Chapter 6 – Lingo

Time, space and energy, is what exists in this physical universe. All things we see around us are complex arrangements of these three things. There are some things such as thought, emotions and language, which are bridges or links between the physical and the nonphysical universe. Language is a tool used to define concepts, equations and physical things. We also use it to define boundaries and borders. We arrange, and rearrange these things into all of the complex forms we experience here today. As I have suggested earlier, we are not seeing a common reality, but experiencing our brain’s extrapolation of it or in part at least a hologram. Thoughts turn to words and concepts, and words are a large part of the way we make these constructs. When we speak with others, we also use words to change their worldview by suggestion to a greater or lesser degree. The nature of this hologram is to keep us unaware of our nature. It is far outside of our common misconception of the world to begin to understand that the universe, and this body were designed from the beginning to be complimentary software and hardware. Emotions are preprogrammed core parts of our mind. They are created of concepts, and language too, but they are programmed as we grow. We don’t give them a second thought usually, but each time we feel something, we are running a massive preprogrammed computation made from language that guides our feelings.

It is said, “in the beginning, there was the word; and that word was God” Is this word responsible for the electromagnetic spectrum we are experiencing in this physical plane? Is this word also the big bang as it has been dubbed?

It is said in the Torah, which comprises the first 5 books of the bible, that the Creators personally created the languages we all use today, to deliberately confound us, that is was not evolved, as modern day scholars, etymologists claim. It is typical, that a modern day scholar would try and take the very Entity, out of Etymology. Steganography is the practice of hiding a secret message within a larger one in such a way that others cannot discern the presence or contents of the hidden message unless they are aware of it. Each language itself offers clues and proof, that is was developed as a part of a greater whole, a giant piece of a masterful steganographic puzzle, that needed to become reunited with the other pieces before we could begin to see into the mind of our Creator and begin to understand the Divine Mystery, of what is truly going on all around us. What we have divided into hundreds of languages and dialects is actually not divided at all. If you were to learn for instance; Latin, Spanish, French, German and English, you might discover that they are actually just dialects, not unique languages. They are all one language. We already know this from our teachings in school, they are Latin based. However, what we don’t realize is that there are secrets that are encoded into the languages that only begin to become apparent when we learn more than one. Language itself becomes a story. It is as though our very dictionary contains a hidden context and reveals some of our greatest mysteries and strongly refutes the Darwinian idea that language has evolved, rather than been deliberately created by a divine intelligence. The Human language reveals its mysteries to anyone who cares to study it. Poets and musicians who have an intimate relationship with language, have no doubt as to its origin, and convey their discoveries and philosophies within their works.

Genesis 11:1-9 And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there. And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men built. And the LORD said, Behold, the people are one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

To begin to unravel the steganographic mystery of how this was done, we need to first realize that it was done. Historians, anthropologists, and linguists among others would all be out of a job if the general population knew the truth. These pseudo sciences have bound together to sell us their religion of evolution. It is taught in all schools, where the study of other religions is forbidden. It has come to pass that to believe in nothing is perfectly acceptable, but to believe in intelligent design is the modern equivalent of academic blasphemy. The business of evolution religion is to convince you to subscribe to their worldview, and buy into it. I don’t promote any one religion, or language, but I believe each is a piece of the whole. The evidence is all around us, if we can tear down the borders programmed into our developing minds and allow for much a wider perspective. Self auditing our own beliefs and opinions is a good mental exercise to engage in. The day will come for those who do not believe in our Creator, despite all the obvious evidence, when the Creator will no longer believe in them either.

To try to make a clear language analogy with a concept many of us are already familiar with, let us use the PC computer code and language structure as a simple model. A computer uses the language of zeros and ones to create a seemingly infinite digital reality, just as the universe around us uses language to create this seemingly infinite reality. The machine code (zeros and ones) in a computer system, could be likened to all the characters and symbols for mathematics and all the language. One step up from that would be Sanskrit, representing the BIOS of the world’s language system, (basic input, output system) using bits and bytes (groups of 0’s and 1’s). Then a level up from the BIOS we would have ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin in that order. These languages make up the DOS operating system of consciousness and possibly even reality, as we know it. Finally we would have English, French, Spanish, etc, all of the modern languages that would be at the Windows operating system level. Each ancient language is still there, running in the background as we use this modern language as an operating system right over top of it all. All the original meaning embedded within is still there. For instance if you stopped the DOS system on your PC computer, your Windows would no longer function because it would have no more meaning, or reference.

