Unraveling Symbolic Ancient History

Architecture of Reality

Before we can speak or learn about topics such as history, we need to first agree upon the basics of information classification. Many people looking at the same things, see something different and do not communicate between one another, because the current system of information is very linear and materialist based. When studying non-linear and non materialist based topics, this simply will not do. People the world over are simply arguing about semantics and not actually sharing any meaningful information on many topics.

Let us begin with some standard guidelines. Hermetic philosophy teaches that all things are both true and untrue, depending upon where you observe from. Lets classify then truth. The absolute truth, and the relative truth are opposites of the same concept, truth. The absolute truth means that which is infallible at any level of awareness, all the way back to the beginning of creation, through every realm and plane of existence. The relative truth is relative to your current perspective only. Many like to believe their relative truth is absolute. Let me give an example: The absolute truth is that there is only one great mind. All we can observe and experience is a manifestation of its expression, all things, all beings, all our own thoughts, all books, songs, psalms etc were penned by the same hand. The relative truth, is I am an individual, and I just wrote this myself. From my perspective, both are true ideas, but one is a temporary illusion. As we move toward immaculate conception, the relative truths are replaced slowly with more absolute truths, until we are once again, back to One mind. Many of us are very determined to stay in completely relative spheres of consciousness, where we feel comfortable. Of course, it can be more than a little disconcerting to imagine that at some level, we do not actually exist as we thought we did.

These ancient mysteries deal in both the absolute understandings, and many levels of relative truths. We need to understand the difference with a certain amount of clarity. Each person has their own relativity to reality. This is like a fingerprint of consciousness. There are many degrees of relativity, and for each topic this is true, and for topics within topics as well. We know the same language, the same concepts etc, but the fingerprint of consciousness does not allow us to truly know what someone else is experiencing. One advantage in thinking the ancients had, was that they seemed to have an enlightened viewpoint, and not a mish-mash of ideas that cause so many differences among each other in the areas of communication. These people had an agreement about the architecture of consciousness, and so could communicate with far more potency than we do today.

Temple in Man

I have seen many who have claimed to rewrite history over the years, but most of these new theories have merely added to it, but not rewritten it. In nature, one can find representations of nearly everything we have created on earth. On occasion, we have actually received our insight from nature, and not just paralleled Her creations. The human form is a microcosm of the entire physical universe, and if one looks at the Temple of man in Egypt, then you can see the ancients completely understood this.

The eye of Horus is represented in the plant kingdom, the insect kingdom, the animal kingdom and in the human brain, and even in the cosmos. It can also be represented by the Fibonacci sequence in mathematics, the metaphysical pursuit of the path of enlightenment, and in a variety of allegories and mythology, including religion to this present day, I see this everywhere.

I see many recent discoveries as simply more parallel validation for work that has already been done, but most often these new discoveries are not the undoing of anything previously discovered. At best, all new discoveries are usually merely a facet of the entire topic that fits some classification defined earlier in this article. This macrocosm and microcosm are reflected in much of the amazing research by modern Egyptologists such as Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, and Robert Bauval. One key to their success is that they all understand the law of analogy, and the afore mentioned classifications of information very well. They also each were well aware of the work of René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz, who spent 12 years of his life decoding the Temple of Man ruins in Luxor.

Upper and Lower classes

Let us further divide information into two more categories, the Material (physical) and the Spiritual (metaphysical), and now let us divide information into two further categories, the common knowledge (the public) and the occult knowledge (the initiated). With these four categories in mind, let us then add back into the architecture the two types of truth, microcosmic (relative, subjective), and macrocosmic (absolute, objective). If we were to create a chart, it might be represented like this:

Plato’s allegory of the cave (ego)

  • microcosmic (relative, subjective)
  • Material (physical)
  • common knowledge (the public)

And the next level of awareness (enlightenment):

  • macrocosmic (absolute, objective)
  • Spiritual (metaphysical)
  • occult knowledge (the initiated)

