Everyone here.. has experienced an awakening. Some call this a force. However, do not think all awakenings are the same. Another word for this awakening, an older and more accurate word is Resurrection. To release the Kundalini, one must prepare for years, centuries. The final preparations are completed within one final lifetime usually. This process is NOT simple, even when you think you have arrived. At every level, there are beings, signs and portents that tell you that you have arrived. This is the false light. It convinces us with the help of our ego, who is our sworn enemy in this process, that we are Resurrected. Many children of the light, light workers, indigo children and so called gurus, and masters are not truly enlightened, but in the middle. Once you are completely convinced that you have achieved this awakening, you are truly lost. Why? Because you stop searching. Most begin teaching.. teaching others how to get lost too. Teaching others how to follow them as some kind of fleshy messiah. Beware. The Kundalini frees the master and enslaves the fool. The fool never even knows it.. blissfully about to step off the edge like some stupid misguided hippie. When you finally get it all figured out.. your toast.