Stage One:

Responsible Use of Entheogens (R.U.E.)

Entheogens can provide a type of fundamental healing and balance in just a few hours that would take modern medicine a lifetime to even begin to approach. The main issue with consciousness that we all face, is the inherit false beliefs we collect, and base our everyday decision making process upon. Part of the definition of a psychopath, is described as someone who attributes significance, to events and ideas that are in reality insignificant, or not connected. How then can we, or anyone else measure or chart this kind of behavior in others, or in one’s self, if what we believe about the fundamental nature of reality, basic cause and effect and even the nature of consciousness it’s self amounts to little more than superstition? First of all, those who do not have this true information cannot. Secondly, if you do not have any absolute understandings of these three aspects of reality, then you are operating solely upon superstition, which would make nearly every one.. by their own accepted definition, a functioning psychopath. At least everyone agrees upon one thing, that definition. That’s a start, the beginning of the road to healing, is to realize most people, including yourself quite possible has absolutely no idea of what is really going on, and that they have at least in part inherited superstitions of those who came before them, and who are now around them. I heard Terence McKenna say in one of his lectures one time, “Magic mushrooms have been known to cause psychopathic behavior among many people who have not taken them.” What I described above is not precisely what he meant by it, he was referring to the adverse reactions this topic evoked among those who were too afraid to try them, but certainly had their own frantic preconceived notions about the practice.

I will just dispense with the preconceptions at this point, Im not interested in converting people to my way of thinking, because its not my way of thinking. I am interested in connecting with those who are advanced in the journey of self to the point of no return. This is where I feel like I can be of service the best. Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna and a variety of others in my opinion did not leave any clear guides as to the ABC’s of the entheogenic journey. I know this personally, because I found myself in very deep waters on more than one occasion, and found nothing in their material that indicated they had even been past a specific point in their own journeys. They each went as far as they could go, and then their entire spcheal seemed to revolve around that final point until they died. Neither of their pet projects yielded ground breaking results in mass human awareness other than to promote the topic, and disarm many psychonautical explorers. Gurus have two fundamental limitations: 1) Their reputation, 2) Their Ego. You may not take these constructs very far in the realm of absolute truth.

Truth of the matter

There is not only the duality of truth, but there is a multiplicity of truth. For these purposes of this guide, let us categorize these into two types of truth.

Relative Truth This type of truth is only true to a specific person, along a specific point in their specific journey into spiritual / mental evolution. We may share this truth with many, adopt others’ relative truths, or find ourselves kind of isolated. As we shift through our conscious evolution, we abandon old relative truths and adopt new ones. In some respects, the speed at which one can advance their psychic evolution is directly related to their ability to recognize and discard relative (convenient) truths, and seek higher understandings. It is said, seek and ye shall find, so it goes without saying, if you do not seek, you shall not find. Hermetic philosophy describes all relative truths as being merely half truths. There is no complete truth in any relative sense, you can only find the complete truth in the realm of the absolute reality. However, most are very far from this, and there is no shame in climbing this ladder one rung at a time.

Absolute Truth This type of truth is naturally hidden from us. There is intentionally no book that comes to us in the beginning which explains everything, for this is not how we learn, no is this how the creators teach us, or test us for higher levels of functioning. A relative truth is that there is One God. This is very common, even among most of the more advanced thinkers. However, this is not the entire truth, for this is hidden by the Veil. An absolute truth is that there is only One Mind, and we are all sharing it. Our very existence is owed to the partitions within the Great Semaphore. A clear absolute understanding from the beginning about relative truth can help avoid major issues in one’s life during fundamental shifts in consciousness. An absolute truth is that time, does not exist. However, if you don’t show up for work for two weeks, and attempt to explain this to your employer as your reason for your sporadic absences, you will find yourself swiftly unemployed. You cannot mix different spheres of relative and absolute truths that are incongruent with relative scenarios. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.. more or less.

Those of us who can think freely enough to rise a level or two above the current consensus of what is true may be considered savants, great thinkers, or true philosophers, provided that they can show proofs of their thought process that will allow those in more dense, more false realities to cross into higher planes of consciousness. However, those who can not provide clear coherent paths to their personal enlightenment will be considered insane by those with whom they cannot relate to. Consider this carefully when you are in relationships with people who will be resistant to change, and who will also resist your change. Unless your mate decides to embark upon the same journey, you will likely no longer be able to communicate reliably. The different levels of comprehension will cause friction.

