Chapter 3 – A unified theory of everything

Time, and relativity are tricky things to wrap our minds around. Let us assume for a moment you have been following along at home, and have identified the difference between your mind and your ego. Let us then assume you and I can now communicate clearly without the egos between us confusing and conflicting us, and filtering everything I say with a strict doubt filter. When we use the word if we are creating or proposing to make a calculation, or series of them. We naturally calculate everything we apprehend, at least our brain does while our mind waits for the results. This is what it’s programmed to do. To begin a conversation about relativity and time is to postulate, theorise and calculate something that is rather intangible. There are certain things we know about time. However, we have not yet begun to scratch the surface of time as a society. The scientific community is waiting with baited breath for a genius like Steven Hawking to lead us to the Promised Land with respect to new information about time. However, Steven has led science down that promised road with a tidy calculation twice now, and both times, in a different direction. So, what his calculation is actually representing in reality is precisely how easy or difficult it is to fool the entire collective sciences into backing whatever it is that he dreamed up from an evolutionist’s standpoint.  It is as though it is a locked topic, and inconceivable for a simple person without a degree to learn something new about it. Here is a good trick of the mind to ponder. If we learn to increase our awareness, even slightly, we can audit all of our existing beliefs, every one of them, and re classify and re organize them in a much more efficient manner than they were in previously. We may even find and correct paradoxes, errors, and eliminate redundant or out dated information along the way. If we have found a way to increase our awareness significantly, we can go through this audit process and change our entire paradigm exponentially. Each time we do this, there is a lesser distance between us, and mental giants who shape our scientific community. If you complete this process often enough, you may even become a giant yourself. Humans have the ability to adjust their IQ like a volume level by this practice alone. The limitation of scientific giants is commonly the belief in our evolution buried deep within each of their equations. Their line of reasoning can only take them so far.

How do we simple folk learn about time then? As with anything intangible, we need to use analogies to represent it in a way that we can conceive it. Simpler people can use simpler analogies to extrapolate the exact same concepts. Our ego and our governments do not want us to become more aware. This diminishes their strangle-hold over us and threatens their dominant position and domination over our dominion. You are trained to feel small and insignificant, separated, and wallow in the futility of your actions and thoughts. Do not be lured into the dream crusher, it’s a long road back to enlightenment from that place, and no one will carry you home. To combat this feeling of futility, you need to understand some simple wave physics. If you throw a stone into a body of water, the further out from the impact of the stone, the larger the waves become, to infinity in theory. Imagine time as a fluid, and each thought and action as a stone. Every single thing you do in the three forms of action, the thought the spoken word and the physical action resonate (make continuous waves) into the future to infinity. This is also known as the butterfly effect. The wind from the wings of a single butterfly is said to multiply into a hurricane on the other side of the world. This is not actually a fact, but an exercise in butterfly philosophy, but the wave physics is a fact.

To explain this concept a little deeper, if you are an eternal being, you are right now in your own past. You are building the foundation of what you will become thousands of years from now. If this is true, you are also making eternal friends, and growing with your eternal God Mother and God Father as well. And if one day we all evolve past this physical plane of existence, we are already a vast family of ancient omnipotent entities, just waiting for time to reveal this conclusion one moment at a time. So, are you an insignificant, separate, mortal being wallowing in the depths of futility? Or are you Michael J. Fox in the movie Back to the Future, altering the very fabric of time, space and evolution in the entire known universe with a wave of your hand, a single word, or even a seed of thought that sprouts into an incredible game changing infinite idea for the benefit of all of mankind? This is up to you to decide. But what I’m trying to get across to you, is the idea that you are in your own distant past, shaping your own future weather you like it or not. If you fall to the dark forces be they natural or constructed, you may in fact paint your own future so black, you will not find your eternal soul there. If you do this, your time left here will be likened to that of some of the stars we see at night, whose light still reaches us, but the actual source of the light, the star has long since died.