Each list corresponded to one half of the human brain, the top three are left brained conceptions, the bottom three concepts are right brained constructs. To learn, use three techniques, know nothing for the moments you are taking in the information, be comfortable, and have a distinct interest in the subject matter, or wait until you do if you are distracted. A very good example of this concept will be found within my Ark of the Covenant articles. I have two sections of this website, each dedicated to on half of the brain. The Subjects link in the main menu bar is for topics that engage the left hemisphere, and the Spirituality link is devoted entirely to topics which engage the right hemisphere of the brain. The article in which I document how to make of the Ark of the Covenant is of the mechanical variety left brained exercises, and the article about the philosophical decoding of the Ark of the Covenant is about the underlying spiritual allegory of which the scripture is actually referring to. Through these two exercises, I have discovered everything I wanted to know about the ancient relic, and I didn’t need to leave the continent. This type of research is essential to have a balanced perspective of the facts behind this ancient mystery, and is a good model for future explorations. There are always at least two distinct sides to the story.

Why is this always the case? Because there are two truths that are dispensed by the Creators, one for the cave dwellers, and one for the surface dwellers. Nature, which they have also created does the same thing, as does mathematics and language, naturally. The ancients also encoded their works with dual meaning, one for the public, and quite another for the initiates. Spirituality and materialism are two opposite ends of the same concept, awareness. One of the fundamental Hermetic laws, is dualism also known as polarity and analogy.

Context (latin: “with text”)

This multi-level conception of apprehension is required for one to observe the marriage of all seemingly different points of view. As one shifts their awareness, and becomes acutely aware of this higher state of comprehension, all of the puzzle pieces slide into place effortlessly. If one ony has only 5 / 6 ths of the thesis, the other missing piece can be extrapolated simply by observing the shape of the hole it leaves in the great puzzle, and thus be discovered or at least conceived relatively easily. If you are building a puzzle, it’s just a matter of time once you know its shape. This complete muliti-level comprehension is known as Revelation, Enlightenment, Transcendence (trance-end). This process begins by organizing what is already in your mind, not continuously adding new information for which one has not developed a proper cataloging system. Without this system in place, adding new information into your mind, is like tossing books upon the floor of a great room into a great pile and calling it a library. Self titled intellectuals get together and compare, to see who’s pile is better, bigger, and its all of little use. What good is all of this text, if all of the information is out of context!


The idea of relative truth is simple enough to read and comprehend, however, much of the actual meaning gets left on the page, because it is not internalized.People can understand what I am saying, yet still not realize fully the nature of relative information. Allow my to be very clear with what I am saying. about the difference in truths. The absolute truth is very simple, yet it has little use in most relative conversations. An example of the absolute truth of the universe is this: There is just one mind here. All we see and experience is an expression of this one mind, and all is connected. There is not a lot to discuss at this level, all is one, and all is known. Most other truths are sub truths of this absolute understanding. Every other topic is to some degree relative. The degree of relativity within the belief of an individual is in most cases quite unique. Although you may be observing the very same thing or topic, how you perceive this depends upon your unique belief structure, which depends largely upon your unique experiences, and is entirely contained and limited by your level of awareness, which is also relative for the same reasons.

Awareness is one’s ability to perceive the absolute. Belief, divided by experience, multiplied by comprehension equals awareness. To be able to communicate at a higher level, one needs to understand that each person is within a relative sphere of truth. There are many relative truths, which could be called theories, hypothesis, or beliefs. How tightly one holds these relative ideas depends upon one’s personality, or ego which has been shaped by experience. If one person wants to communicate an idea to another person, it can become difficult when one believes they already know, and the other takes a more cautious approach and holds all they know as a working hypothesis.