At a certain point of our own personal evolution, some study of these older languages can actually assist you to discover the underlying current of things that are said, implications, and deeper psychological understandings of yourself, and those you communicate with. When we speak one modern word, it is built upon the other levels of language. Therefore a single word can represent an entire concept, even multiple concepts. All of our modern words are made up of smaller one or two letter ancient Hebrew or Sanskrit words, they are many of them. A word therefore, is actually a complete sentence. A sentence actually represents a volume of concepts, or a paragraph. There is always underling meaning in the things we say and write. This is not always apparent to the casual observer or uninitiated speaker. This hidden meaning concealed within our language goes even another level deeper. Sonic vibrational patterns found in nature are a perfect match for many of the languages symbolic character’s identical shape throughout Sanskrit and Hebrew languages. These sonic patterns are known as Chladni patterns. When pronounced correctly, ancient Hebrew and some Sanskrit characters actually reveal themselves in the sands of a tonoscope. This is demonstrated by placing sand, powder, or liquid upon a metal plate and using a loudspeaker to vibrate it.

When you say the ancient Sanskrit word ohm into a microphone connected to this apparatus, the Sanskrit symbol for ohm becomes visible in the sand. Pronounce the vowel O, and the letter O becomes visible. This is evidence of two things that are being largely overlooked. 1) It seems that ancient languages, Sanskrit and Hebrew to name a couple existed before the world or physics was created. The evidence is in the fact that these language characters have always been in existence since the dawn of the physical plane. It would seem that the biblical phrase, in the beginning, there was the word, not the world. This can be proven by anyone with a loudspeaker and some sand. 2) There is also no denying that the most ancient of literate humans based their entire consciousness and ability to communicate upon this seemingly hidden ocean of meaning and context. They knew the vibrations were there, and that they were important, and they used many of them to reconstruct literate consciousness within mankind. We didn’t invent language, whoever created the physical plane did. This was handed to us millennia ago as one complete package, and not evolved over time as is taught publicly today. The evidence clearly suggests that language predates the earth, and was therefore created by Divine Beings.

In my first book, Sandscript, the main character Martin discovers a tonoscope at a friend’s house and begins to fiddle around with it. He soon begins to discover that ancient symbols have been encoded within our physics, as demonstrated by the tonoscope. Martin is a clock maker by trade with a computer background. He soon flips the concept around, and devises a software program that can extrapolate the correct tone or harmonic (chord) that a specific symbol represents, a reverse tonoscope. He then goes around the world visiting ancient sites deciphering previously unreadable ancient texts and inscriptions by converting them to sound. It is by this method that Martin reveals the world’s oldest recorded songs by running the symbols he finds in order through the reverse tonoscope software. For the first time in thousands of years, the sacred songs of the ancients are played again in the ancient sacred halls where they had been etched into the walls. He also finds ancient chemistry and medicines that were lost to us eons ago. Diseases are also listed with their frequencies, and the cures for them are engraved in the walls of the great pyramid. However, the truth is stranger than fiction, but with a lot less tedious dialogue, so I decided this method would probably be a much better way to present this kind of information.

The Phoenicians are credited with creating the modern alphabet we use today. Rather than basing their design of the characters on the natural vibration given when they are uttered, as is done in the ancient Hebrew language, the Phoenician alphabet is based on the idea that each uttered sound, not the shape of the waveform, should be represented by a corresponding character. It sounds simple, but it is not as simple as it seems. Cleverly hidden from the casual observer, our language has hidden compartments to discover for those who have elevated awareness and pattern recognition capabilities. There are many riddles, mysteries, and hidden contexts to be rediscovered all through our language and literature. I call this heightened understanding and application of the hidden enlightened context, the language of Origin.

