The road of life is but one road, all is one, and we are this road. This is the ultimate black and white truth of life. As we descend from there, we find there are two lanes upon this road, each running in the opposite direction. As we descend further from the ultimate truth and peer a little closer, we find that one of those lanes splits off into every country, state, county, city, town, village, and hut. It is within this space that the Children of the Gods are raised, in their spiritual journey. This far in, there is not black and white truth, there is colors. The seven colors of the rainbow, is where the Children live. The Gods and Lords who bear us, and bring us to life, and to fruition live through Their children, and their children’s children and so on into infinity. The change of seasons as we travel upon the road of life is so our God Parents can pull at us with all the different energies, so they can see their suns (see-suns), and assist in bringing teachers upon our roads. We are at the highest planes, just One being, One mind, but these bookmarks we call bodies, these time machines

designed to feel and experience a certain separation from One another, these are the true Chariots of the God’s. For they are here having a human experience.

Each direction on the road of life has a name. Fate and Destiny.

Fate, is what happens when the default nature takes place. The tree grows up to toward the light, it produces leaves, which eat the sunlight, and return nutrients and experiences to the tree. When we are young souls, we are the leaves. When the life is over, the leaf leaves. It falls, as is it’s fate, and puts its nutrients back into the ground, and not one thing is wasted by nature. However, all these roads reach into the sky like Icarus, and try to catch the sun, for it is their fate to do so. Each road seems different, on individual branches, separate from one another, and they die that way, separate, the wind may carry them to the sea to be swallowed by the fishes, or far away from their original tree family. But, this many road fate is an ILLUSION. Our destiny is back into the river, from whence you came. You are destined to return to God, the good and the bad. It is your destination, for it is where you began. When you use your mind, to travel the opposite way of natural fate, you discover, each branch, leads back to the SAME road, the trunk symbolized by Ganesh. Destiny, is manifesting your destination, and deciding to walk upon the only road there ever was, but in the direction of God. When you reach the threshold, and go from the branch you were born into, and cross into the main trunk, you will have achieved enlightenment.

As for those who are Enlightened, or coming into this state, they must not awaken those who are yet not ready to face this Oneness, for those initiated prematurely will die as surely as Icarus, from either their complacency (sloth) or their hubris (pride) which are deadly sins. The word Lucifer means Lucid with Fire, and this is his chosen and favorite method of destroying the Children as they approach the threshold early, he shows them Enlightenment by artificial means, Entheogens, Fasting, Trauma, and once they are taken from the Great Circle into the land of the Black and White cold truths and dropped into the Red Sea, they are beyond Her Protection.

In the series Starwars, this is known as the Dark Side, and represents these colors as such. They then proceed to break Nature’s Law, and they are doomed, becoming sorcerers and demons, and will suffer the second death at the end of days. If She see’s the suns are like Lucifer, and care nor bow to the Balance or Her cycles, She is forced to put them back in the ground if there is still good in them that they may reincarnate, even if it’s not their fault to protect the innocent (in-O-sent, young ones who were sent inside by God). Achieving Enlightenment is one thing, but it is also a great multifaceted process, many fathoms to rise from the depths to begin to see Her plan, and then fathom how they may be of true service. However, not everyone who rises, is allowed to hold their seat by Her side as one of Her Roses or Lambs.