Physics is a tricky subject. During the beginnings of civilization, the reigning religion would tell the masses what is real, and how things worked. In Egypt, all the way until very recently, the high priests dictated to the masses what was really going on in the world, and why. This worked into their cultural reason for being, celebrations, everything. For the last 500 years, we have seen an unprecedented shift as church and state, (literally and figuratively) have parted ways, at least on the surface. As alchemy gave rise to modern day physics, it also introduced, or continued polarized principals. Alchemy if taken literally, is based in chemistry. If alchemy is taken allegorically, it is based upon the redemption of spirit through matter and philosophy. Just as in ancient Egypt, and many other great civilizations, there have always been two truths, one exposed, and one hidden. There are still two truths today. One truth excludes the possibility of another (science), but the other truth (philosophy) includes both in a larger framework.

Let us presume, as the Kabbalists have purported, that everything in this reality is dual in nature. If we know this to be true, by extrapolation we can use this to fill in many of the missing pieces in our collective perception, when we can only usually see one side or the other, but not both. Not only is there a duality, there is a fractal effect in Geometry (Fractal geometry), Mathematics, Time (causal loop), and all things described as Microcosm / Macrocosm. To examine ourselves we find, the left side of the brain is ego driven, while the right side is creative and spiritual. This is where our problem with science arises. Yes, there are certain conspiracies at play that keep true science from being explored. However, what is even more insidious are the egos of the left brained scientists who have taken their place as the high priests of our societies. This tight knit community of left brained thinkers are very combative to any and every idea that challenges any of their models of the functions of this material plane of existence. They have been writing what is in the school books for centuries now, and they will not allow any new information into their midst, unless a number of their own clique provides endless streams of empirical data to refute their hypothetical models, even though all of their models are actually hypothetical. They will deliberately attempt to ruin the career of anyone who opposes them, even if the opposition to the status quo is correct.

For thousands of years, people have been telling and retelling the story of Adam and Eve, and their fateful encounter with the apple. For just as long, people have been putting forth theories about just what this supposed allegorical fruit could be. The Garden of Eden had two trees that were at the center of the garden, One called the Tree of Life, and the other forbidden tree, the Knowledge of All things (translated as good & evil). Causal loop theory describes a phenomenon at play in certain scenarios, (perhaps all scenarios) where the effect precedes the cause. This is the case with Newtonian science, left brained cold measurements of the environment, and the exclusion of God from all such equations, the knowledge of all “Things”. The apple that fell on Newton’s head was the same one described in the bible. As the population became infected with flawed scientific theorem stemming from this occurrence, God was removed, and miracles were removed from many people’s understanding of reality, and nature. It was not God who kicked us out of the Garden of Eden, it was we who in our arrogance removed God from this garden, and proceeded to chop it all down without even knowing its true nature, or our connection to it. Newton was the most famous alchemist by far. Did he search for the material type of gold, or did he instead find the spiritual significance of that study? Clearly, Newton failed the alchemists riddle.

There are physics you read about in school, and there are other realities being suppressed due to financial considerations. Cures, cheaper fuels, etc. I would like to bring up just a couple of topics that show where and how physics is linked with our psyche in such fields as language, philosophy, mythology, astrology, biology, chemistry and quantum mechanics. All of these seemingly differing aspects of science, are all part of the same fractal. Each different topic is reflecting the others nature as well, perfectly. If Adam and Eve were Atom and Molecule, you could follow their journey as an allegory to the chemistry that has been responsible for everything we now find here. On a personal level, an understanding of chemistry can help an enlightened person understand their own mind and emotions through that lens. My view does not exclude modern science at all. My perspective encompasses all the sciences and links them together as much greater picture than simply the sum of their pieces. All of these “things” can be reduced to mathematics, but they can also be used to discover the careful student’s very own nature, the motion behind their emotion.

