I would like to share a wonderful plant extraction method that utilizes no toxic chemicals.

McKenna Tek

This is the McKenna Tek for DMT extraction using ancient Egyptian food safe ingredients

This particular tek is a relatively simple method for the extraction of DMT, N,N-Dimethyltryptamine from any plant source which contains the spirit molecule.
This specific tek is named after the brother to Terence McKenna who has been successfully decoding some of the secrets of the ancient Egyptian plants.

tree of life It is Dr Dennis McKenna’s hypothesis that the ancient Egyptian tree of life was in fact an Acacia tree, otherwise known as Mimosa Hostiles. This image depicts the Pharaoh standing in the center of the tree, as the God Thoth writes his name in the book of life. The Goddess Isis, and the God Osiris await the Pharaoh on the other side of the tree.

Dr Dennis McKenna, brother of the late Terence McKenna, hypothesizes that this Egyptian tree of life is indeed an Acacia tree which contains 1 – 2% DMT within its rootbark, and 0.02% (same as Phalaris) within it’s stems.


There are some who say that the level of technological advancement required to perform a pure DMT extraction was beyond the abilities of the ancient Egyptians. I think these people forget that the ancient culture we now call Egypt, was known in ancient times as the land of Khem the Father of modern science and chemistry, from which even the very word chemistry was handed down to us. Given all of these ancient people’s various known feats of engineering, chemistry and wine making, along with their known interest in many different varieties of entheogens and spiritual essence, I feel this is a very narcissistic assumption, and this specific tek proves that is the case beyond a doubt.

Today, if one performs a quick search online, they can find thousands of teenagers who have mastered a variety of methods for this simple type of extraction, which is incidentally used for thousands of different types of extracts of DMT, LSA, galantamine, and harmalas from a huge variety of source plant materials. Any kid can do this, I am quite certain the ancient Egyptian priests, pharmacists and scientists had a good grasp of this simple A/B plant extract concept as well.

Since Dr Dennis McKenna is not living in a country where DMT extraction is legal, this tek will show you how to extract nearly pure DMT from Mimosa Hostiles Root Bark (MHRB) by using only 3 chemicals that can be produced in nature, and were definitely well known to the ancient Egyptians to prove Graham’s theory is very plausible from a scientific point of reference. The byproduct of this extraction yields a powerful burn cream known to the ancients, and still used today in Latin America called Tepezcohuite.


  • Mimosa Hostiles Root Bark
  • Vinegar
  • Sodium Carbonate (combined limestone + sea salt or burned seaweed ash)
  • Isopropyl Alcohol

Substitutions may include:

  • Acacia Root Bark / Other DMT bearing plants
  • Lemon/lime juice
  • Ethanol Alcohol


The tools used are more modern than the Egyptians used, and you may substitute for whatever is convenient.

  • Aviation snips to cut the rootbark into tiny pieces that can be then pulverized by a household blender.
  • A Vitamix blender to powder the root bark, and also to mix the dried basified product with alcohol.
  • A colander to sift the powder from the fibers after pulverizing the bark chips.
  • A stainless deep dish frying pan or pressure cooker to simmer the rootbark as it is acid cooked. (NO ALUMINIUM!)
  • A cookie sheet to dry the basified rootbark mixture.
  • A mason jar to hold the basified rootbark as the alcohol absorbs all the alkaloids and fats.
  • A pyrex cake tray to evaporate the initial alcohol pull.
  • A shot glass to dissolve the wax from the initial alcohol pull.
  • A separatory flask to allow the fats and the calcium carbonate to separate from the final product.
  • Another shot glass to evaporate the final alcohol from the separated final product.
  • A variety of funnels for safely transferring mixtures.
  • A variety of syringes for transferring the purified liquids.
  • A scale to measure the rootbark and sodium carbonate.
  • A hotplate with a water bath to enhance the transfer of the alkaloids into the alcohol.
  • Ph strips.
  • Dust mask.
  • Safety glasses.


The goal of this extraction is to extract a variety of psychedelic substances such as:


while using only food safe chemicals that were available to the ancient Egyptians.

My personal goal is to raise your awareness about how to make all kinds of medicines from very natural sources, and perhaps even assist you in regaining sovereignty over your own consciousness through the creation and proper use of entheogens.

First things first

The first obstacle to tackle is usually obtaining the rootbark. This is best done through a reputable online vendor, and commonly is sent to the receiver as wood chips, which helps it clear customs. It is perfectly legal to buy and posses, however, this does not stop customs officials from routinely interfering with international shipments. This material is sometimes shipped as clothing dye, or bark mulch etc. Try to find a discrete source within your own country to avoid this hassle.