Spheres of truth can not be mixed directly. Information taken out of context becomes gibberish. Even if you have an absolute truth, it does not mean that you can communicate, or that it is relevant in a relative scenario. If you go into a store, and take an item from the shelf, and proceed to leave with it, letting the clerk know that all is one thing, and we should share with one another, then attempt to leave without paying for this item, you will find out pretty quickly, that the clerk has a different opinion. So, what is the issue, if this idea of oneness truly is absolute? You cannot mix spheres of truth, without a common denominator. What then is the common denominator in this scenario? Money. If you wrote a book, or give lectures on the ideology of oneness, and you can successfully put this into a useful relative perspective for others, then some will agree with this concept, and out of gratitude they may share with you their money, at least a little bit of it. If enough of them do this, then this accumulates. Assuming it is in your pocket, or in a bank, then this can then be used to acquire said item in the store for an agreed upon price. This is a silly example to illustrate the really obvious fact that spheres of truth cannot be mixed, or the communication does not make sense.

Very often, and very subtly, spheres of truth are being mixed within debates, and neither party seems to realize where the breakdown occurs. In addition, with respect to spiritual communication, which target one’s belief structure, this is being used to manipulate the less aware. This is also used in sales to manipulate the buyer. For instance, someone trying to convert you might ask you with a kind smile in a gentle tone, “You love baby Jesus, right?” and you may reply “of course!” Then they may proceed to tell you that if you love Jesus, you should be a member of their group, which will then require you to convert others in the same manner, and donate 10% of your income to them. One thing, has nothing to do with the other, at all. There are even more subtle ways of manipulation I don’t need to go into, you get the point of manipulation.. I hope.

The actual point I am coming to is just about simple exchanging of ideas with no underlying manipulation or motive so two relative individuals can find a reliable method of freely communicating and understanding one another. Since each of you have but one facet of the truth of any one topic or idea or belief, then you possess only a fraction of the total absolute understanding of a topic. If you want to possess more than you currently have, you need to treat the idea mathematically. Since you are dealing in fractions, you must first find all the common relevant denominators in the equation, on both sides (why do you believe an idea, and how do you arrive at your conclusion, and is it a conclusion, or are you open to new information, etc.). Once you have all the common denominators worked out, provided the ego does not interfere, then you can begin to add relevant information to one another, without needing to constantly deflect each others relative gibberish and end the communication in frustration, or with flawed equations.

Hidden illness

Materialists may say they believe in God, but clearly only to a certain point. They quite easily catalog any kind of spiritual teaching into the realm of mythology, and discard it’s importance and tend to ignore the symbolic nature of the essence of the message being passed. Those who cannot tell the microcosm from the macrocosmic implications, or the allegory from the literal texts, cannot communicate or learn history properly. People such as this are learning impaired, and are comparable to an autistic person, if not actually autistic. It seems in pure frustration, this type of autism seeks out opponents to communicate with, and masquerades their intentions as an exchange of ideas, or debate, but is actually looking for friction to vent their frustration of being trapped within a two dimensional left brained construct. This may sound a little harsh, however, a definition of psychopath, is one who attaches significance, to insignificant things, ideas, or actions. If the entire physical world is more or less a hologram of sorts, wouldn’t that mean that by modern psychiatry’s own definition, more than half of the human race are psychopaths?

How does one begin to cure this type of dyslexia or autism or whatever you want to call it? Perhaps articles like this will begin to help. Basically, one needs to destroy certain beliefs, and or face certain fears that prevent them from crossing over into the other hemisphere of awareness. Ego death is the term, although it doesn’t describe the process quite accurately. The ego is immortal, nearly. It will be with you until you leave here. If you succeed in killing it, it is merely suspended while it reboots. During this reboot one will begin to experience for the first time, a small piece of objective reality. As the ego reboots, some of the system information has changed in the basic input output system, or B.I.O.S. of one’s consciousness (fundamental believe structure) and as the ego comes back online, the person will now be able to experience a much more heightened awareness, and a better connection with the right half of the brain than they were ever able to than before. There are a number of ways one can cause this ego death to occur, meditation, entheogens, trauma and fasting. The following articles are based upon topics that describe this method of safely achieving temporary ego death:


The very next level of evolution is mental, which transforms physical. Any and every being that evolved before us, ahead of us has experienced this transformation. Any advanced civilization knows the source of creation, and has the ability to tap the collective awareness of all of creation. There are many many arguments about specific points taken out of context because they are not yet aware of the aforementioned architecture of reality. Once a person learns to perceive and classify information properly, they can see that all of these points have merit, and they can see the larger context of all of it. Nearly all sides of these alien debates are correct, and nearly all of them are incorrect. This is because they are all valid pieces of the puzzle, which is not so puzzling when the straight edges have been completed to provide the framework.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos from the ancient astronauts camp has many valid arguments, of the left brained variety. I am just going to bring up one topic, gold. Yes, we were put here to mine for gold by those who have engineered us into existence. Alchemy describes this pursuit in relative concepts, and most of you are aware by now that alchemy is a physical pursuit that is mirrored by spiritual evolution, and is the initiation into the aforementioned architecture of reality method of conception, also called in some scripture immaculate conception.

People who subscribe to Giorgio’s theories hook line and sinker are materialists. Only left brained thinkers who know there is something out there, but cannot conceive of what form it may take, think that aliens are going to land and recover their lost children. If in fact these physical manifestations of aliens did land and recover their children, they would just deposit them on some other rock deep in space to go back into the mines, to see who among them might eventually evolve over time. People who argue that everything was manifested by God with no physical precursors are right brained thinkers. Although infinity will be conceived through access to the right brain, to actually behold the truth, one needs to see both sides, and reconcile the paradoxes that are appearing before them, and not just take a side. When the heart is weighed against the feather in the Egyptian book of the dead, it must be neither too heavy (materialist left brained) nor too light (spiritual right brained). There must be reconciliation, and balance. If you want to present an argument, you are already wrong, you need to present a reconciliation of two sides. Two half truths don’t make a complete truth, if they are both left brained, or both right brained aspects of a larger pattern.

Some one sided arguments are just invalid, because they are not based on evidence or facts, they are based upon misclassification of other facts that have lead to assumption.

  • Aliens will land..    No, aliens never left. They are ever present, and lower consciousness doesn’t perceive them.
  • Aliens built some or all of the megaliths..    No, an older version of the human race built them who had taken their mental evolution to the next level, they had learned the art of mind over matter and have since begun again.
  • Aliens have hidden bases here and there..   They are everywhere, and they are hidden by the human level of awareness.
  • Aliens are going to save us..    No, each of you will be given an opportunity to save yourselves as you gain enlightenment.
  • Aliens are all kind, or all malevolent..   Both are true, and both are false. There are two sides, the light and the dark. Each serves their purpose. The combination of the two sides facilitates this entire physical reality.
  • Aliens walk among us..  This is also true and false. The human body is a physics based hologram. When we come here, we all wear one, so we may learn to see each other as equals. Many of us are all different alien races disguised as humans, and subject to the same rules, karma, consequences and opportunity for initiation.
  • God is not the alien.. you are the guest in your own home.


Of course there is a conspiracy at foot, but its not how you might imagine. Our perceptions have been chained to this rock, the third rock from the sun into the physical plane of existence. Our creators have facilitated this scenario, because of our collective past hubris. All other conspiracies are what are best termed instruments. All other conspiracies are sub-conspiracies of this one simple concept. To be allowed to rise in consciousness has been only for the hand selected chosen few for a very long time, who in turn became other types of instruments. In 2012 this long standing exile changed with the close of the cycle of the age of darkness. What does that mean? Slowly, almost imperceptibly the doors to the Kingdom have been steadily opening, and wave after wave of people are becoming aware. Some by meditation, by entheogens, and for others they just naturally have been beginning to receive gifts of higher consciousness. This shift is very subtle, and the ham-fisted left brained types will not achieve it. The airy fairy right brained individuals will not have the necessary grounding to navigate it properly, and they will not achieve it either. If you should feel that you are waiting for a sign, for someone to invite you personally to experience your creators, you can consider this a personal invitation, from me to you, to learn where you come from, and learn the rest of what will be required for you to make it back home. In the end, all of history, is His story, the story about an omnipotent being, and His great struggle to raise his divine family, in the best possible way. If it all seems so very convoluted, well it was necessary. It is not easy raising an infinite family of immortal beings you know.

