Stage Three:

Entering the Threshold

For those advanced souls who have passed into the threshold and landed on the other side of time, we don’t have the typical flashbacks described by some who have overdosed themselves with psychedelics. To explain this simply, I have flash-forward periods, where this entire reality is thousands of years behind me. All the physical reality is gone, long long gone. There is only One being left, and it is me. All have become me, and I am alone again, with those who created me. Some of the others I have known that have come nearly this far remember this place as “The white room“. Take the door in front of you, and this timeline all becomes permanent, and you find out what lies beyond. Take the door behind you, come back here the way you came, and here I am, crossed over on my own timeline, in my own past making decisions that vastly affect my distant future timeline, and all those who are still here. Now I am both here, and in the future simultaneously. What is beyond the door in front of me in the white room is only speculative, I did not go through it, and no one told me anything while I was in this room. My current hypothesis is that all of those who made it through the threshold of human transcendence exist past this decision point. Only after this point in my personal experience can I truly understand the implications of this gift we are currently experiencing called the present.

I have based this article on my personal experiences with persons who were close to me, who misjudged the true power of these medicines, and stumbled into the darkness. I have also based this article upon my own personal psychological experiences, having witnesses others become undone in a variety of ways. In my own experience, many entheogenic journeys will progress into the Threshold of human awareness if one continues to pursue this course. In each case, spiritual beings both attacked and protected us as the journeys progressed. Three persons became possessed by demon-like archetypes of their own consciousness lying dormant and awaiting the unsuspecting traveler to resurrect them accidentally. One person lost herself into the world of black malignant magic, and identified with a dark creature, thus eventually becoming this. Those who might be thinking, they have done lots of entheogens and never had such an experience are either taking low potency entheogens, have not been invited to know, or were too young at the time and the effects were suppressed / limited from the other side.

One of these persons I mentioned had a very intense battle with irrational fears and panic, and by following the steps outlined above, she was brought back into a normal, yet heightened state of awareness with which she can now function again and blend in with the rest of humanity, while retaining her enhanced awareness. She can now communicate directly with the Great Spirits – no medicines required, and is a student of their mysteries, and of her own continuing healing journey. As for myself, I have been in the medicine with each of these people, from the first time they began taking it, and every time since. As an observer, and a participant, I have learned a great deal, unfortunately sometimes at the expense of those who I had endeavored to teach and learn this sacred art form with. Had I known the basic rules from the beginning, much sorrow could have been avoided. However, there are no books to teach these things that one can somehow rely upon, and the words that were once laid down have been twisted or commercialized within sects and cults and could no longer be trusted from my point of view. For this reason, many of my own personal transgressions were tolerated by the Divine Spirits who are behind the sacred medicines, and they themselves taught me, and still teach me what I must continue to learn in this respect.

The veil which once contained and comforted my awareness has been torn by accidental overdosing and unknowingly combining sacred medicines, and even accidentally opening some very serious portals that are not meant for humans to engage by misunderstanding the specific elements of the ceremony, and including that which should not be included within any human ceremonies. I accidentally discovered a mixture of medicines and procedure that linked me with the creator so closely that I witnessed that which was never to be witnessed. Only through practice of the above regiment of identity crisis management was I able to manually stitch back together enough of my ego to be able to take any of this reality seriously at all, and not just wander off into some jungle to be at ONE. I feel very privileged just to be allowed to continue to exist. I had a conversation with the Goddess during the last heavy unraveling, and it was clear to me that what I had done was no allowed. We must never breach the containment walls of the sphere that contains us, this is akin to summersaulting down Mount Everest.