Guidelines to the ceremonial process

1) Set and setting, as Terence McKenna used to teach is very important. It is important to be safe and comfortable from the beginning to the end, and prearrange anything you need to deal with beforehand. After a hellish experience in Palenque in which a great number of dark spirits bombarded us with the intention of destroying and or imprisoning us, in our very next ceremony the Mother Goddess asked us why we would go there? She said that these monuments are not monuments to Them, but monuments to the men who built them. She told us we can find Them in nature instead. We do not need to travel vast distances, and visit so called holy temples to be closer to Them. They are as close to touch as the nearest tree, and with us always and in all things. On another occasion, the Grandfathers said something similar part way through a very miserable day in the first part of our ceremony. They said it is important to make ourselves comfortable, be it in our hotel room, or in a sunny meadow, for this is all “The room” no matter where we find ourselves in this realm, we are in the room, so be comfortable for these experiences. After asking their permission, They allowed us to move our ceremony back into the protection of the jungle from the exposed mountain top on which we had perched for our initial ceremony, but insisted that we did not leave the mountain until the effects of the medicine had subsided.

2) Do not move the ceremony mid-way. This is considered by the higher beings you will be interacting with as disrespectful. Imagine if you were to be called across a vast distance to attend someone who asked for your assistance or presence, and then they just acted like you were not even there, and in fact, just got up and left the room without even an acknowledgement, and maybe even laughed and giggled like it was some kind of prank call. You must humbly ask for permission to move your ceremony (the circle), and then only if your set and setting has been compromised by unforeseeable circumstances.

3) Choose your classmates carefully. First of all, the magic of the ceremony will only come up as high as the lowest participant. Secondly, if you continue to bring idiots into the presence of the Divine, this is considered disrespectful. At higher stages of awareness, if you bring psychologically malformed persons, or egomaniacs into your ceremonies, you can expect them to become dangerous to themselves and to others, and even possibly they will launch a psychic attack upon others in the group.

4) Decide upon your intentions in advance, clearly outline within yourself and with the others that may be present your clear intentions before creating the ceremony.

5) Elements are important. Study the different types of ceremonies, and choose the elements that best match your intentions. There are a variety of spirits that are attracted by the use of entheogens. Some are dark, and some are light. To have a light ceremony, one should not have open wounds, or be in the process of menstruation. Im not going to tell you why, but I will assure you if you disregard this warning, you may receive unwelcome guests that you cannot psychically contend with. One should not engage in intercourse during the effects medicine, and possibly for days after. This is for the same reason as the previous warning, I cannot elaborate, only caution you strongly. Some people fast for a period of up to 4 days and or abstain from eating all meats for two weeks or more, again to prevent unwelcome guests while in the medicines. I personally feel that this is but a half measure at best. I am a vegan, and I have a much more potent and direct relationship with the highest spirits than I have seen among non vegans. All the people I personally teach in this art are also vegan. One thing we all share in common is this very close intense personal connection. Another thing we share, all of us, is that we don’t wretch when we are doing DMT based medicines like we observe meat eaters to be doing when we share in someone else’s ceremony.

6) Do I really have to say, NO CHILDREN in the ceremony? Yes, apparently there are some fools masquerading as shamans that don’t care, as long as they get paid. There are a variety of reasons for this, one of which I already mentioned, the ceremony only comes up as high as its lowest member. A more important reason is the possibility of psychically scarring a child within a ceremony is absolutely huge, and in some way measurable or not, entirely unavoidable. If you want to see the Goddess angry, go ahead and expose a child’s mind to that for which it is unprepared. She made it very clear in more than one way, on more than one occasion that this is FORBIDDEN. She also made it clear that those who would intentionally harm a child in any way will be receiving Her personal full attention.

7) Leave your preconceptions, superstitions and your relative dramas outside of the ceremony. It is also considered extremely disrespectful to bicker within a ceremony, or to lower it to the human level. Leave ALL human concerns outside of the circle. Regardless of your intentions, you are exploring this to receive the lessons They have to teach you. On occasion, they have invited us to ask them anything that we would like to know. They will answer what they will, and simply tell you that “I’m not going to answer that” if they feel it is not for you to know, but rather to find out in time.