As I mentioned, it is said in the first line of the bible, in the beginning, there was the word, and the word was God. Most people are seeing this simple sentence, in one way only. One naturally concludes that this first word, was God, or Yahweh, etc. But what it’s actually saying is the word, as in all of language. In the beginning, there was language, and this language, is God. The ancient Babylonians were too presumptuous, and tried to use their language to create a path back to the heaven, or the other realm from whence we came without an invitation. This was not the idea of this physical plane of existence, this place is for a brief separation from the Creators, so their children can grow upon the earth unaware of their divine heritage and true nature. So, the language as a tool proved to be too powerful for our own good at that time, and was diminished and obfuscated to hold us fast in this place and create divisions among us.

Popular culture retells this story in movies. The Transformers movie is about a war, in which both sides try to take control of the allspark, a creational device, from which the Transformers created civilizations. The allspark is a metaphor for language. Using phonetics, we notice, transformers is actually trance formers. They form, disguise, and reform by inducing a trance in the observer, which is very similar to what seems to actually be going on in this holographic reality that we are currently co-creating. Language (allspark) is being used to put people (transformers) into a trance, as nations and war machines are formed, as we reshape this entire globe into the whims of those who are transfixing our attention, and using our powers of quantum co-creation in ways we don’t even know how to use them ourselves.

In the English language, the letter X is sometimes used in place of letters as a type of short hand. X-Mas is a very popular use of this technique. But the most popular, yet overlooked use of this abbreviation is in mythology. The word Phoenix is actually an abbreviation derived from the word Phoenicia. In ancient Greek mythology, the eternal Phoenix cyclically rises out of the ashes of its predecessor to be reborn. This could be an analogy to the true secret of the languages. In light of my current awareness and studies of countless pieces of literature and music created with a deliberate steganography, I firmly believe that the idea behind this parable is that a new meaning and understanding shall be born out of the ashes of the Phonetic language, the surface (topical) context we had known, to reveal the true eternal meanings and higher context hidden to the general population for all of this time. It is through synonyms, homonyms, homophones and silent or double letters that the surface context of the English language can convey a particular meaning to the casual observer, while the hidden context is cleverly obfuscated by simple yet ancient steganographic techniques, thus giving the literature, hymns, psalms, poems and song lyrics dual, or even more than two meanings depending on the intent and skill of the writer. Eventually, we can begin to see the gravity of this grave situation, and realize that everything that is subject to gravity will indeed be pulled into its grave.

The more practice one gets at discovering underlying the underlying steganography in language and literature, we become attuned to the wide variety of methods with which this is employed; phonetically, mathematical, geometric, even with homonyms, homophones and anagrams.  In time we begin to emerge past a certain state of normal awareness and open the doors of perception to this cryptographic realm. Burn the written page to ash (metaphorically of course), and just listen to what a word sounds like to discover phonetically encoded steganography. Here are a couple of examples of phonetic cryptography I discovered; Christ – C = See, H is silent, RIST = Wrist. So Christ = See Wrist. Choice = See who is. This opening allows the higher meaning to be interpreted plainly by those who are aware of this. It was Jesus who had said repeatedly when discussing his deepest mysteries throughout the bible and especially the banned books, “let those who have ears to hear, let them hear”. And this secret steganography built into our very languages was what was being implied. I speak mostly about the English language, and Latin influences. However, all the other languages also have this woven into them, and in fact were likely the inspiration for the English version of this linguistic disguise.

I have discovered only one other person that has stumbled upon this giant crossword puzzle embedded within our languages. He has been attempting to decrypt the curse of Babel for well over a decade, and he has some great notes on the topic. He has created a website with a dictionary, and another page explaining the divine steganographic encryption method. These pages describe essentially the same things I describe, but from a Hebrew / English perspective. He is also of the belief that when the Hebrew and Sanskrit alphabets are pronounced correctly, the corresponding sand pattern reveals itself in the sands of a tonoscope. I believe that someone from each major language group with the ability to recognize this underlying phonetic thread that connects all language will collectively hold the keys to unlocking this treasure trove of information hidden in plain sight. With a little practice and an open mind, anyone can begin to decrypt this divine puzzle. As we go down this road of thought and make new discoveries, we begin to realize that our languages follow the same rules as the physical elements in one particular way. Nothing can be created or destroyed, only reorganized endlessly. Our language was always here, since before we were, and if you happen to read a thesaurus, or book of synonyms, homonyms or homophones, you will begin to see that this language was created with deliberate steganographic techniques in mind.

