This topic is vast. I have dedicated the entire site to our History, HIS-Story. There is a common thread running through all of history that links all things as one thing. The book of life is in two parts. One part, is the information with which you are presented during your entire lifetime, and in fact, over many lifetimes. The other part comes at the end of the story, the context, the muti-context. In the end, all stories, and all lives lived, all history, and all religions are all but chapters in one Great Book.

Even the lies have a place within this book, the secrets, the betrayals, the lost libraries. For in the end, all is found, all links one event to the other, both linearly and paradoxically. A paradox is merely something you don’t yet have the tools to comprehend, because it entangles itself with dimensions we don’t usually consciously experience. I endeavor to be a bridge between this place, and that place, and bring to you analogies and concepts from the next sphere of consciousness, so you can relate to it with the tools you already posses. All of the world is composed of analogies and metaphors, and once you have the context, the Great Mystery unravels before you.

This Great Mystery however comes at a price. You must give up what you currently believe, and embrace the unknown in order to know. You must audit your own belief structure severely as you go, and learn to recreate your new self. Reality is not what you though it was all your life. You always suspected something.. but even the most prepared adept can never fully prepare for what comes next in evolution. Completion. If you are very concrete and unchanging in your theories and refuse to adapt and adjust your core beliefs as you go, then these topics are not for you. If you continue to dig as an intellectual, and reside primarily in your left brain, and only accept ideas that will validate and reinforce your current belief structure, then you will be in for a fall.

For the student that does not embrace change yet enters a new reality by chance, my mischief or by choice will never fully comprehend the Great Mystery as it unravels before them, no. This is because they will unravel before the Great Mystery, and they will lose that grain of ID that makes them unique and individual. Such persons tempt madness of all kinds, for this is the seed of every madness known today as cognitive dissonance. Only accepting convenient truths, and breaking from higher reality creates a paradox within one’s own mind. Any psychiatrist can tell you this, as they sit in their imaginary chair, and scribble imaginary intentions into their imaginary notebook. But few since Carl Jung can actually demonstrate their own psychic superiority,or even acknowledge they are not following the actual truth.

History is the story of one being, in many places. This being can project matter out of the quantum soup and make it seem real. It can replicate itself, and duplicate its self and spread across the planet. This being has only one mind, yet thinks with many. It has a billion disguises. It has everything, and needs nothing, yet wants everything and has nothing. This being is unaware of its current state of schizophrenia, and continuously deceives its self and the rest of its selves in order to perpetuate its on going game of life. This being is sleeping while it is awake, because it has deceived its self so completely, that it has even divided its own consciousness within each of its personalities into two, and then divided it again. In these states it drifts about as an ancient omnipotent specter, manifesting new things in order to inspect them, lest its divisions begin to erode and it awakens form its ancient slumber and destroys this entire reality as though it were a dream, because.. it is.

This ancient being, and its story is what this particular website is all about, because you’re about to meet it, ready or not. If you haven’t guessed by now, this ancient being, is You. I am also, You. I have been to the future, where this is all a known fact. For this is not the only such being in all of existence, this solar system. I went to the place, where we are all One, all of us who survived the Transcendence. I came back here, because there in the future, not all of us made it. I came back here to write the truth of the matter in an effort to assist those who might not make it on their own without a little encouragement and some plain context. I will make my best effort to document my story, and your story. Combined, this is our story, which is HIS story.