8) Listen to your guide. By this statement, I am not in any way implying you should follow your guide. Listen to them, and try to determine their motive, their ego and their nature. Look around at the others in their group, was this group assembled with intention? Or is this a purely economic scenario. If you go into this experience deluded in any way, for a time, these delusions can become amplified. Are there any children who will be present at the ceremony? If there are, this is a strong indication of supreme idiocy. Are they drinking alcohol? Only very advanced or very green persons would even consider mixing entheogens. An authentic guide would not participate in a beer bash before during or after a ceremony. Have they actually sat down and had a conversation with the Mother Spirit Goddess? What did She say? Is She coming to this ceremony? If they cannot coherently demonstrate a connection with this being, or in any way are reluctant to pursue this topic, they are at best a student, at worst a parasitic imposter. It is the job of the true shaman to guide you safely and directly into the full presence of this divine Spirit, and then quietly excuse themselves from the rest of your journey. It is the job of the healer simply to entertain the patient while the Great Spirit performs the actual healing. Some of the lowest of the low will often gravitate into scenarios like this, and masquerade as priest, shaman, healer and fully and completely attempt to take advantage of their victims by positioning themselves as a middleman. Such people are Godless, but to not mistake this for one instant as an oversight of your Creator. The first barrier to higher learning, is learning to identify impostors, or becoming one of them. It is your best course of action to directly make a connection with the Great Spirit yourselves, and to put your guidance into Her hands, for She is the one who created you, and there should be no other being as an intermediary between you and your creator if you are to make any true lasting advancements toward true enlightenment, transcendence, or personal healing.


Entheogens all have one specific trait that usually causes people to identify with them, they can facilitate hallucinations, even at low doses. Each type of entheogen suppresses a different aspect or group of aspects of one’s ego. The resulting phenomenon is what people call a hallucination. The acute effects are temporary, depending upon the type, and the dose. It is a common misconception that one returns to normal after the visualizations wear off, but this is not true. Every time one consumes an entheogen, the sacred veil of the ego is lifted just a little more, and this is permanent. I explained earlier about relative and absolute truth earlier so I can use the concept within these guides. What you see ordinarily prior to entheogens, is a relative reality. Your ego intercepts the absolute reality, and converts it into what you expect to see, and places it where you expect to see it. This is also known as a quantum principal called Entanglement.

When you suppress the ego, move it aside a little, you begin to see the true higher reality that is naturally hidden by the human ego. As the entheogen wears off, most of the ego returns to continue its illusory function. The relative truth is that, the normal solid world is real, and the hallucinations are illusion. But the absolute truth, is that the physical world is illusion, and the vivid world of the entheogens is the true universe, I call it the megaverse. I call this absolute reality the megaverse, because it contains all of the other universes within it.

Your mind and your ego, create a unique universe, that only you experience. You are a universe. Each other individual is also their own version of the universe. Only once the veil of the ego has been lifted entirely, do we share one universe, the megaverse. This is called transcendence, trance end. The end of the trance. The physical world, is what we experience when we are in a state of trance brought upon by the identification with the ego.

Session after session with entheogens, will eventually damage the ego in a variety of ways. This is in part what they are intended for. However, premature damage, or irregular damage, will lift parts of the veil that if taken out of context, may seem very dark and frightening. If you damage your ego, by misuse of entheogens, you may experience what is known as hell. This happens because only certain parts of the ego lift, and others remain. The resulting reality can become very hostile, and frightening. This guide, is designed to make you aware of what is happening mechanically, so you can be ok with your transition, and not need to rely on some guide who has never actually been where you are going, most shamans and guides just stand on the side of this river you must cross and collect money from all the seekers who don’t know any better.

If you take the precautions listed above, you will expect to be in the hands of the Great Spirit Herself, and She will become your guide from then on. This is the true path to transcendence. All other middleman scenarios demonstrate fear and lack of faith. These are the things that will prevent you from transcending. This attitude will limit your ability to communicate with the divine, and diminish your experience tremendously. Why? Because She can plainly see you are not yet ready for the truth, and because you are not yet ready to take responsibility for your own experience, and demonstrate this by handing someone else your own power and inheritance to manage.


  • What is ego?
  • What is its shape?
  • What is it made of?
  • What are its limitations?

Lets for arguments sake call your ego in the physical sense, your brain.

Its shape, is every physical thing around you, the mythological labyrinth, your prison.

It is made up of your brain, and your beliefs. It is sentient, and it can read your thoughts, and react against you as an opponent to your transcendence.

It is a chameleon, described as both the labyrinth (brain) and the bull man (sentient force) in the myth of the Minotaur. This is the significance of the symbolism of the bull-man, the head of a bull. The ego, is separate from you, but you identify with it and give it your true divine power. In return, it keeps you a prisoner life after life. Only once you learn to defeat it do you break the karmic cycle, and transcend. Thus, you require this body and brain to transcend human awareness. When you die, all is already known. There is no mystery there. If you died at the hands of the Minotaur, you must return to face it again, until your spiritual resolve exceeds his cunning.