So, now you find yourself with a little bag of wood chunks. The second obstacle then becomes how to make these wood chips into a useable fine powder. You must first cut these chips into small pieces that a household blender can handle. Do not skip this step, or bye bye blender. Do not use scissors, they are not tough enough. Do not use a coffee grinder, or it will disintegrate the gears and other plastic parts. Do not believe teks that tell you you don’t need to make it into powder. If you don’t, your yield will be so low, there will be absolutely no benefit.


This tek requires:
100 grams of rootbark (Jumera/Mimosa/Acacia)
100 grams of Sodium Carbonate
1/2 liter of bottled water
5 tablespoons of vinegar
2 liters of alcohol (Everclear 95%)
2 ph strips

Acid Cook

  1. Use aviation snips to snip the rootbark into little one cm pieces.
  2. Put on your dust filter or respirator. If you get rootbark into your sinus cavity, you may have a headache for two days.
  3. Use a blender to turn these pieces into powder.
  4. Use the colander to sift out the powder and re-grind any larger pieces to expose the plant material for best extraction.
  5. Add the rootbark into the deep dish stainless frying pan or pressure cooker with 1/2 liter of water premixed with 5 tablespoons of vinegar.
  6. Take off your respirator once the mixture is wet.
  7. Test the mixture to see if the ph is below 3-4. Using extra acid (vinegar) does not hurt the process.
  8. 3 cycles of two hour simmer/cool acid cooks over a period of no less than 24 hours will allow the acid to free the DMT.
  9. Allow the final cook to cool to room temperature, and make sure you have simmered off any excess water/vinegar until the consistency is that of mud.


  1. You now have DMT acetate mixed with rootbark. Now we need to separate the DMT. First, we change it into freebase DMT.
  2. Add 200 mills bottled water to a pyrex glass flask or beaker.
  3. Put on your safety glasses or facemask.
  4. Slowly stir into the water 100 grams of sodium carbonate.
  5. Add sodium carbonate to water, not the other way around, or the mixture may explode.
  6. As you add this into the water, you can check for excessive heat buildup, and slow down if the bottom is getting too hot.
  7. When your sodium carbonate is mixed with the water, and the rootbark mixture is less than 50 degrees Celsius, slowly add this to the mix.
  8. At first it will bubble up as the DMT goes through its freebase conversion. Let this settle and add the rest of the sodium carbonate mixture.
  9. Stir this mixture thoroughly, and it will turn black, and the bubbles will subside. Check the ph, it should be 11 at least.
  10. Now you have DMT freebase mixed with rootbark and sodium carbonate. Lets separate this from the mixture.
  11. Do not reheat the basified mixture, DMT freebase has a much lower boiling point than DMT acetate.
  12. Remove the safety goggles.
  13. Add this basified mixture evenly to the cookie sheet, and evaporate all the moisture with a fan. I just put it in the sun.
  14. Take the dried mixture with 2/3 of a liter of alcohol and put it back into the blender and mix it very well.
  15. Dump this mix into the mason jar, or divide it between two jars. Use fresh alcohol to rinse out the blender and add this as well.


  1. Allow the alcohol to absorb as much of the alkaloid content as it can, shaking periodically, heating, vibrating. The darker it gets, the more you extract.
  2. If you desire, put a hot plate on its lowest setting, and give the mason jar a water bath (inside of a pot of warm water).
  3. If you want to get the most solvent out of this jar per pull, using a heated vibrator on low works wonders if you have one. This will compact the plant material.
  4. Use the syringe or turkey baster to remove the greenish gold tinted alcohol, and put the alcohol into a pyrex baking dish.
  5. Evaporate the alcohol away from any ignition sources, it is flammable. Use a fan blowing across, not into the pan, and or place it in the sun.
  6. You now have DMT Freebase wax. This must now be re-extracted to remove the fats and oils.