Why were the ancient writings all deliberately encoded with hidden contexts and interlocked like a matched set of Russian dolls? So the hidden true meaning of important ancient writings couldn’t be skewed or altered to suit someone else’s agenda over time. If a transcriber made errors, either deliberately or accidentally, the transcription would lose its dual context. This is how we can see if the ancient writings are passed down faithfully or have since been modified. There is a multi-contextual steganography to those writings, all of them. Only once we raise our awareness can we begin to read the true stories that were passed down to us and hidden within the language, the context, and even concealed within the very letters and words themselves. Remember, history is written by the victors, HIS-story is written between the lines ;)

There is a simple pattern everyone can pick up on quickly if they are only aware of it. The utterance of the word produces the same mechanical physical effect, whether you are pronouncing O, oh or owe. So if you close your eyes to how the word is spelled, and listen to what is being said, you can hear possibly one word in a sentence that can invert the entire meaning and reveal another context of the writing if you know its there and recognize that this is a popular method of secreting dual context into works of literature. Words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings are called homophones. Agreed upon words is not the only way that hidden meanings are concealed. It has become common in many modern lyrics to merge separate words or parts thereof, and convey the dual meaning like this. These two methods in conjunction with homonyms are used alongside one another. You can reduce the entire sentence to phonetics, and examine it for possible dual meaning easily while you are hearing it once you practice a bit. Another example is the Wizard of Oz, can be heard as the Wizard of AWES, which befits the tale better, and makes more sense given the storyline. Gifted authors do love their steganography. There is an entire hidden world to be rediscovered if you know where to look. The prophets have never left us as religious institutions insist; they have just concealed their insights, so not everyone has access. Jesus himself is quoted as saying in Matthew 7:6; “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” Plato gives a similar warning in his Allegory of The Cave. It is also quite likely that Jesus, and all of the people who wrote the bible had read Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Whoever Jesus was, he was certainly a true studied scholar.

When you are searching for a possible hidden meaning within a specific work, you can usually support your finding by many other such findings in the same lyrics, or article, with the hidden subject matter quite possibly relating as well to the title and the rest of the artists entire body of work, series, or album. We are not looking for isolated anomalies and extrapolating a mountain from a mole hill. Although one word can change the meaning of an entire song, this is rare that there would only be such a small indication of a parallel context (although, I have discovered it on occasion). The artists generally want you to find this thread and follow it back to their school of thought. When the writing has been deliberately crafted in this style, it will be often be laced from one end to the other full of this steganographic alternate context. You will see an established pattern throughout the author’s entire body of work as well if you have the perspective to stand far enough back to be able to appreciate it all. Once you pull on this particular thread, the whole sweater turns back into a ball of yarn.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth is a very interesting work. Thoth is said to be 10’s of thousands of years old. In this work, an ancient Atlantean man through wisdom and relentless searching becomes enlightened. He follows this path of enlightenment out of Plato’s allegorical cave to the other side, into the infinitum and beholds who and what is awaiting him there. He completes his spiritual evolution to the Lords’ satisfaction, yet asks to be returned to the world of men that he may teach them and guide their evolution through the Age of Darkness. Whether you discount this tale as a mixed work of fanciful fiction, or resonate with it from within, you should know that all of the driving influences in today’s media have read this work. Producers, and Hollywood financiers, and the elite have been reading this work for a long time. Many people wonder what is at the core of the illuminati teachings. Today, I don’t know the answer to this. But at one time, the Emerald Tablets of Thoth were the basis of many secret societies, including the Freemasons. These societies hidden with in our larger societies have encoded secrets revealed within these tablets into their works, since time immemorial. If you know what you’re looking at, you can see this plainly. It is this very thread that I am pointing out within all of today’s art and literature. If you take the time to read these verses entirely, whether they have any relevance or truth is entirely up to you, but you will see upon closer inspection of a variety of different works that many others great and small have judged them to be an integral part of their path to enlightenment. Reading the Emerald Tablets will assist you in the decryption of their works. Here is a verse from the last tablet that asks those who do happen to discover the true path, to encode their secrets in such a way that only the worthy will be able to behold them;

“List ye, O man, to the words I shall give ye.
In them shall ye find the Essence of Life.
Before I return to the Halls of Amenti,
taught shall ye be the Secrets of Secrets,
how ye, too, may arise to the Light.

