH

Parasites, viruses and diseases thrive in an acidic body. This adjustment is part of weakening any parasitic infestation and strengthening the immune system while enhancing the symbiosis of the thousands of different life forms cooperating to create a healthy body for you to inhabit while you remain upon the earth. Among other things, your body is also a battery. There is lots of talk about energy in spiritual circles, and often the actual energy you use to think and extract nutrients is overlooked. You can also adjust your body chemistry to adjust your mind chemistry and achieve an emotional balance, an important foundation for any serious thinker or seeker. Mental illness is nearly always accompanied by an imbalanced pH, as is cancer. Once you sort it out, and get to the alkaline state, keep it there, and check weekly or monthly.

If you cannot achieve an 8 on the pH scale with an alkaline vegan diet, there is something wrong internally, and you need to find out what it is. As for the pH scale, a pH of 6 is ten times more acidic than a pH of 7, and 100 times more acidic than a pH of 8. THe pH scale is a logarithmic scale in which two adjacent values increase or decrease by a factor of 10. If you do learn to balance your system and it falls out of balance to one extreme or the other, this is an indication that you are suffering from some kind of serious illness. Buy pH strips (store them airtight, and out of the light), and test in the morning with urine. You can use a vegan alkaline food chart or the ones below (minus the animal products) to find ingredients for your new juice & vegan diet while on your cleanse. Keep in mind that just because a particular food is acidic like limes, does not mean that it will cause acidity in the body, and vice versa.

Here is a good reference chart to get you started:

alkaline food chart

Anti Parasite Treatment

wisdom truthThere have been recent outbreaks of parasites in recent years in the news. But, this is not new, or recent. People are just beginning to become more aware and more connected online and happen to be sharing this. If you have ever eaten street food in a 3rd world region, or close to the equator, or sushi, or any other animal products, its likely you have some, and some of you have a variety of them. The three previous steps are in part anti parasite strategies. Parasite medication over the counter only usually addresses specific species found in your own region, which is often of little use when you may have got them from a Mexican taco stand while eating street dog tacos sold as beef.

Vermox Plus found on sites such as Ebay is for Mexican parasites and amoebas, a brain parasite that can become fatal and modify personality severely. Parasites from India are also very unhealthy. They also compromise the immune system and leave one open to all manner of secondary infections, illness, cancer, madness. For over the counter treatments and side effects, please read this article concerning common parasites and treatments. It does not matter if you think you have them, or not, treat yourself for them and remove all doubt. Chances are, you have never done a cleanse like this, and they are well concealed from view, and will never be discovered until a secondary illness is so great that a Doctor is forced to consider all possible causes and eventually tests for them. Ever 6 months, treat yourself, especially if you have pets. Taking repeated doses of anti parasite medication too close together can and will compromise your immune system. Follow the instructions on the box, and do not exceed them even if the parasites persist. If you find you are terribly infested, research natural non-toxic remedies such as high doses of garlic, and hot peppers, more fresh juices etc if you feel you need to amp up the anti parasite part of your cleanse.

Word to the Wise

What I have outlined above is a safe yet very effective cleanse. However, it is not to be taken lightly. Do not buy some cleanse kit online and throw that in the mix, or fast, or juice fast or exceed these recommendations. I have helped people with this process many times, and this is what works without causing undue risk or discomfort. If you did a pure juice fast, its great for detoxing and clarity yes, but the parasite medication may not react as expected. The doses on the prescriptions for everything you can buy are based upon the default diet, meat, potatoes, grease etc. You need to be careful with your doses when you have a clean system, because everything will hit you hard, and possibly disrupt your renal system among other things. Don’t add anything from this list, don’t remove anything. You cannot fast during the cleanse because you are pushing things out, cycling your system and using the fibers / grains to drag out the toxins. Try this for 3 months, balance your pH and see how you feel. After you level off, you can create a new diet or juice fast, or keep it as it is with less and less hydrotherapy until you find your groove and balance. By balance, I mean with natural fresh foods, not junk supplements and starvation diets etc.

When you have completed your cleanse, focus on your pH, electrolytes, your flora with microbiotics, and your renal health for a further 3 months. After this, check your pH monthly as an early warning indicator of an imbalance either with your diet, or your general health or immune system. You can continue the hydrotherapy if you desire, but reduce this to every 3 to 6 months so your internal system continues to find its own balance rather than constantly playing catch up with your hydration and electrolytes and straining your kidneys unnecessarily. Some of this process will deplete your electrolytes, flora and put a temporary strain on your kidneys. It is very important you do continue the electrolytes and microbiotics in moderate doses for the following 3 months. If you discover you have parasites, and you did not get rid of them with 2 doses of whatever anti-parasite medication you try, do not keep taking the medications, you will harm your immune system and possibly your kidneys. You can look at a kit like this one that targets the small intestine with natural herbs and clay. You can also add as many jalapeno and habanero peppers with as much raw garlic as you can stand without harming your body. These are very effective at getting rid of many kinds of parasite infestations safely.