We all need to be very careful what we believe. If we believe we can live forever, that future begins to manifest on a quantum level. If we believe we are not eternal, we will most certainly die in the physical plane, for the physical is also immersed within the quantum realm, not separate from it. The nature of existence is wired this way. Most people would wish to have the power to live forever, and to create anything they imagined. With time, this all becomes possible. By that time, you need to be careful what you imagine or believe and guard against your own and others right to exist peacefully. When you’re out of time, it becomes too late to build the future, for your present will merge with it and all becomes as one as you are at that moment. Here, right now, you have a great and unfathomable power to shape your eternal future. Seize it. It is little wonder with this in mind, that some of the first beings God is said to have created became jealous of the privilege bestowed upon humankind. Time is a blessing and an opportunity to becomeself realized, and self made, rather than prefabricated so to speak. There is a terrible downside though. Not all of us will make it through the fire to ever see the other side. Again, I stress self responsibility for your own salvation is the only hope you have to make it out of here alive.

So, when are we? We are in our own past. Now, let’s take a look at where are we. What are the stars? The solar systems of the universe, comets, black holes are all operating in unison. The universe can be seen as a giant clock of sorts. There is a black hole in the center of nearly every galaxy. Although we think we are far enough away from the event horizon of a black hole to escape any of its effects, this is incorrect. The black hole in the center of each galaxy is responsible for the manifestation of time. The closer we are to the black hole, the more slowly time goes, the further out, the quicker. If there were no black holes at all, time, and space would not exist as we are familiar with them. At that point, everything would be again reduced to light, and resume the speed of light.

The current scientific working theory is that eventually, everything will be sucked into a giant black hole once the universe stops expanding, and the big bang will happen all over again, and we will be once again scattered upon the universe. Due to the complexities of quantum physics, we are beginning to understand that this may not actually be the truth. Something has been overlooked. Time is a concept. If a concept exists in the universe, and no one is there to conceive it, does it actually conceptualize? By Schrödinger’s principal, no it does not exist here if no one is looking at it. Schrödinger theorised that we are actually co-creators of reality in the physical plane at the quantum level. If we are not directly looking at an object, it is not actually taking the bother to manifest a physical form. So theoretically, once the last sentient being perished from this plane of existence, then the physical plane of existence will cease to exist. There will be no new big bang to scatter our compressed ashes across the universe once more. Once this place is gone, that’s it. You can never print the same page twice. You can print as many copies of the page as you have resources to do so, but never again the same page. Once matter is compressed into the center of the black hole, it ceases to be matter in the physical sense. It becomes, quantum, like digital as opposed to analog. How does the black hole affect the rest of our space-time continuum?

For those of you familiar with mathematics, namely the Fibonacci series of numbers and its implications, then you are already aware of what the Fibonacci spiral looks like. Fibonacci was a mathematician who is responsible for replacing the Roman numeral system with the Arabic numbers we still use today. He studied there as a boy, and brought many new concepts back to the west. One of which is the Fibonacci series, which was taught to him by his Arabian mathematics teachers. It is said, the Arabs had known of this concept as early as 14 hundred years ago, a full 600 years before the time of Fibonacci. The Fibonacci sequence is considered to be this series of numbers: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, … the next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it. For example: the next number in the sequence above is 21+34 = 55. If you Google Fibonacci and browse the images, you will find this pattern displayed on a chart. This is called the Fibonacci spiral. If you look up a photo of the galaxies with a black hole in the center, you will find that this spiral fits the pattern of this chart perfectly. If you happen to look upon your own floor and see a strand of hair, it has quite likely naturally taken this shape. The water from a sink or toilet drains in this spiral as well. As do thousands of other natural phenomenon, animals, and even the geometry of the human anatomy, no matter the shape or weight class they are in. I find this to be a chicken and egg type of scenario.

What came first, the black hole, or the mathematics behind the hundreds of thousands or naturally occurring Fibonacci patterns all around the universe? It would seem that one plus one, equals two no matter what plane of existence you’re on. However, that may not be true either. We are a little too early in the book to get into the complexities of the duality of truth, or multiple dimensions. However, once we can extrapolate the shape and cause of this dimension, we can then multiply our conceptions like a string of paper dolls, and understand those relationships by first understanding our relationship to this dimension more completely. So, where are we? We are on the outer edge of a giant black hole in the center of our galaxy that is responsible for creating time / space as we know it, and likely also responsible for the shape and structure of all naturally occurring matter. If we move closer to the center of this black hole, time moves faster. Farther out from it, time slows down. If we move completely away from it, time disappears, or is no longer linear. It is also quite possible that the known universe is a super massive black hole, the very center of which would be the cause of the emanations we know as the electromagnetic spectrum, and gravity. This is all far more complex than this if we choose to inspect it all more closely using today’s accepted and limited tools and equations. However, we are not in math class, we are just setting the mind’s stage for some higher concepts and re-examining some of our fundamental beliefs.