Preserve them and guard them,
hide them in symbols,
so the profane will laugh and renounce.
In every land, form ye the mysteries.
Make the way hard for the seeker to tread.

Thus will the weak and the wavering be rejected.
Thus will the secrets be hidden and guarded,
held till the time when the wheel shall be turned.

Through the dark ages, waiting and watching,
my Spirit shall remain in the deep hidden land.
When one has passed all the trials of the outer,
summon ye me by the Key that ye hold.”

I shall address these tablets more completely in the next chapter. I have added this particular verse right here because these individuals that are relaying secret messages within their works are following the pattern laid out within this verse, and it is from this text that this theological steganography seems to have been borne.

I happen to like rock and roll music. I grew up with the Beatles among other similar bands being played quite often in the home where I grew up. I was taught the basics of reading and writing music at a very young age. I have played the guitar now since about 1986. As you might imagine, I wanted to play music and write my own songs when I grew up. I had a very unusual idea. I always believed there was something in common with top 40 hit rock songs, and in fact, all commercially successful music. I believed that there was some kind of common denominator that would reveal the secrets of all music, and the marketing force behind it. In 1997, a couple of weeks into a fast I had been undergoing for health reasons, I could hear it. Something clicked in my mind, and a vast chunk of calcified perception broke away from within the core of my mind, and I could clearly hear a spiritual context that had been hidden within my favorite album. I quickly checked my other disks, and read the lyrics for them as well. I had cracked it! There was no mistake, this context is there, and cleverly weaves its way in and out of nearly all of the music I had ever listened to. I had never had any measure of true enlightenment with which to relate to this hidden context, but once I was involved in my fast, I began to quite quickly. This was in the days before YouTube, and lyric sites. So, I headed to the used cd stores and browsed for hours, reading the album jackets and song titles. There was an order to all of it. As I looked over the collective works of my favorite bands, it seemed to me, that from the very inception of the group, they had begun with the end in mind. They knew what they wanted to say, and which specific audience was being targeted. Bands accused of being satanic were singing about God! Look through all of Black Sabbath’s discology and see the titles of the albums, and the names of the songs and the order with which they are listed. For a deeper understanding, read their lyrics. Each of these bands is describing a journey of spiritual Evolution.

I didn’t just crack the musical Da Vinci code; I had stumbled upon the largest conspiracy of all of human existence, the Divinity Code. It struck me that the name of this particular music; Rock and Roll, seems to be the code-name for this entire secret musical illumination project hidden in plain sight. This rock and roll concept seems to stem from the fact that we are upon the 3rd rock from the sun, and spinning around it in orbit, and of course the same metaphorical rock Plato described in the Allegory of the Cave. This is signifying the relationship of our species evolving spiritually during the four seasons of our short lives here upon this rock. This is also reminiscent of two specific ancient Greek myths.  In the tale of Prometheus, he was chained to a rock to be kept in perpetual pain and misery for stealing the sacred fire from the Gods, and there is also a striking similarity in the Greek myth of King Sisyphus, due to his perpetually deceitful nature, was made to roll a massive rock up a hill in Tartarus forever. The Prometheus myth is also likely a version of the biblical story of the fall of Adam and Eve.

