Bootstrap Theory

String theory, quantum mechanics, M theory, Bootstrap theory and so on are all branches of the same tree. Just as M theory reconciled the differing string theorem of the time into one unifying theory of everything, let us tentatively refer to this union I am speaking of as the Omega theory, or the trunk of this tree of knowledge. Each of these theories is thought to be simply an explanation of the microscopic universe, and excludes large clusters of matter such as us, and our observable environment. It is said that these strings, or membranes are among the smallest building blocks of the universe. Since science has determined that string theory and M theory cannot be tested or measured, they are rather limited to theories. However, with the advent of M theory, which stands for membrane theory, the entire microscopic world became theoretically quite large. The strings size was thought to be limited to the size of a tree, if the entire visible universe were to represent a single atom. However, in M theory, this string can be stretched into a membrane, the size of anything, as big as a universe.. and bigger.

This makes these strings both the smallest, and the largest building blocks of the universe at the same time. If a scientific theory such as M theory cannot be proven, it is then described as a philosophy, and not science. Mathematicians and scientists don’t like this, they don’t want to risk their careers upon so called nonsense. The irony is this, by using Hermetic Philosophic Principals, we can begin to re examine some of these conclusions. Previous unifying theories of everything only unify what is thought of as the 4 primal forces of nature, Gravity, Electromagnetism, Strong Nuclear, and Weak Nuclear. However, this is a model that will be outgrown because it is a very low bar set by science when it was still in its infancy. The true unifying theory of everything will reconcile all scientific theorem, including geology, philosophy, religion, and even the nature consciousness itself.


I focus upon two different points, or current theories known as the bootstrap theory, and entanglement as intersections of great interest in order to help explain the Omega Theory. We need to assume that if both theories are to be true, that they are both in action at the same time, all the time, and thus part of the whole picture. Bootstrap theory is also known as causal loop theory. This put simply states that a future version of an object travels back in time to effect itself in the past, and that the origin of the initial action is unknown. Let us take this idea a step further and assume that instead of an object, an action, or a decision would also experience the same effect.

Lets now add entanglement to this equation. Entanglement is a quantum principal that states that two particles that are created at the same time are connected by “entanglement” and they communicate to each other across possibly infinite distances faster than the speed of light and mirror the state of the other. These twin particles are called quantum bits. Science doesn’t know what the connection is made of, or just how it works. I believe that this connection is resolved by M theory, that these twin particles are connected by a membrane, and are in fact contained within a membrane.

Gemini Twins

Photon particles exhibit a very interesting behavior in the twin slit experiment that is associated with entanglement. If the experimenter observes the photons during the experiment, they behave mechanically as one might expect, as a physical particle. If the experimenter does not observe the experiment, only the results, then these photons act like waves and are found in very unexpected places where a particle could not physically travel. In other words, if we are not looking at photons, they are a wave, and not solid physical particles. Here is the fun part, if the photons are observed after they pass the twin slits but not before, they seem to travel back in time, and change from what would have been a wave, back into a particle. This brings the bootstrap theory into the equation. This also suggests something that science is overlooking, but philosophy has not.

This twin slit experiment suggests that our consciousness is one of these missing dimensions proposed by string and membrane theory. This also proposes another generally unthinkable possibility, that our consciousness is directly linked to time, as well as our perception and physical measurable experience of it. Can one then draw a hypothesis that our mind is a time machine? Here is how I interpret this data: Consciousness, or mind is outside of time and space, which means time and space is a construct within mind. Science is still deliberately ignoring the medium in which their 4 so called fundamental forces reside within, and possibly the medium in which consciousness resides within as well.

Copy & Paste

In M theory is is proposed that many parallel membranes may reside next to one another. It is also proposed that if one were to collide with another, they may in fact exchange information, or even duplicate themselves. This provides an alternative for the big bang theory. An empty membrane can become stretched to the size of a pre-existing universe, and then collide with it briefly, and inherit a near identical copy of a previously formed universe instantly. This is kind of like a copy and paste function within a modern computer. This brings me to the quantum Many Worlds Theory. In this theory it is proposed that every single possibility of every decision that could be made is made in alternate parallel timelines. This theory makes very good use of the membranes and the time dimensions, assuming time is just another dimension in an infinite universe. If the universe is indeed within a membrane, then this can be viewed as another one of the missing dimensions proposed by M theory, and the same goes for strings which have been theoretically, though possibly not completely replaced by membranes with M theory.