Re-ex / De-fatting

  1. Once evaporated, scrape the wax from the Pyrex dish, and re-dissolve it in a small amount of alcohol in a shot glass.
  2. Once completely dissolved, transfer it into a separator flask, or large shot glass and add more alcohol to this milky looking substance and shake vigorously. (I heat this to ensure complete dissolution of the wax)
  3. Allow this to separate into wax/sodium carbonate in the bottom of the flask, and amber saturated alcohol on the top.
  4. With an elastic band and some plastic, cover the top, warm it in the sun, and shake repeatedly.
  5. Let this separate for a few hours, then place into the fridge to solidify the remaining fats.
  6. Remove the amber DMT freebase saturated alcohol with a small syringe or pipette and place into its final container.
  7. Evaporate the amber alcohol in the sun, or air dry away from ignition sources for your finished product.
  8. Separate the wax for use as a powerful burn cream used by the ancients for a variety of maladies. (Google Tepezcohuite)

Finished Product

The finished product contains nearly pure DMT freebase called Jim-Jam or Jungle spice consisting of:

80% N,N-Dimethyltryptamine
10% 5-MeO-DMT
10% Bufotenin

  • You can keep pulling from the plant material with alcohol until there is not enough residue produced to justify continuing.
  • On the last pull from the plant material, heat with a little more alcohol you use first to clean anything with dmt in it, then filter the entire contents with an old shirt.
  • Squeeze this into the pyrex evaporating dish until all the brown and gold alcohol is out. Scrape up this yellow / orange / brown wax residue afterwards, and re-extract / de-fat as before.

Some further Notes

* Lots of jungle spice (aka in Mexico as Tepezcohuite if use in a shamanic context) will be leftover with this final pull. Do it a couple of times if you like, it is just as strong or stronger as pure DMT.

* For larger amounts of rootbark/plant material, just multiply the listed ingredient amounts and container sizes accordingly, keeping the same ratio between the ingredients.

* The simplest MHRB / Phalaris extraction is the plain hot water extraction. Jumera/Mimosa/Acacia tea has likely been used by indigenous tribes and Egyptians for thousands of years. Like Ayahuasca, Mimosa is also active orally if brewed for some days and then heated and drank as a tea. This method requires no MAO inhibitor.

* The McKenna Tek can be used to naturally extract the medicines that are organically trapped within the cell walls of millions of different plants which contain medicinal alkaloids. This method is the very basis for modern pharmacology techniques. Modern acids may be commercially substituted, as well as more processed base chemicals and solvents, but the basis remains identical. The use of a variety of different solvents allows the khemist to be more selective and precise about exactly which alkaloids are separated. One can always begin with this method to pull nearly everything from the plant that it has to offer, and then remix the final product to either purify it, or to do a further separation with much smaller amounts of exotic or expensive solvents.

* With this tek there is absolutely no non biodegradable waste to dispose of. All solvent is cleanly evaporated. No neighbors are disturbed by offensive petro-chemical odors, and the food in your fridge is not contaminated by clumsy freeze precipitation methods.

*Using this method, in this order wastes the least amount of DMT and alcohol. Most teks try to defat the plant material in its acid state, which wastes a lot of solvent and also carries of some valuable psychedelic alkaloids away. You still have to re-extract anyway because this process will never get all the fats from the basic plant material. This de-fat process is basically done in a shot glass with a very small amount of solvent, allowing you to keep the fat as a burn cream as well.

*The less number of times you need to change containers, the less DMT is lost. As you are adding new alcohol for new pulls from the plant mixture, you can use it first to rinse out any flasks, shot glasses tools etc, to recover all the residual DMT left behind during the de-fatting process.


What we don’t know for sure yet, is how the ancient Egyptians vaporized the substance. Perhaps Dr Dennis McKenna will be able to shed some light on that aspect given time. One interesting note, is in the Christian Bible, Moses is portrayed as speaking to a burning bush, within which was the voice of God, and in this way the ten commandments, the covenant between mankind and God was given to Moses. This bush was on fire, yet did not burn, Entity contact.. sounds to me like this particular bush was the acacia bush, and they vaped this substance with heat from a fire, but knew not to burn it.

The most modern reliable and repeatable way to achieve the perfect breakthrough dose and vaporize DMT without destroying it is by employing a very recent vaping technique known as “dabbing”. You can vaporize the DMT product with your favorite E-nail such as the popular Mininail at a setting of 720 degrees Fahrenheit which is not the true exact bowl temperature, but it is the recommended setting for the Mininail brand in my experience.
By using this very new vaporizing method, you can have a breakthrough DMT hit with one single dose. You wont find much about this new vaping method, because it is just a brand new idea, the equipment has only recently become available.