Let us use the 1980’s hard rock band The Cult as our first example of a band who writes in this style. The name of the group has an obvious spiritual significance. The name of one of their albums is Sonic Temple. Again, we find more spiritual significance and a metaphysical undertone. The song list for this particular album in order is; Sun King, Fire Woman, American Horse, Edie (Ciao Baby), Sweet Soul Sister, Soul Asylum, New York City, Automatic Blues, Soldier Blue, and Wake Up Time for Freedom. Their other albums follow the same pattern, as do their song titles. If you study their lyrics, you will notice that they are quite obviously discussing spiritual and evolutionary matters in nearly every song they ever wrote. So, one of Americas leading 1980’s hard rock bands was singing metaphysical gospel music laced with Indian chanting and pow-wow drums, and almost no one even noticed.  What were the rest of the bands singing about? I suggest you have another look, I think you will be quite surprised. Standing back from all the religions in a state of realization, one can begin to see the layered meanings both hidden and apparent throughout all of our literature, both ancient and modern.

In the movie Matrix, they use an anagram throughout the movie. Neo, is an anagram for One, which everyone kept calling him throughout the movie, the one. Another example of an anagram example is Evangelist = Evil’s Agent. These writings, our languages are not two dimensional; they are multi-dimensional. The current state of human confusion is simply caused by our linear egomaniacal perspectives. In the beginning was the word, before this world. Also in the beginning there was wordplay. This became our languages. This entire physical universe is all the Creator’s wordplay, and it is all linked together. Yet, in this day and age, if all the King’s horses, and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again, (the language of origin and method of obfuscation), because humans fight and kill over a literal two dimensional interpretation of a multi-faceted work of art that has since been translated twice since its original inception, it is little wonder this species appears to have doomed itself without some kind of impending outside divine intervention.

Musicians, authors and director are all currently crafting multi-contextual works to some extent, and throughout history they always have. Most of these people who are not hiding meaning within their works are just plainly obviously stating the same messages the others are hiding, but openly such as gospel bands. Once you investigate and verify this for yourself by examining your own cd collection, you will be able to step far enough back and look at the whole picture and observe clearly the larger combined pattern that is forming all around you, and even underneath you. If only one of these artists; two, ten, fifty of them, were weaving this dual linguistic context within their works all in the same manner as it has been done since the beginning, secretly putting forward their views on the after world, or should I say the before world and the nature of our existence and our Creator, OK it’s humanly and statistically slightly possible that this could be coordinated by people. But nearly all of them doing the same thing and repeating the same themes and techniques over the course of our entire conscious awareness, as far as we can go back in recorded literature and history reveals that there is a much larger organization and consensus that the public is not currently aware of. It might seem easier to believe in coincidence, and imagine that the bands are actually unaware of an entirely obvious alternative context that runs through nearly all of their lyrics, however, Occam’s razor tells us that the simplest explanation, is usually the correct one. In this case, this is not an accident or coincidence. It was left for us to find.

An excellent movie to watch that relates much of the experience of these higher states of awareness and pattern recognition is called Limitless, another great example of the potential of human consciousness is the movie Lucy. Let us begin to understand a bit of how language appeared to have been assembled, so we can begin to interpret what we are reading in the music lyrics, gospels, and in all the other world literature as well. Sanskrit is a very old language with many characters. There are many two letter words. A sentence that we may read now in English is the equivalent of a modern day windows operating system. In the beginning, each letter was a word or a concept. The letter O was God. It was both a number and a letter, and means the same. The alphabets of the world are symbolic representations of mathematical calculations and pre-calculated concepts and understandings. We make a great mistake in believing that mankind created these symbols, and the only contributor to this vast catalog of concepts is human in origin.

False belief prevents us from seeing what is really there for us to see. For instance, if you were to draw a line down the center of the circle also known as the letter O, you will divide it. In doing so, you will discover the letter D forwards and backward. Divine, is all of this existence, from the root word, div, or the letter D which means to divide. The Divine, divided itself among us all. This is why it is Divine, it has sacrificed itself in this way that we all may exist. This is the true meaning behind the Divine sacrifice. The entire story of this great sacrifice is represented in the very word Divine, and a story concealed within the letter O. The letter M represents mother, mountain, and the Divine feminine concealing the letter V in the center, which represents the womb. Turned upside down, it is woman, water, and world. This letter reveals that the earth is our Great Mother, from the mountains to the water, and the giver of life. It seems, that these symbols are called letters for a reason. There is a great deal of meaning, and a story behind each symbol that was left for us by the ones who created this place, and us. Each of these symbols is a letter from our Creators. We need to stop trusting our beliefs to others, and established institutions, and look for ourselves to find the truth left in plain sight.