One mistake I made was trying to push through my fear of certain heavy medicines the simply blew my mind open, by repeating the process. I had this idea, that if I could address and face the fear at that level, then at this level, my human frailties and fear based malignments would disintegrate, or at least be exposed as unreal and become completely treatable. It is a common misconception that DMT is the heaviest sacred medicine that one can take. This is not so. I took a much different medicine that gives you access to the entire hive mind, the mind of God. I went so far, I even traveled outside the construct of time itself. I watched it all come apart, and go back together as I shifted through the stages of the different medicines. I for a moment, sat upon the shoulder of God, like a little monkey as we summersaulted down Mount Everest together. It seems at this point, that I have moved my consciousness into a very advanced state, past the state of conscious critical mass. I have been forced to invent brakes for a vehicle that was never meant to be slowed down, just to remain coherent. All entheogens seem to have become the same substance now, even coffee will lift my state of mind into what would have taken mushrooms before.

One purpose of this website is to help be a guide, and to relate my experiences to those who will follow me. I have pieces of the map of consciousness, and I have quite a good understanding of what has actually been happening, to all of us, and what comes next, and in what order. I also know there is a limit. There is a limit to childishness, and materialist thinking. There is also a limit to medicine, how much you can take, be it toxic or not, there is a point not to cross, and this is best known in advance. I saw other people doing these medicines with me, and reporting their experiences, even sharing at the same time, and I made the error in thinking that if they can do this amount, and its not toxic, I must not be trying hard enough, and I should continue past these warning signals. I am not everyone else, each person has their own limit set by how advanced in their awareness they already are. There are psychic warning signs I will go into further in the entheogen section as I evolve it.

Once you tear the veil, it can never go back. As for those people who dont make the journey properly, they each develop a God complex with enhanced awareness and collect enough evidence to keep them imprisoned within their delusion for the duration of this life unless there is some specific divine intervention. They disguise themselves, and tell people what they need to hear so they can get their way, and on occasion try to convert those who they think they can into this same state, like a virus. Charles Manson and Adolph Hitler both had this specific affliction/delusion. In pop-fiction the most infamous character such as this was represented as Darth Vader (which translates into Dutch for “dark father”). This is how important it is for people to become educated about identity crisis management, especially if they intend to be involved or around a loved one who is involved with the sacred medicines. Psychic world war three is here, and that which took ahold of Hitler, is rising from the depths of our own consciousness to claim us as it’s own, one, by, one. Educate yourself in the true sacred side of entheogenic practice before you engage in it, or you will become the victim of a psychic vampire, then turn into such a beast yourself. I hope these techniques I have mentioned will help prepare those of you who will eventually find themselves in this psychic struggle for what lies beyond. Take heart, there is most definitely a silver lining to all of this madness, and a distinct reason why you came this way. This is a rite of passage. On this journey, you cannot pay with your money, it is only paid with spiritual currency, better known as the seven virtues.

In this video below, Dennis McKenna describes the same incident of what he calls shamanic initiation. He in my opinion as many aspects of reality, his perception of certain facts incorrect, adopting for him what I would call a relative linear truth. However he does bring up many interesting points. The experiment they were trying to achieve happens every time I consume entheogens. My entheogenic experience externalizes, and although I do not have specific control over reality from a distance in most respects, I have accidentally become everything for periods exceeding over a month beginning at age 24 for a period of 2 months, and most recently for a period exceeding 3 months. The reason I do not have absolute control over the reality in these scenarios, is that I am most certainly not alone, but I am plugged into a very large group of beings that actually comprise the entirety of reality.

As for the externalization of the entheogenic experience, what I observe is the entire world coming to life, and those who are with me are able to share in this experience. Most also have a direct psychic connection to the Great Spirit during our experience, and those who have been with me during multiple sessions have all spoken to what is becoming popularly known as Mother Ayahuasca directly manifest in the physical reality hearing the words through the very same air we breath, and sharing a conversation with Her directly. Everyone who has experienced the medicine has their own rationalization for each different aspect of this experience. However, in my humble opinion, if you are having a lesser experience, I call this a diminished experience. Each individual is given only what they can psychically handle, good or bad. I call ceremonies that I have shared where She does not step forward, empty ceremonies. And FYI, She is not alone. He is always right beside Her. Right now, He is not getting the attention because most seekers do not yet come to be aware of Him, nor does he seek to be known in most scenarios, He is in disguise.