For a portable or microdosing DMT vaping solution you can use a Kangertech sub ohm personal vaporizer with their mini top tank to put the golden dmt oil inside of. Just adjust the wattage for the desired vaporization point of your particular DMT mixture. If you like this particular method or idea, stock up now on vaping accessories and batteries, because the FDA just took some major steps to ensure all of these accessories (including the high output batteries) become illegal within the next two years. At least if you stock up on the personal vape equipment now, you can make your very own extracts with the McKenna Tek as you need it with what you have available to you in nature.

Alternative Plants

Did the ancients actually perform plant extractions to obtain psychoactive substances? I believe they did. Check out the page Psychoactive Bible for a great list of psychoactive plant references and more information about the great variety of psychoactive plant alternatives the ancients were using to commune with the spirits. Keep in mind, Christianity descended from ancient Egyptian religion, Tree of Life, and all the rest of it.

You can also use this tek to extract DMT from common crabgrass, most long grasses contain it such as Phalaris which is extremely abundant in Egypt, and the highest DMT genus is found in marshy areas lining the entire Nile river. It is quite likely that they knew of this aspect of the aquatic variety of these grasses. Animals that graze upon this grass commonly become obviously stupefied. The only tek difference with crabgrass, is you would blend the grass with just enough water and vinegar to make a slurry, simmer for 12 hours in a great big stainless pot, and strain the liquid from the grass so you can work with the boiled juice from there on in. You will use a couple of small shopping bags full of grass to achieve the same yields, since there is far less DMT in Phalaris. However, all three of the aforementioned psychedelic alkaloids are also present in this grass as well which grows everywhere and on every continent except for Antarctica.

Some people use light petroleum distillates such as naphtha to separate an alkaloid from Phalaris called gramine (1-(1H-indol-3-yl)-N,N-dimethylmethanamine) which is undesirable to animals but it is a precursor and nearly identical in molecular structure to DMT. Using Phalaris grass, I personally experienced closed eye visuals for 16 hours with a very small dose absorbed topically through my skin which was derived naturally with no naphtha, and so I would personally not bother with that solvent myself. Drinking the Phalaris acetate brew with an MAO is nearly identical to the traditional Ayahuasca experience without the nausea and diarrhea. I suspect gramine is far less a potential human consideration than some of the unknown alkaloids that certain unscrupulous scammin’ shamans currently secretly brew into their fake Ayahuasca, such as tobacco and scopolamine (aka Devil’s Breath), which is derived from the Brugsmania plant (aka Angel Trumpets and in South America as Floripondio). Perhaps some of you have heard of Kyle Nolan, a victim of such a person who never left the jungle because of a toxic brew. Kyle paid over $2000 USD to personally attend his own funeral. This tek can help you avoid such a fate by understanding exactly what goes into your own brew.

You can also use the McKenna Tek to extract Galantamine from Daffodil and Red Spider Lilly bulbs and flowers, which is used as a potent lucid dreaming entheogen, and memory enhancer. Galantamine is currently fueling a trending billion dollar nootropic industry. Apart from people who are trying to stop smoking, halt alzheimers, and awaken within their dreams, many university students are now taking this herbal supplement routinely to enhance their grades, and possibly even permanently augment their overall IQ. The popular Joe Rogan of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast uses it, swears by it, and I think he even sells it now. I use it myself from time to time, and it does what it says it does, like flicking a switch on in dreamland. I cannot believe how amazing this herbal supplement is.

Another very similar molecule called Psilocybin can be extracted with simple alcohol alone, very quickly and effectively. Some people have adverse stomach reactions to these types of fungi, as well as difficult dose measurements since identical mushrooms from the same batch can vary greatly in potency. Extracting the pure crystals resolves both issues entirely, and also offers a better method for preservation of this molecule. The tek for this extraction is on the Psilocybin page.

Alternative uses

Another name / variety of the psychedelic Acacia plant is Tepezcohuite. Mexican shamans working through the Red Cross of Mexico produced miracle cures for seriously burned victims after a Mexican gas explosion which left thousands of people badly burned. It is said that the victims experienced miraculous regeneration of burned tissues. The most popular (& famous) seller of a Tepezcohuite based rejuvenation cosmetic line is Salma Hayek, who credits her outstanding age defiance to the use of this plant topically, and sports an entire cosmetic rejuvenation line of her very own. I use this herb myself mostly in hand soaps and shampoos. I have been personally banned from importing these home brewed cosmetics without FDA approval, and my sudsy goods were all seized and destroyed. Just because it is legal to do something, doesn’t always mean you can.

It costs millions of dollars to get such approval from such organizations, and since im not working with that kind of solvent, I will just tell you how to make it yourself. I must say.. the hand soaps, body scrubs and shampoos are amazing.

