In this section I would like to address a couple of mathematical principles that have been overlooked by the regular school systems. There is an underlying pattern found in mathematics and geometry that extends into all of nature, art, music, architecture, human beings and the cosmos themselves. The principals I am referring to are intimately interlaced. They are called the Fibonacci sequence, and the Golden ratio. Simply put, the first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are O and 1, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two. What follows is not complex, it is the simple story of O and 1. The symbol O is the only symbol that exists in our alphabet that represents both a number and a letter. One could imagine that phi might be an expression of the intersection where language meets mathematics, or the left and right sides of the brain. The symbol that represents the characters in this story is ϕ , also known as Phi. You might call this story The Life of Phi. The ancient Greek word for Philosophy is spelled ΦιλοσοΦία. If you will notice, the character that represents Phi, is in that word twice. Once for each eye. It would seem that the authors of the language left clues of where the answers to the deeper mysteries may be found, embedded right in plain sight the entire time.

ie: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, …

This pattern is one of which has been endlessly repeating in our mathematics, geometry, art and music for as long as we have been creating art and making our calculations, for as long as this reality, this plane of existence has existed in fact. The elites have always been aware of this feature of mother nature. The general population is not aware of this consciously. But subconsciously, it is recognized and appreciated by everyone. Our brains are pre-programed and based on such geometry and mathematics to appreciate and replicate this pattern until we become consciously aware of it, and begin to question it’s presence, hence the term, phi-loso-phy. The Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio are truly the most well kept secrets of the vine hidden for all to see for all of time. In the faery-tale Jack and the beanstalk, there is a great vine, at the very top of which there is a giant who utters phe – phi – pho – phum, which seems to be yet another piece of literature encoded with this secret. It is only very recently that software has been made public that discovers Fibonacci patterns in the stock markets and attempts to forecast the future markets based on charting the same pattern as was portrayed in the movie Cosmopolis. If you were to google phi sorority, you would come up with dozens of private higher educational institutions who have been aware of this principal for their entire existence.

The number 9 is also fundamentally linked with the series. There is also a direct correlation between the shape of the Fibonacci spiral, and the shape of the symbols 9 and 6 as well. We can see this was deliberate by design when the shape of these symbols were being determined.

The golden ratio appears when you divide one number in the Fibonacci series by the one before it. This number varies slightly until the 13th Fibonacci number in the series, then it becomes a constant 1.618 for each Fibonacci number after that. The ancient builders of the pyramids knew this, and they have also encoded Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio into their design of the great pyramid as well.

When you look over these videos and conduct your own personal research into this phenomenon, it is easy to realize that our creator has clearly left it’s fingerprint upon our universe, and upon us as well. There are yet undiscovered applications of the Fibonacci series in medicines, chemistry and science. The fact that these disciplines do not co-operate very well tends to delay the advancement of our understandings and ability to practically apply our current knowledge properly. The Fibonacci sequence is a link, that connects other scientific disciplines, and all of the natural universe directly to us, and to our creator as well. When the chemists begin look to the astrologers for assistance with patterns they are finding in the laboratory, then mankind will truly begin realize what is meant by the universal law of analogy, as it is above, so it is below.

fibonacci animationThe common hurricane, the galaxies, the sunflower, black holes, and even our own DNA all share a common pattern as demonstrated by Leonardo Da Vinci in much of his work. The Fibonacci sequence can be rightly called the true Da Vinci Code, for he used this in nearly all of his creations, to illuminate what was currently known only to scholars of his time. These Fibonacci designs were repeated and exploited in many of Leonardo’s inventions, and almost all of his artwork.

Tesla, NikolaNikola Tesla had once remarked, “it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.” This wheelwork of nature can today be represented by a pinwheel. We have had this knowledge for a very long time, but we still have yet to apply it mechanically.

If you will notice in this funny picture of Nikola Tesla, his chair back is adorned with Fibonacci encoded artwork, and the lion on the top. Is this a mere coincidence, or was he trying to tell us something deeper? Nikola had realized something clearly early on in his life. Mankind was in an unconscious state, and in no condition to be comprehending the deeper mysteries of the cosmos. In order that we did not destroy ourselves before we were matured as a species, Tesla held back much of his true cosmic discoveries, even in death. But he did leave us many clues, for those who cared to look, and had eyes to see. The father of modern radio and ac electricity had an uncanny abundance of insight during his lifetime. He seemed to be able to extrapolate much of Mother nature’s deeper secrets based on the patterns he had discovered, more so than any scientist since. It’s also noteworthy that both Tesla, and John Nash had a strong fascination with pigeons and the underlying mathematical patterns they seemed to exhibit.

The Fibonacci spiral can also be found in the many different mushroom varieties across our planet. Some of which, currently called magic mushrooms, when ingested reveal amazing geometry and doorways to other dimensions that are normally unavailable to us. However, it is very interesting to note that there are receptors in our brains which were designed to work with the vision inducing alkaloids. Some of these magic species even grow in the shape of the Fibonacci spiral pattern in the grass. It would seem that these mathematical principals cross dimensions as well, and come from a dimension which was here before the physical universe was inhabited by us in this current physical form. Perhaps mankind will one day follow this trail back across that bridge and discover who and what awaits our return on that golden distant shore. The sacred Peyote cactus also grows according to Fibonacci patterns as well, and offers the same bridge to that higher awareness.

Mushroom cloudRather than attune our current machinery to the natural mathematical order of things, mankind has found it easier and more profitable to blindly go against nature’s laws and gather energy from the friction. This type of behavior tends to be destructive, and non renewable. If this current pattern of destruction continues, the Fibonacci patterns in the mushroom cloud of atomic weapons will be the conclusion of that equation. Each of us has a responsibility to the others to use our mind responsibly and learn to create. We will all live, and die, but in the end, was the sum of our lifetime greater than the sum of the parts it requisitioned to create it? We will each draw our own conclusions, figuratively, and literally. What do I mean, literally? Well, each of us is drawing our conclusion/ending toward us with each breath and with each choice. How does your book end? The pen is in your hand.

From the natural bow in the palm frond, to the lock of hair on the head of a human being, the Golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence pervades nearly everything we admire, and everything in this dimension. The greatest innovators and scientists, beauties and artists of our time use this measure in their craft in every possible configuration and expression. I touch upon this design repeatedly in nearly all of the other sections, I just wanted to make a formal introduction to this concept and it’s variety of implications in this section.