So, if we are in our own past, and if our location is on the edge of a giant black hole, then what are we? What is this body we seem to be attached to, and what purpose does it serve? This body is simply a biological machine, a time machine. Those of you familiar with the BBC’s Dr. Who series are familiar with the T.A.R.D.I.S. (time and relative dimension in space) time machine. This body our spirit / soul currently inhabits, just as the planets, and even the black holes is created and shaped by and for navigating the forces of time / space. This gives us our geometry among other equally important physical aspects. Our shape is a mathematical and artistic expression of the beings that created it. They used mathematics and shapes they found beautiful in order to represent the entire universe within each of us. At a certain stage of our evolution, it is difficult to ignore the beauty and grace we posses compared to all other beings on this planet. It shows us we are close to their heart, and favoured over all. When you look into the mirror, the piece of divinity you see staring back at you is a realization that this was no Darwinian accident. Your likeness is also a promise that you will have the opportunity to meet your maker personally once your ready to take that giant leap. The brain, the nerve endings, the sensations are all a construct. With out this body, we would not be able to experience 3-D time and space illusion as we do. What is missing from the illusion of the continuum surrounding us the brain invents as we go along so we have an uninterrupted experience of individuality, separation, and a fluid three-dimensional time and space experience. Wait a moment right there, and ponder what we have just gone over. I mentioned earlier that quantum physicists have come to the conclusion that we are co-creating this experience. I have also mentioned that there are gaps in reality as we know it, and our brain is designed to fill them with what we expect to find, where we expect to find it. So, is all of this a hologram? Perhaps this reality is a shared hallucination of sorts? Is time in our brain, which is busy at work convincing our minds that time exists outside of us?

Einstein called this phenomenon spooky action at a distance, and did not want any part of this spooky science. As the rest of the theory goes, a particle at the quantum level can be in more than one place at the same time. Only when we observe it does it decide upon which position to be in, and moves faster than the speed of light to adjust itself when observed. Just a few days ago in 2015, this spooky science was successfully demonstrated in a laboratory. By the time Einstein passed on however, he was reluctantly publicly accepting Schrödinger’s theory. Some scientists will study what the brain was designed to conceive, and measure it, and weigh it. Other scientists study these theories in order to attempt to extrapolate a more accurate view of the true universe, and not just what we were meant to see within the construct that it was designed to be observed within. We need to become aware of quantum implications at this stage of our personal evolution. Stretch out your arm and your hand in front of you, and imagine that your mind is manifesting this appendage. Your feeling, sensation, all of this is a mathematical equation being broadcast upon the tapestry of the electromagnetic spectrum, and played back before your very eyes like a movie. Our brains are doing a lot more than we are allowed to perceive in our normal state.

We can no longer take anything for granted or at face value. Each of us must re-examine everything around us using every possible method available to us. Don’t accept what you’re spoon-fed any longer. We have a long road back if we are to preserve this society for our children and grandchildren. Our brains and our egos got us into this mess. Since we cannot solve this problem at the level with which we created it, we must now take back our sub-infinite minds, and use them to manifest a new destiny. What about our T.A.R.D.I.S.? What exactly is it, and can we actually use this construct to navigate through time and space? Where are the controls, or are we just stuck here in a broken time machine, frozen into this one single linear experience? Our body is the hardware that was specifically designed to compliment the software which we call the universe. This allows us to experience time and space as though we were actually here. Nowadays, we call segments of code lines or snippets. It seems that in the days of old, it was called a verse. Yes, we can navigate space / time within this construct. We will look much further into the location of the controls in an upcoming chapter. Thus far, we are simply laying the cables from the wakeful conscious mind, to the control room in the sub-conscious by re-examining our fundamental belief structure and repeatedly auditing all of the other associated and linked information as we go. We cannot be tripping over mental clutter if we intend to take our time machine off of auto-pilot for the first time. We wouldn’t want to crash, and end up somewhere we cannot get back from on our own.


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