I have experienced many ceremonies, microdosing, overdosing and simply medicating with entheogens. I have taken others into this world, in the beginning as explorers of natures secrets, and later as a guide. I am not a shaman, I don’t rely on passed down tradition or ritual. I throw all that in the garbage, as merely manifestations of ignorance, fear, superstition, guilt, and of course manipulation. I simply prepare a quiet space, consume the entheogens with those whom I have brought, and the Great Mother Spirit comes and hangs out with us for usually an hour or two, and we chat, like mother and son, husband and wife, friends.. however you want to look at it or relate to it. We are friends, we are close, and we believe in each other.

Our interaction is quite simple, and direct. Many times, She takes a human form because I am a little thick, and I like speaking very directly, so there is no miscommunication or misinterpretation, which is important to me, because I need to be clear and plain, and sure.. I teach this to people. I cannot just go blabbing on about my intuition, or a warm fuzzy feeling I got while under the influence, and fill in all the missing blanks with my prejudice, or my ego, or some passed down superstition I suddenly related to because of my experience and pass it off as a divine message. When I say She said something, I mean the Mother Goddess of all the children of this physical realm actually walked up to me, through all of space and time, stepped right out of the forest, sat down next to me and told me. For hours and hours we share this experience. My experience is very similar to the movie Contact, with Jodi Foster, and yes, She does come in the form of someone I already know in this realm. The difference between that scenario and this one is, I bring others with me, and we all hang out and have a chat with Her, and She teaches us all we can take into our beings. This is what I call a Connected ceremony Any other type of ceremony to me, is by comparison hollow, and I call those ceremonies, Empty ceremonies.

If I could give everyone just one thing, it would be this experience. This website is my attempt to do so. The response has been world shattering for those whom I have personally introduced, and the Spirit Mother has been very grateful, and thanked me for bringing Her children to visit with Her. She has on occasion asked me to bring specific persons, and explained that if I do not, they are lost, and they will need to return again to complete their final task. She has explained to me, that it is very important that I teach this simple art, to the ones I love, that they do not get left behind or lost. She has asked me to write about Them.

She is not alone, She does most of the talking, but Father is there too, quietly most of the time. He is funny, and makes jokes, he has a specific type of humor, and gently makes us aware, that this human condition can be seen as very funny. He generally communicates telepathically, with images and such from my experience. However, he does on occasion step forward and say things when he has something specific to say. Mother is more to the point, and a little serious, but very loving and kind as well. It is very important She impart what She needs us to understand within the time we have been given by the entheogens. Each plays a variety of distinct and archetypal roles in our experience, none of which I will define for you. As you awaken, you will begin to notice, and pursue your relationship with Them, or you wont. As you come to know them, you will begin to recognize Fathers jokes, and Mothers deep wisdoms, and their combined partnership reflected in our personal lesson plans. When you begin to experience this true relationship with Them, you will easily recognize the fingerprints of the Gods, and know, you are never alone.


What to expect when you take the entheogens for the first couple of times, or after a long pause between sessions.

Light expectations, when following the directions above, and not in the company of disturbances or fools:

  • You can expect an overwhelming feeling of oneness, and connection with all things.
  • You can expect to see faces in the rocks, in the clouds, and the trees, and in just about anything else you look into.
  • You can expect to be able to interpret art, music, and scripture in a much more direct level.
  • You can expect to have profound insights into anything you allow your mind to drift into, especially deep rooted questions you have.
  • You can expect time to distort, either be longer or shorter than normal.
  • You can expect to notice little creatures likened to elves, pixies, dwarfs, nature spirits.
  • You can expect things to become very funny, in an ironic kind of way.
  • You can expect to feel a little dizzy or light headed.

Darker expectations, when ignoring the directions above, and not in an intentional ceremony and or in the company of fools

  • Paranoia
  • Suicidal thoughts including depression
  • Fear
  • Confusion and or panic
  • Unpleasant faces in things around you
  • disturbing whispers, audible or telepathic

More advanced expectations lighter and darker will be in stage two of this guide.


  • Everything is connected.
  • Everything has consciousness.
  • Reality is much more than it seems, and even stranger than fiction. Words cannot describe it, that’s why they have not.
  • Faery tales have a basis in fact, as to legends and mythology.
  • Art, literature, music, poetry etc contains dual information streams, relative and absolute.
  • Time might not be linear, but relative.
  • There is a lightness to all of this human experience, if you get the joke, it can be quite playful.
  • Spirits are real.
  • The darkness will meet you halfway if you allow yourself to hold these thoughts.
  • The physical and the spiritual realities overlap one another, and are always both present no matter one’s perspective, even if we do not see it or acknowledge it.