You might be wondering, just why I find this all so important. What is my interest, in what you think? I have no dependents, I don’t sell my philosophical writing. I don’t believe in preachers, I’m not starting my own religion, I am absolutely no one to nearly everyone. Then why is this so important to communicate these ideas to you? Because, I have seen the difference, in how things are, and how they could be. I can also see the reasons behind it. I see those who could do something, doing nothing. I know how this began, and how it ends, and I see where we are, between those points. A critical sub-conspiracy, is the united coordinated effort to remove any sovereignty that is currently left of every individual, if for no other reason, than to keep people deprived, permanently. I see the FDA outlaw cures, and placate to the tobacco companies and monsanto.

In just a couple of more decades, the human genome will be so degenerated by geoengineered crops, and cancer will be experienced by every single one. This place is rapidly becoming a death camp for the mentally maladapted. Those that fancy themselves intellectuals, often bring nothing but arguments to the table and debate nothing but semantics. Any who might bring some level of insight into the light are often ridiculed and excluded from any and every opportunity to bring any real or effective solutions to the table. Apparently the masses are no longer fit to vote, and there is not a candidate among the elect fit to lead. Take a good look around you, this is your inheritance from your parents. Believe it or not, this is all up to you, and me to be the change we want to see in the world. If I could find the words.. the right ones I once thought I could make them all listen.

When I finally did find the right words, the truth, the insights, and the distillation of both, I also was quickly made aware it’s not going to be that easy to impart this understanding. Many people just don’t want to hear it. Perhaps the biggest conspiracy is instead all of those who refuse to listen. An organized mob mixed with apathy and zealots who only wish to be told, that which they want to hear, and argue at any price as long as the balance is not collected today. It is mankind who have turned their backs upon each other, and clicked on the T.V. to escape reality, as their elected officials work furiously to seal their doom. Hubris (ego) is the biggest conspiracy facing mankind right now, because all the information in the world, does not resolve it, it just makes it bigger. The master conspiracy regarding your origin and illusion cannot even be addressed through the filters of the collective ego.

  • Resolve your ego
  • Discover your origin
  • Reclaim your sovereignty

and in that order, each of you, or there will be personal permanent consequences. History will most certainly be repeated, and in the distant future, there will be a new race headed by pompous elitist self proclaimed intellectuals arguing amongst themselves whether we even existed at all.

Did I mention, going onto facebook, and reposting memes is not what I would consider being of any value to anyone anywhere?

Hints, allegations, and things left unsaid

  • The Egyptian book of the dead is an archetype of both death, and enlightenment, the two concepts are the same with one difference. The enlightened do not die the same. They are released from the karmic cycle of reincarnation to explore infinity. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.
  • There is no such thing as good karma, or even bad karma. Karma simply means, lack of understanding.
  • All mythology teaches relevant spiritual lessons by way of allegory.
  • Enlightenment does not equate to impoverished, or suffering, or preaching. To make the correct and noble choice in a given situation, for the reason of the understanding of the concept of unity, is to make the enlightened decision.
  • Manage one’s own affairs, not the affairs of the others, no matter who they are to you. God does not require representation, the entire universe, seen and unseen is its reflection. Those who have eyes to see, let them see. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.
  • All information, mathematical, geometrical, and language, has more than one context. An obvious one, and a hidden one. Both meanings are implied, as are all associated concepts. These concepts can all be reduced back to one simple topic at hand, Transcendence.
  • They keys to your personal enlightenment, are hidden from you, both within you, and within others. It is your objective to discover them, and in doing so, help others discover their own.

This one simple document can be used as the Occam’s razor of historical interpretation which reconciles most modern and ancient theories and paradoxes. It also exposes the popular misguided assumptions based in misclassification of information. However, it is said, that inception is impossible, that one cannot convince anyone of anything, that you have to burn to learn. Is this true? You decide, the pen is in your own hand, and you are all drawing your own conclusions.

The best outcome occurs when the individual does what is best for themselves, and the group. ~ John Nash

Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them. ~ Albert Einstein

There is a relationship between conduct, and consciousness; you cannot become great, without first becoming good. ~ Manly P. Hall