If you were to again take a circle, or the letter O and section it into smaller pieces like a pie the letter A becomes apparent. Along the bottom edge of this piece of pie, you would notice an arc, which is part of the circumference of the circle. If God were represented by the circle, and were to divide it self as such, into little arcs, these have been described by the authors of the bible as Arc Angels; part of the Great Circle. And depending upon what angle you looked at an Angel, you would see something different. They have many facets or faces. The story of the Great Circle starts there, and continues throughout HIS-tory until this moment. With these examples in mind, know that today’s words have very powerful symbolic numeric, and sacred implications. One of today’s words can consist of an entire paragraph of cosmic ideas and Divine letters that have long since been lost to us since before the time of Babylon. As you notice, it’s not the ideas that have been lost per say, they are all hidden in plain sight. It has been us who have been lost, and unable to find our way past our own perception. As I have demonstrated, even one letter can represent an entire concept, and even have layers of context hidden within it. Hidden in the simple word pie, is the mathematical principal, since all pies are round. It’s the shape that defines the pastry as pie. All pies are cakes, but not all cakes are pies. A square pie, would be called either a cake, or a crumble or strudel, but not a pie. As you can see by the pie example, this mystery can go perhaps many levels deep and seems to have been authored by beings with a deliberate sense of humor. We are confronted with the evidence time and time again that language was clearly not evolved, it was handed down directly from our Creators laced with mystery and insight for those who were at a level to be able to literally read between the lines.

The word Israel, for Instance, consists of the three Hebrew words Is, Ra, El. Isis the Mother Goddess, Rama the Father God, Elohim the Creator. Mathematically, Isis plus Rama equals Elohim. Elohim divided in 2 equals Isis and Rama. We are all descended from and connected to Elohim. Our Mother Isis, and Father Rama. We are all children of the House of El. Who remembers the name of superman, the alien who was sent to live among the humans to learn their ways? Kal-el is the alien name of superman, it means Kal of the house of EL. The word Gospel itself has a hidden meaning as well. Go-Spel God, Spell. A gospel is a text that has been crafted and intended to be recited and believed by the masses, to deliberately manifest the presence of God. In other words, the gospel texts are a spell or incantation intended to evoke God. There are endless dual meanings for us to rediscover within all of the words we now utter today without a second thought.

We are taught to ignore what we have not learned in school. Just like a religion, when the school is done programming us for becoming slaves in the mines, they make sure they close the mind of the students to any new ideas that would undermine their ability to perform their specific function within this society. As a result, most of us communicate at a lower level of awareness without a second thought to where words came from or what concepts are underlying even our very own personal communications. This is one of the secrets of language that is often hidden from those who are not initiates of a higher learning society. Psychiatrists are trained just a little bit in this awareness, and they use Latin to try to decrypt the patients’ subconscious communications.  I have found a like mind with respect to this mystery of language named Joe Lanyadoo. Joe has his own take on the Great Mystery of language. Seems as if he has discovered in his own way much of the same idea as I have, however he has a background in Hebrew whereas I use only Latin. You might want to check out his thoughts on the language of Origin as well. It is particularly validating and gratifying to see another kindred spirit disassembling the cipher and arriving at the exact same conclusions. We even called this source language we found threading through all our words and concepts by the same name, Origin, although the word origin it’s not a very complex extension of the idea.

This hidden context, the riddle of language seems to cross over into the other languages as well, illuminating ideas and inter-connections between all languages. I believe our perspective of our language is too narrow and only studied close up. If one gives further study and perceives all human language as though it is one and the same, giant great puzzle to be solved, handed down from our Creators, then a larger pattern begins to emerge which may unlock even further mysteries and hidden letters to us from beyond. Ever since the legend of Babylon has arisen, it seems that we as a species have lost the keys to the Kingdom, and have babbled-on incoherently ever since, scarcely recognizing the significance of what we really are saying to one another. If we pull apart the very word language – Lang-u-age; Languish you age, (in Latin we commonly reverse the words when translating to English), age you languish, it seems to describe the very predicament we find our entire civilization immersed in. Languish means lose or lack vitality; grow weak or feeble. It is only in this place within the confines of the structure of human language that we languish as imprisoned souls held fast in Plato’s parable Allegory of the Cave, guessing upon the shadows cast upon the fringe of our narrow holographic perception. But fear not, for one of them has quietly loosened his bonds and worked himself free, and the end of the age-you-languish swiftly and silently approaches.

