John 15:5; Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.

In this section there are some brief examples of spiritualism I think you should be aware of. There is no need to present each and every faith, and each unique dogma associated with them. The word dogma means: unsubstantiated belief. Many online conspiracy theorists will have you believe Christians are following paganism, and witchcraft etc. They also go into great lengths in other theories that Masons and Illuminati are World_Religionsworshiping pagan gods, etc. What you need to be aware of, is the fact that they are all drawing on the same energies, and the same ancient parables and symbols. The Chinese, the Mayan, Ancient Egyptian, India, etc are all describing the very same events, and presenting the same parables in their own way. The curse of Babylon extends to religion as well. No one religion has a flawless dogma. Many religions tend to represent the parables as actual literal historical facts. Many religious orders still worship the places where God or some saint was known to have once been. But they are over looking one important fact. Where is the Creator right now? That’s the real question.

How is it that the catholic church, who has murdered millions of indigenous peoples who refused to believe as they did, who have themselves documented barbarically murdering more than 3 million woman as witches during the inquisition, still hold people’s reverence and respect? People generally seem to have a short memory, and those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. The governments since have noticed this trend of absolute willingness to go along with the popular trend, no mater how many are murdered in the name of it’s cause. Since mankind has been so willing to allow it’s self to be led by the most evil beings upon the planet with little or no resistance, they will inevitably look around and find themselves in its grip as well at a certain point. This is very similar to the frog in the pot symptoms that many people exhibit. This catholic church preys upon the confused, wolf-in-sheeps-clothingthe desperate, the sick, and most notably the children. Their dogma is ludicrous at best, and needs to be challenged, and thrown out entirely. Let us not forget the very recent transgressions upon the children by their pedophiles and the ensuing coverups all the way up to the pope, who did nothing for the children except apologize years after the fact. Modern christianity as a whole, is actually as far as you can get from the truth of our Creator.

Moving forward, this organization needs to be stripped of it’s funds, disbanded, and the funds need to be distributed to the rest of the world who starve each night quietly to death, while these self appointed “saviors” molest our children and drive the masses into ever lower levels spiritual poverty. The wealthiest country in all of the world is also the smallest, it is the vatican. They horde the world’s riches, the true knowledge, and abuse everything our Creator holds precious with every word out of their mouth, and with each deed they commit. These shall not be saved, and they have no salvation to offer. Those who had entrusted their salvation to them did so foolishly and blindly without evidence, because they were told no evidence was required, and blind faith was rewarded with empty platitudes. Any thief will tell you the same. The Creator is not dead, but this religion certainly is. A particular problem with many religions, similar to the problem with our governments, is that instead of expelling everyone in power at the end of a term, they just keep putting band-aids on the corruption and adding new members, while internally the cancer rots the organization to the core. Since such organizations are in the grips of this evil cancerous plague, we need to begin again, with something new.

The true path once you have discovered it, can be recognized by any third grade child. It is a simple path, and it offers evidence of our divinity each step of the way. The more complicated we become as independent thinkers, the more twists in our journey home. But don’t despair, and don’t search out each easy path. The further you have swam away from truth, the further it will be to swim back to the shore. But know there is a shore, and you are a divine spiritual being, having a human experience. Know there is nothing in your way that you cannot overcome. This is not a game being played with you, and the Creator is not going to bring you harm for it’s amusement. The largest obstacle in your path will be fear. This is real, a very real substance, and for a very good reason. However, by clearing your heart, and your conscience, you will be able to overcome this, and withstand it, so you can move through it. This is a test. Two basic emotions are within us, Love, and Fear. You are here in this life to learn to identify and cultivate Love, as well as neutralize and overcome fear.

To help you overcome this irrational fear, we have included many corrections to the curriculum you have been taught from early on in your personal development. We are giving you the keys to the chains Plato had mentioned in is allegory The Cave, and simply allowing you to unlock yourselves and head for the door to the prison you have been in since you were born into it. Go steadily into the light, and do not subscribe to any information you need to pay for, or any guide services who offer to help you interpret the world for you. The path to true illumination is littered with frauds who are very convincing, each having a piece of the truth, and promising more if you will follow them, if you will pay. Do NOT follow! This is a journey you will take on your own. You are not alone, but you must walk this path with your own legs.

Here is a short video to explain the context for these parables to some extent. There is a lot more to this than a single video. In our Gnostic section, we included one of the best videos around that incorporates a great deal of the decoded gnostic awareness for you to look over. This process can be unsettling for some people. The fear and guilt linked with stories of our Creator and his only son runs deep withing our society. But think about it rationally, do you believe that the Creator wants you to be afraid of it? Do this or else? Was one of the commandments to Fear Me?

Just because these ancient stories you were told when you were young are not as they were represented, does not mean you are now alone in the universe without any hope of salvation. It means the opposite actually. It means now you are going to be free of the false dogmas to discover the true nature and location of our Creator, so you can begin for the first time to have a personal connection and relationship with It. This is the goal of our collection of works here, to show you for certain, you are not alone. To teach you where to look, and to help you break the karmic cycle that you have been inside of for so long, and free yourself from all of this uncertainty once and for all.

The information in this site is designed to break the spell you have been under your whole life. This spell was described by Plato over a thousand years ago very well by his allegory The Cave. You can find this allegory in our Philosophy section. In our Shamanism section, we show you how to make a direct connection with the divine, how to open the door right up, and walk in. For those brave enough to make this journey, you will discover much. As for our Lost gospel section, I wanted to put forward some of the books banned by the established church, not because they were wrong, but because they were too close to the truth. The truth threatens the spell that is cast by the church with their false dogmas. The Book of Thomas is almost entirely a riddle. Can you read between the lines? The Book of Judas is an exercise of thought, could what it says be possible? Was the story of Judas and Jesus a parable? Is it less possible than anything else presented in ‘holy’ scriptures? The Book of Enoch tells a much more detailed story of the angels and the watchers than the church is willing to comment on. Read these Lost Gospels for yourself, just as an exercise in possibilities.