So now we possibly have Consciousness, Membrane, Length, Width, Height, and Time. If this is true, then can consciousness be divided into sections like space is? Could these divisions be Emotion, Choice, Observation and belief? That totals 10 of the 11 dimensions proposed by M theory. If it were all as simple as this, and there were just one dimension left, could we assume it may be the container that contains them all? If this is so, then what would this container consist of and what would be its motivating force? Let me take one further leap, and call this container God, and let me borrow from the hermeticists who call this container The Reason, and let us assume the motivating force behind this phenomenon is simply Love.

Dimensions of Reality

  1. God
  2. Consciousness
  3. Emotion
  4. Choice
  5. Observation
  6. Belief
  7. Membrane
  8. Time
  9. Length
  10. Width
  11. Height

When each dimension is multiplied by each other, this equation = Reality.

It is above, so it is below

It is said that we are made in the image of our creator. Let us assume that Hermetic Principals are at play, and as it is above, so it is below, and the microcosm, us, is a reflection of the Grand Design. Let us also assume polarity is at play as hermetic philosophy and entanglement theory also suggest. If this is the truth of things, as I have suggested, as string theorists have suggested, as hermetic philosophy, alchemy and scripture have suggested, then the nature of our reality becomes much more simple, because the paradoxes have been reconciled.

Let us assume that there would be absolute membranes, containing relative membranes. Let us assume many worlds theorem is correct, but let us complete the thought by saying that if there are duplicate worlds it stands to reason that the entire universe is duplicated. The membrane, or universe that we appear to share then, is not exactly shared. We are one being in billions of places, because if my last choice just made a copy of you, and everyone else, and on and on.. then you are either my prisoners, kidnapped from your own realities, or you are different aspects of myself. This seems to fit the scriptures perfectly that describe us as an image of our creator. Its not that God looks like a man, it is that man is an entire universe constructed of the choices he or she has made. Changes within your relative membranes will effect the entire universe. The decisions made by you determine which parallel reality your current relative awareness has navigated into. So, if consciousness is outside of this physical construct, outside of time and space, it is not beside it, time and space are within it. If the choices you make determine the nature of this reality and entire universe you are experiencing, and your awareness is inside of time, yet you also exist beyond that, then you are currently within your own past, shaping your future with each thought. We are one being, in our own past, making choices to see if we negate our own very existence or not.


This is where the bootstrap or causal loop theorem comes into play, and how its paradoxes are reconciled. I have used no new information to construct this theory, I have simply assembled ideas that science has long understood, yet refused to connect due to their current method of thinking. The Omega theory simply put is this: You are the time machine. If you re examine all scripture, that which has not been manipulated by later priests fort their various monetary and political agendas, you can see that science and scripture are quite possibly saying the exact same things, but from a different perspective. This is the only theory that I know of which uses modern science to connect all things. I do imagine that there are more complexities than I have mentioned, and that the dimensions I have listed may in fact not be all there is, or possibly out of order, and even replaceable by more scientific terms in the future. In all my research on these topics for two decades, I have yet to find any authentic scripture, or science that unequivocally disproves any of what I just proposed however.

If the reason is indeed simply Love, then what is really going on here in the physical plane of existence? Our creator is creating children, and this is a family of multi dimensional time traveling immortals that are vastly more complex then they were led to believe. The entire physical reality could be viewed as the womb. We are children who have not even been born into the objective reality yet. Some negate their existence, and never emerge, while others transcend this plane and become born into the infinite planes of existence where by they become eternal connected to the one great mind.

Thunder, Perfect mind is an ancient manuscript that indicates that the ancient peoples of this place had a very fundamental understanding of quantum mechanics, and the bootstrap theory.

The Omega Theory is the Occam’s Razor of the variety of universal theorem.