The Walls of Jericho

walls of jerichoIn the book of Joshua, there is an allegory about a city called Jericho. In this book, an army of God was instructed to destroy the entire city, except for one woman, and her closest family. This story was not about Joshua, Jericho, or the people within the walls, this story is about the woman Rahab, and the process of tearing down her walls and curing her of schizophrenia, thus transcending her from the human condition into an enlightened being. The story of Jericho is the allegorically concealed procedure by which the witch doctor can resurrect the dead, and unblock the damned from the walls which damn their spirit.

The human condition is entirely schizophrenic. Enlightenment, Revelation, Apocalypse, whatever term you use to describe transcendence is the emergence from this fractured state of mind back into the singularity, the whole – holy one. In this higher state, we become linked with our Mother and Father of creation as one mind. This is the Trinity, the true immaculate conception of higher reality commonly referred to as heaven.

The book of Joshua describes a shamanic psychological intervention, the initiation of Rahab into the highest state of mind. Angels Trumpets are blown, these are psychedelic plants being used for 6 consecutive days and on the 7th the walls came down, as though reversing the process that had created the illusion of this world within the mind of this woman. This is the psychological rehab of Rahab.

The ark of the covenant that this army carried round and round the city walls, as I have written about before ( ) is an allegory within an allegory that describes not a conventional weapon of war, but a Christ conscious being with the power to heal the blind through psychological intervention and plant medicine.

This story is an adaptation of Noah’s Ark, which is an adaptation of another ancient story The Epic of Gilgamesh, and all of these stories are parallel to the books of the Dead, Tibetan, Egyptian, and Revelation which focus much more closely upon the precise psychological mechanisms that unfold during the process of transcendence. All of the bible, all of the bibles of the world are collections of psychic archetypes which each of us will pass through during our human lifetime. The apocalyptic tomes mixed in among them defined as eschatology describe transcendence, an emergence from the pre-constructed archetypes that lie in wait within every human psyche for the uninitiated to become ensnared by, then overcome.

This process takes many lifetimes. During the last life a series of events will unfold that will break each of the 7 seals which has bound the souls perception to the human state of mind. As the soul begins to emerge it is tested and checked for purity, courage and resilience. If it passes these tests it is granted immortality, and thus emerges into a larger reality. If you are reading this now, you are in the midst of these tests. Can you recognize the truth when you see it? The scriptures are ancient books of psychiatry. The authors are all shamanic initiates.

If indeed these trumpets were physical and literal instruments of sound, then it follows that so was the slaughter of every person in the city, which is clearly not in the true spirit of the book, but the deception built into it that the shallow thinker will undoubtedly come upon and use to misinterpret the allegory. The so called idea of the vengeful God in the old testament is merely the style of steganography that was used to conceal the true meaning of those particular scriptures. Thus, audible sound is eliminated from the possible choices given as pertaining to the true context of this particular allegory. This decryption method of eliminating all possible wrong answers to find the truth is known as Occam’s Razor.

In Summary

In this story, the Israelites circled the great city 7 times, then on the 7th time, they blew their trumpets and the wall came tumbling down. This describes the metaphor of the ego. The word City is used as a metaphor for solid reality, which is made of nothing more than ego and belief, that manifests by quantum means from the particles of the red sea all around us. This being we inhabit is a quantum field generator and manifestor. Everything outside of ourselves is made by this being, on the spot. If your not looking at it, it isn’t there. How is this possible? You are in the God vehicle, participating in the God mind.

You are actually more of an observer, than an individual. The walls of Jericho, and the curtain between the subconsciousness and the consciousness can be considered metaphors to one another, but also microcosm to macrocosm. This quite likely appeared to have taken place in the real world, but it is also a metaphor. THe entire world in fact, appeared to have taken place, yet it’s not really here, and you are not really you, and you are not really here either.

So, saying you circled the city 7 times and blew the rams horn is an analogy to experiencing life, 7 different lessons, and on the 7th time you encircled your conscious awareness, you blew the curtain / veil / ego away, and transcended human experience and became one with all. You might also see this as 7 cycles of reincarnation, and on the 7th, you transcend human awareness, and you are judged, and either freed if you have kept the covenant, and made an Ark of the Covenant of yourself, or, the alternative.