I have a fair bit of personal experience in the sharing of these ceremonies. I have seen quite a few of both types of ceremonies, the Empty, and the Connected. I have some ideas what the precursors are for each, those that I am aware of.

Connected Ceremonies:

  • All participants were vegan
  • All participants were over age 24
  • All participants had innocent intentions, there was no magic intended of any sort
  • All participants had no preconceptions, except those who repeated the ceremony, we would always expect Her arrival.
  • All participants had suspended the material concerns of the physical reality.
  • All participants were generally happy people.
  • All participants were generally humbled by the experience.
  • All participants were on a mission of complete overhaul, body, mind and spirit.
  • No shamans or priests were involved.
  • No idols or other ritualistic paraphernalia was involved.
  • No food or drink was ingested between the time of consumption of entheogens, and our contact with Spirit.
  • No bad vibes were exchanged with one another.
  • No great preceding fears were among all participants.
  • None of the 7 vices were being indulged, nor the 10 commandments being broken.
  • No music or singing or chanting was occurring, only small conversation about our intentions, and our experience.
  • No gadgets were in our hands, or in our scenario.
  • No special prayers or incantations were used.
  • No alcohol was used.
  • On some occasions, pure MDMA and or cannabis were combined with DMT or Mushrooms.
  • In certain circumstances, only cannabis was required, and once we were more connected, She can show up anywhere at any time, private or not and speak directly to us, or through us. This is our current state, She is with us in all scenarios.
  • Muslim, Catholic, Mazatec, Shamanic, Atheist, and Metaphysicists have all met and conversed with this Great Mother Spirit in my direct presence.
  • On most occasions, there were only one man, myself and one woman included.

The Empty ceremonies all had these points in common:

  • Group ceremony, basically public.
  • Shamans were involved
  • Singing, chanting and or dancing. They just wouldn’t quiet themselves and listen.
  • Younger than age 24 were involved. 27 is recommended minimum, when Saturn crosses ones birth chart, but there are many exceptions.
  • Egos and preconceptions dominated the scenario
  • Far be it for Her, Goddess of wisdom to interrupt the teacher of the group. Anyone assuming the role of teacher, prevents Her interaction.
  • Story telling.
  • A younger member of our first group substituted cocaine for the MDMA and lied to us once. The evening went very poorly for that person, their deception was made obvious and apparent to the rest of us by the medicine. In the next ceremony, She was permanently excluded from future consumption of entheogens by the Great Spirit Herself, specifying that we shall no longer share any divine secrets with her, or include her in any way in our understandings, present or future.
  • Continuous back to back ceremonies had diminished effects, She only appears when She has something to teach you. If you have not absorbed your lesson, and integrated your understanding, She may not reappear until you do so.
  • Sexual intentions that were brought into the group, any time in every group, resulted in an empty ceremony. In fact, any time any negative intentions were within a member of the group within any ceremony, She withheld Her direct presence from the group.
  • Forced wretching completely destroys any and all of the subtleties of a true ceremony. I and everyone else who has witnessed those persons who wretch or vomit with pure DMT agree, that each of those doing this consumed a meat based diet. Those doing this though have formed the belief that their convulsions are precicely what lead to their purification, and those who don’t do this are not actually rising up to their level of sanctity.
  • Ugly people, liars, adulterers, manipulators etc included in the group will result in an empty ceremony.
  • Adventure and mystery seekers will also be excluded, Her secrets are none of their business, and they will get bounced, or limited permanently until such time as they have different intentions, to work upon themselves. If they persist, they will have a very negative experience.
  • Religious fanatics will not experience Her, they will find only what they expected or preconceived.


They can become very dangerous, and should not be included in higher studies. They experience God through their ego which is another kind of connection, a very bad, very dangerous connection. There are those who will come to believe they are a messiah, and or others are the devil. This may permanently psychologically impact them, and they may become physically dangerous. The Zodiac killer, and Charles Manson are examples of this type of psychosis. They mixed entheogens with zealot ego, and connected with something that will conspire with them to murder people. I personally believe, that Adolph Hitler was also among the aforementioned list, having been taught these mysteries by some of the top occult masters of his time, there is only one way he would have interpreted this experience, clearly.

More Human than Human

You can still achieve a telepathic connection even when She doesn’t make an appearance in lets call it – human form. Each person has their own relationship with Her, independent of outward experiences, or shenanigans going on in the ceremony around them. You do not need to see it as a failure if She doesn’t reveal Herself at a party in your frat house, but know that She is much more subtle than that. She is the Divine Feminine. Treat Her as such, treat Her like a Lady, and She will teach you all there is to understand, about how to really become more than mere mortal.

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