Omega Theory

The Omega theory reconciles all paradoxes within theories, both scientific and spiritual. I called it this because it included God in the equation, as well as consciousness, us. The Omega Point, or Perennial Philosophy, or Hermeticism could be considered the basis of this theory, but these were not what I had based anything upon, it just so happens to fit my model of creation based upon my own observations. I discovered these previous ideas after I had come to understand how nature was working through direct observation and experience over a 20 year period. I have included more about this theory as part of an article about the nature of time I called Bootstrap Theory.

Omega Theory describes how M Theory, Entanglement Principal, Many Worlds Theory, Bootstrap Theory (causal loop) can all be combined to reconcile each other’s perceived paradoxes and “problems”.

Omega Theory Principals

  • M theory (membrane theory) describes strings that are extremely minute, but also extremely large, and every size in between. This brings the ideas of string theory, m theory, and quantum mechanics into the physical world, and allows science to measure these phenomenon.
  • The double slit experiment demonstrates that consciousness is a dimension, or a force, or more likely both.
  • The double slit experiment demonstrates that the bootstrap theory is at play when photons viewed after the slit plate turn back into particles faster than the speed of light.
  • The double slit experiment demonstrates that the many worlds theory is merging with the bootstrap theory, and the photons do not travel back in time, but sideways in time, possibly suggesting that the experiment in and of itself and the choice to look, splits the experimenter into a different parallel universe than the one where the experiment was initiated.
  • The omega theory suggests that many worlds theory is actually the many universes theory.
  • The omega theory suggests that dark matter is comprised of all of the parallel universes in which we are currently not perceiving.
  • The omega theory suggests that entangled particles are within their own membrane, which may be a micro, self contained universe.
  • The omega theory suggests that we are navigating forward, backward and sideways in time through these parallel universes, that time itself is not linear.
  • The omega theory suggests, as does entanglement theorem that Hermetic Principals are at play, from the largest to the smallest particles and waves.
  • The omega theory suggests that each of the 11 dimensions proposed by m theory are containers, that contain the other dimensions, the largest of which is God.
  • The omega theory suggests that cataclysm is natures self defense mechanism that restores balance in unbalanced regions of the cosmos.
  • The omega theory suggests that the four forces of nature are actually more than four, the hermetic Reason being one of them, and consciousness being another.
  • The omega theory suggests that belief is a dimension, a container if you will that encases the physical reality as we observe it to be.
  • The omega theory suggests, strings are comparable to dna, and membranes are comparable to the stomach, esophagus, skin etc.

11 dimension Theory

  1. God – the container that contains all sub-dimensions.
  2. Consciousness – the various aspects of God that it divides itself into.
  3. Emotion – the dimension that moves, this is how the consciousness is motivated, both a force and a dimension.
  4. Choice – the dimension from where other lower dimensions are spawned.
  5. Observation – the space in between the belief dimensions.
  6. Belief – the dimension created (Many worlds theory) from the previous 5 dimensions, it dictates the shape of the membrane by stretching the strings to fit the belief.
  7. Membrane – the dimension which contains all manner of universes, a medium for information compartmentalizing and transfer of data.
  8. Time – a dimension both linear and parallel, shaped cyclical and fractal, relative to the previous 7 dimensions.
  9. Length – a spacial dimension shaped cyclical and fractal, relative to the previous 8 dimensions.
  10. Width – a spacial dimension shaped cyclical and fractal, relative to the previous 9 dimensions.
  11. Height – a spacial dimension shaped cyclical and fractal, relative to the previous 10 dimensions.

Back to the Future

Omega theory among others suggest that not only is time travel possible, but that we are actually traveling sideways in time through parallel universes with each decision we make, and even between the initiation and conclusion of each and every experiment we conduct. If indeed this is so, then we can possibly learn to influence where we find ourselves as we jump from universe to universe, from decision to decision. Is there possibly a universe out there where we all awaken to higher understandings and this reality transcends into a new age of enlightenment? Many worlds theory suggests yes, it is so. As a matter of fact, many worlds theory suggests that as you are reading this article, parallel worlds are instantaneously spawning along side you as choices are being presented and considered. In one reality, you only glanced at the page, and never read it. In another reality, you just read part of it, and decided your time was more valuable. In another reality you read this, consider it, and dismiss it entirely. In yet another reality, you read this, considered it, and began to learn to navigate through parallel realities until you found the one with your best possible outcome. Science suggests that there is a strong possibility you are already a time traveler, back in your own past. I suggest you learn how this machinery operates, and take the controls as you slide sideways through time. There are only two directions in which you can move, towards yourself, or away. We move from truth to truth, from decision to decision here. All else is illusion.

Cataclysm Mechanism

Plato’s Atlantis story describes how the Atlanteans were warned about conquering the other nations, that they were told that they were in fact killing themselves. If we are one being divided into many, evolving all at our own speed in parallel time streams, it certainly stands to reason that a seemingly heaven sent cataclysm befell them for this reason. However, this is not the only example of this scenario. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the balance of human evolution is significantly disturbed. If all things we cannot see exist as only a wave, then how do the meteors and comets arrive to reset the balance? Life perpetuating balance is written into the quantum computer that governs this place. As mammals entered the scene, it stands to reason that the dinosaurs saw them as just another food resource. As this balance was disturbed and ultimately threatened, the comet adjusts its path to reset the balance.

The mindless destroyers of ages past were annihilated, and replaced by a more gentle nurturing generation of inhabitants, which reflect more closely the nature of the Great Reason. Many new age philosophers would call the America of today the New Atlantis. They are correct, however, it is not a compliment on the utopian ideals, or the technological advancements of this age, rather it is a warning of a history that is about to repeat itself. It is not the wrath of God which will befall this place, rather the built in self defense mechanism of nature Herself that will undo this entire civilization if it does not cease its war on everything. No matter who you point a gun at in this place, it is still pointed at your own head, this is how this place is designed. Nature is not just the fauna, it is this entire reality!