There is a passage in the Christian bible that reads, “seek, and ye shall find“. There is an eastern philosophy / religion that could be described as perennial in its original form. It has no dogma or priests as such. This religion is known as Sikhism. This religion puts our Creator at the heart of everything in daily life, be it music, commerce, family, school. There is no separation. They believe that humans cannot fully comprehend God, but the spiritually awakened will see, feel and hear It’s divine presence and manifestation everywhere. They define this temporary illusion or unreality as Maya. Given the fact that the Mayan calendar just ended, and our consciousness is experiencing exactly this type of shift, could their Maya, and the Yucatan Maya have been describing the same state of unreal values and illusion? Did the word Maya cross the oceans before there were vessels to do so? Another aspect of this religion is that it is based on the search for truth. This search is never ending, and shared among them. Any who have new higher insights or spiritual ideas are welcome to present them without fear of ridicule or excommunication. In this way this group of people will forever Sikh until they find, and when they find, they will share it. It is interesting to note that their symbol has a distinct resemblance to Marvin the Martian as well as the popular music producer’s logo Tiesto logo. When they say in the East, that the West is befuddled and confused, it is partly because of the common perception of westerners that God is not cool. In the coming age, I think the West will rediscover what is not cool very clearly. Ignorance is not cool. Cruelty is not cool. Murdering people because someone told someone to tell someone else to tell you it was patriotic, is not cool. Truth be told, God invented cool, and the rest of us better get hip quick.

There is a prophecy in the bible in the New Testament which speaks of an event which is virtually the antithesis of Babel: after having received the Holy Spirit, the apostles speak, and men of diverse languages all hear the words in their own languages: Acts 2:1-11; And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven. Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in his own language. And they were all amazed and marveled, saying one to another, Behold, are not all these which speak Galilaeans? And how hear we every man in our own tongue, wherein we were born? Parthians, and Medes, and Elamites, and the dwellers in Mesopotamia, and in Judaea, and Cappadocia, in Pontus, and Asia, Phrygia, and Pamphylia, in Egypt, and in the parts of Libya about Cyrene, and strangers of Rome, Jews and proselytes, Cretes and Arabians, we do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God.

Perhaps they are possibly describing the internet, “they were all with one accord in one place and “and it filled all the house where they were sitting“. It is also possible that what I have just described, as well as what Joe Lanyadoo has researched extensively, may perhaps reference the cloven tongues that are mentioned, which may be one key to the language steganography methods such as multi-context layering. Joe has had an experience quite like mine that has led him to this discovery. I resonate with Joe on this topic because I have discovered similar patterns in our languages independently on my own. I also achieved this through direct interaction with the beings that put us here, and I arrived at most of the exact same conclusions. This Holy Spirit mentioned in the prophecy could also be interpreted as the whole spirit. We each have only been looking at a piece of the whole, and have been unable to crack the code with out the full perspective of a being unencumbered by a society driven by language and cultural influences. As for cracking the biblical code, it is merely a mental exercise of some interest, but by no means the path to God. Rather, once you have discovered the path, the ancient writings reveal themselves retrospectively. This is one of the ways you know you’re on the right path. I have met with one of our Creators, repeatedly, and She has told me on one occasion; “The children will one day know Me from the beginning”, all through their lives. I neglected to ask when this will be, for it seems to me that it has begun already. From my perspective, who needs to read an old book, when you can interact with the Divine Mother directly? Why would we want to read last years newspaper, when we can find out what is going on today? There is still a divine plan for us, we will not languish here forever more. The Age of Darkness is at an end. Slowly, we will be led back to the garden from whence we came.


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