As it is above

truth seekerThe cleanse is a practical application of a hermetic law, the Law of Correspondence. When you clean out your gut, your mind will clear. Once you have gone through this process, the spirit will indeed recognize your level of commitment, and bring you more opportunities to learn, heal, discover, and enjoy. The medicines will work better, Reiki will work better, meditation will yield visions, your dreams will become more vivid and lucid. You will need less medicines to connect and open the chambers of your mind to the world above. There is a balance to be struck within the medicinal path as well. You will notice the experienced woodsman needs very little to kindle a fire, while the weekend warrior needs a liter of lighter fluid. It is the same with the medicine. There are supplements, herbs, medicines and fasts you can use to evoke a variety of the benefits I mentioned at the beginning of this article. However, if you can learn to balance your mind through this technique of cleansing and balance your chemistry with your nutrients effectively and consistently, you will find you either do not require these any longer, or much less of them. This is the balance between the medicine and the mind.

This cleanse is a type of fast. You are fasting from every single source of pathogen and acidic foods. Due to the level of toxicity in modern humans, it is unwise to fast completely because you need the food to keep cycling in your system like a pipe cleaner to remove the toxins faster or they will pool and renter the bloodstream and prolong the toxic effects. My longest water only fast was about 55 days and nights. The last 2 weeks were without water. I have had other fasts since then, one to two weeks with water only, and I have done a one month fresh juice only fast on more than one occasion with amazing results with respect to psychological, spiritual, intellect, health, and extended longevity.

Cleansing History

Some examples of the traditional fast / cleanse are still practiced today, albeit with modern adaptations that over the centuries may have lost touch with the entire reason behind the mechanics of this process. Ramadan is still practiced in all Muslim communities, it is a ritualistic process of fasting, but they still eat in the evenings which undermines the actual ritual and the process that Muhammad underwent to gain the insight to write the Quran. It’s more a celebration of the memory of the ritual than the actual ritual itself, it was not Muhammad’s intention to show people what he had been shown. The Vision Quest practiced by many North American Native tribes was a coming of age rite where the boy would go into the wilderness with nothing to fast, and return after two weeks or more a man, having been given a vision from the Great Spirit as a sign of his connection and purpose.

Many other tribes had variations of this rite, but the ritual purification cleanse was always at the center of them. Pagan, Christian, Hebrew, Rastafarian, Mormon, Buddhist, Tibetan Monks, Yogis, and sages all practiced this purification ritual, as would have those who wrote the words of the prophets. Moses and Jesus both fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. Buddha fasted extensively, and modern Buddhists have been known to fast on nothing but water for as long as 72 days.

Aside from the positive psychological and spiritual benefits, fasting has been endorsed by just about every medicine tradition (including modern medicine) for the health benefits it promises. If you looked up any reputable hospital records of a hundred years ago or more, and seen their prescriptions for all manner of illness, you would be surprised to find that whatever the disease was, fasting was always part of the prescription, one to four days usually.

Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, believed fasting enabled the body to heal itself stating, “Everyone has a doctor in him; we just have to help him in his work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. …to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness.” Paracelsus, another founder of modern medicine, wrote 500 years ago that “fasting is the greatest remedy, the physician within. Benjamin Franklin wrote, “The best of all medicines is resting and fasting.”

Jesus Christ is quoted in Matthew 6:16 – “When you fast, do not put on a sad face as the hypocrites do. They neglect their appearance so that everyone will see that they are fasting. I assure you, they have already been paid in full. When you go without food, wash your face and comb your hair, so that others cannot know that you are fasting – only your Father, who is unseen, will know. And your Father, who sees what you do in private, will reward you.”

Vegan Recipes

There are literally millions of vegan substitutes and recipes to ease you through the cleansing process and even make this a permanent life choice if you enjoy feeling as good as you do when your balanced and cleansed. I thought I would share a really enjoyable video to get you started. Going vegan doesn’t have to be some kind of punishment or starvation ritual. You can enjoy clean gourmet foods that rival and exceed anything you have grown accustomed to previously without feeling hungry or malnourished.

pH Food chart references

You can use your device to zoom in on the high resolution image below, or right click and “save as”. Although there are meat items listed in the chart below, all animal products are excluded from this cleanse due to the pathogens and poor body / mind chemistry associated with them.

alkaline food chart

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