  1. Grind Acacia rootbark into fine powder, 50 to 100 grams
  2. add to your favorite soap, shampoo, body scrub, or night cream
  3. let steep for two weeks before use.

* You can save the wax and the fats from the final separation steps for use in Tepezcohuite massage therapies and or home made healing creams. Just make sure you have added enough alcohol to completely separate the psychedelics, then evaporate the rest of the alcohol for a nice creamy texture, and refrigerate.

Mimosa does dye your bathroom sink red, that is the only bad effect I noticed. Your hands become silky soft, and extremely sensitive, seemingly “aware” for lack of a better word. Energy healers will notice an incredibly enhanced sensitivity in their practice. Your hair becomes like silk and fuller. I wouldn’t use the pure DMT extract in a cosmetic if I were you, it will be active and enter your blood stream for a full on lengthy DTM encounter that may last anywhere between 8 to 24 hours. I have personally experienced this scenario accidentally, and I don’t recommend it, but it was pretty interesting at the time.

If you are a real hippie, and you hate to waste any part of the plant material, you can use the remaining spent rootbark mixture and boiling water to tie-dye your very own Mimosa rootbark tee-shirts. This just might be a big seller in smart shops. Just don’t wear the thing through any international boundaries with sensitive equipment. I am pretty sure that tie-dyed tee-shirts are a flag at the airports in this day and age for secondary screening and involuntary indefinite detention.

The Ancient Egyptian Spirit Molecule

There were two distinct levels of spiritual initiation in ancient Egypt. Either you were royalty, or you were not. If you were a commoner, entheogens were illegal, and you would be put to death for trying it, or possibly even knowing things about it you shouldn’t. For the commoners, the book of the dead was to be opened upon their death, and judgment upon the soul was carried out as they passed through the 42 two doors of judgment. This was known as the 42 negative confessions. They were taught to lie to the guardians, and wore amulets upon their death which were thought to confuse the Gods into over looking their dishonesty, and their transgressions, and thus admitting them into the afterlife, even though they may very well have been treacherous deceivers and breakers of the 42 covenants.

If however you were the Pharaoh, entheogens were mandatory to achieve enlightenment, and transcend the reincarnation into the material plane thus gaining true immortality. The book of death was to be opened upon the Pharaoh’s initiation into the entheogenic mysteries, and with each successive journey, another of the 42 doors of enlightenment / judgment would open as he still lived and breathed. Once the Pharaoh passed that particular guardian of that particular gate by demonstrating that particular activity is no longer within their spirit, then and only then would the next gate open and he would awaken even more and be permitted to go further until he had passed all 42 stages of enlightenment and thus transcended human awareness and the ego entirely, eternally breaking the chains that hold a man’s awareness fast to this material plane.

Don’t forget, Christianity descended from this ancient religion as well, and follows the exact same model, immortality for the elite, and the rest return to the dust to rise again. It is now for you to decide if you are a commoner, or if you are more than dust, and sovereign over your own awareness. In the book of John verse 6:56 it says: “He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him.” The acacia tree is mentioned in the Bible as the wood which the Ark of the Covenant was constructed of. So, now you know the difference in the two streams of information encoded into the same scriptures of all such books, context. The question is: are you going to settle for some grape juice and a rice cracker like a commoner? Or will you follow the white rabbit and see how deep it goes?


I would like to thank:

Red Green for inspiring my lab setup
Tim Taylor for inspiring my vaporizing technique
Dr Dennis McKenna for inspiring this Tek
Most of all, I wish to express my gratitude to the Beings in the next realm who have bestowed me with more gifts than I can possibly even open in a single lifetime!


I do not endorse breaking any local laws in your area. I do not live in a country where this Tek is illegal within a ceremonial context. All medicinal related products were doused in acid, covered in flammable material and vaporized upon conclusion of this ancient ceremonial / scientific demonstration. I do not give any medical advice, nor am I a doctor. If you decide you want to try this kind of thing yourself, and you live in a place which allows you to do so, and you are uncertain about anything mentioned please consult your family physician and follow their recommendations first before ingesting any type of plant extract. Be vary careful with plant extracts, you need to check all your sources and possibly consult a laboratory before you try to ingest any extract you create. You may not just try it out on a friend. Please read through the entheogen section of this site for a list of guidelines to follow before experimenting with such substances. If you ignore all of these warnings, even God wont save you from what is to come if you open these doors carelessly. If you intend to traffic in illegal substances, get off my website / channel.