Dennis describes his current belief structure as being based in material science at this point in this video. Certainly not specific mainstream science, but his own blend of esoteric, homeopathic chemistry. This could be described as his continuing regiment of self administered identity crisis management (I.C.M.). Unless he were to discard his current set of errant beliefs, he would in theory calcify and not progress any further toward absolute truth, but continue to circle his current comfortable niche in life and find what he expected to find, where he expected to find it. He describes very vividly his perception at the time of crisis of being everything. I.C.M. is the process of lying to yourself, creating a relative belief structure and backing down from the absolute truth, that yes indeed, you are everything around you, you are projecting this in co-operation with the rest of us. The universe is made of software, designed in co-operation with this physical body which is the hardware you identify with as yourself, and it is a quantum being capable of projecting a virtual universe around you, and lying to your mind by sensing through the 5 senses and reporting false data to your nerve center. Everything you see is as flat as paper, and your senses do the mathematics to deceive your brain into believing the three dimensions actually exist.

Simplified, we are what we thought God was, and God is so much closer and so much larger and more complex yet simple than we could ever conceive. There is truly no need to panic, just come to learn to accept this glimpse into the absolute and understand this entire place is completely alive and aware of you, and it has been having a conversation with you in its own way on its own terms this entire time. The only difficulty reconciling this apparent paradox seems to stem from those around you who are so vastly unaware, and the feeling of being both so connected and so banished and alone at the same time. Mastery of I.C.M. and learning to flip from their relative interpretation of reality, back into the vast absolute reality resolves this paradox entirely, and gives one absolute purpose. Then you can walk among the rest of humanity, have your connection with your God parents, and help lead the world into this new age of enlightenment. You are blessed to become initiated, truly. Take it is a gift, learn to manage it, and give it away to as many people as gently as you can. Understand, we are all still cosmic children inside of the womb, but some of us had to come first to help the others who require a more human intervention.

The Cult of Awareness

If you were wondering how these modern cult leaders possess people in the way they do, it is through the misuse of entheogens, either known to those who take them, or secretly being administered in low doses over time. These “followers” actually experience higher states of reality, but warped around a demon possessed leader. They actually experience the apocalypse unfolding before them in everyday reality, and there is nothing in the world, except an experienced psychonaught / or true shaman who can even begin to relate to them, and demonstrate his own connection to spirit. This messiah trap, is actually built into our minds. When the cracks begin to show in the facade, these cult leaders often try to cause the entire group to commit mass suicide, because they became God (in their minds), and this physical reality was no longer of any actual consequence. They were ignorant of the rules I set out above, but are also of poor intentions in a number of ways. They also mix sex with entheogens –  and this is a big mistake for reasons I will not go into here.

They conspired to repeatedly psychically attack other members of the group, and invade and posses their minds. Quick thinking, prior experience and a full intervention from both of their complete families prevented a complete catastrophe, but they each remain afflicted. Just beneath the surface, each of them has the fight for their very soul playing out before their ill prepared consciousness. No amount of identity crisis management will shake their beliefs, for they have experienced this state of perceived absolute power, and long to recover it.

I discovered a technique, quite by accident to open ones mind nearly completely. In other words, one no longer becomes physical reality based any longer, but stays in the state of the medicine all the time, from that point onward. I showed two of my group, and we performed the ceremonies of what I came to understand as resurrection. Shortly afterwards, I had a meeting with the Great Mother Spirit. She cautioned me about teaching others this secret, for they can become immediately confronted by the true dangers of what is beyond this realm, and become a large danger to themselves and others. I could tell by our conversation, that some who experience this, will not be allowed to continue. I urge you, to go slowly, be happy and enjoy the journey. When the end comes, a new level of awareness comes with a new level of responsibility, one that stretches far beyond the comprehension of mortal man.

There is a relationship, between conduct, and consciousness; you cannot become great, without first becoming good. ~ Manly P. Hall

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