There is a poetic duality to everything, spiritual / material. You can read everything as an allegory, or literally, or see both. Music is an allegory to mathematics for instance. Reading music literally turns it back into mathematics. To be stuck in one or the other mindset, is to overlook the much grander picture that both sides present. Biology is an allegory to geometry and chemistry, psychiatry is allegorical to psychology, astrology is allegorical to astronomy, anthropology is allegorical to archeology, religion is allegorical to psychology and psychiatry. The right side of the brain is allegorical to the left. If you view all of science as though it is alchemy, written in allegory of the spiritual nature of what we are, and where, you can see clearly that nature has been very open with us about Her secrets all along. It is a fool who divides science and spirit, for spirit is allegorical to science, and science is the pale shadow of spirit. Small minds see everything as separate, while lager awareness sees everything as a fractal reflection of everything else, including themselves, and our creators.

These reigning Newtonian thinkers, lets call them newts for short (sighted) like the warm blooded nearly blind reptilians, like to believe that they are some kind of brave explorers in a vast inexplicable universe full of endless mystery and chaos. When you look at the bigger picture, each discovery locks into the previous discoveries and reveals all is already known, and this entire scenario and everything within it is obviously entirely deliberately intelligently designed by the same beings who designed us. Not only is this place designed specifically for us, it IS us! If you are of the left brained variety (a newt), there must be a loud voice in your head right now screaming “Blasphemy!!” Let us examine more closely what nature has been revealing to us, and the newts have been sweeping up under the rug and excluding from the popular curriculums.

A Renascence man by the name of Ernst Chladni in the 1700’s studied and cataloged patterns that could be created in thin metal trays of sand when bowed with the bow of his violin. Many pattens were discovered within the sands and recorded. These patterns can be reproduced with the same harmonics and the same tones. These patterns are known today as Chladni patterns. However, they are much older than that of course.

In experiments of today in the field of Cymatics with such patterns, a tray of salt or sand is used along with an amplifier and speaker. If you were to take a microphone and pronounce the sound of the letter “O” into the speaker, the tray of sand would reveal a letter “O”. Another interesting recent discovery as been known in antiquity, yet overlooked until this new age of science. Most of the Hebrew symbols when pronounced correctly, have a corresponding Chladni pattern that represents the symbol exactly on a tonoscope. This correlation with the spoken word and the unseen sonic emanations even goes back as far as ancient times.  For instance, when you pronounce the Sanskrit word “AUM” the sacred Sanskrit symbol reveals itself in the sands of the tonoscope for “AUM”. Some of the ancient language of Sanskrit of 10,000 years ago plus is based on the physical representations of these sonic vibrations. If one cares to go through the frequencies with a tonoscope themselves, there are all manner of animals, plants, and fish hidden within the sonic vibrations. Whatever, whom ever created the laws of physics themselves, was creating from a predefined set of rules, a mechanism of numeric language frequency. We go into this a little further in our language section.

In my opinion Chladni patterns clearly reveal the creators signature behind the creation of the world and the physics on which it relies. It is said, this place was spoken into existence by our creator. This discovery supports the passage in the Book of Genesis; “In the beginning, there was the word, and that word was God”. Today’s science is supportive that everything is held together by sound, and woven together by frequency.

This entire world is an illusion of solidarity held together by frequency  and our brains. No two atoms ever touch each other naturally, and they in fact blink into and out of existence many times per second. Inside of every electronic capacitor the electrons vanish from one plate, and teleport to the next plate. Science has been cleverly disguising and hiding the magic in this world as they have discovered it. They have been concealing the truth of our very nature from us, and our direct link to the entire universe that we inhabit. As it was since antiquity, there are two truths, one for the masses, and another entirely different reality for the initiates.

A modern physicist of interest is a man named Tom Campbell. He has been working in a variety of positions overthe last 30 years, including Nasa consultant, and Department of Defense creating defensive countermeasures for their missile programs. It is Tom’s firm position that this entire reality is a virtual reality, which is computer based, a virtual simulation. Tom has written at least three books in a series about his universal theory of everything he calls My Big Toe. TOE is an acronym for theory of everything. If you would like to see a great introduction into Tom’s theories and the science behind them, check him out on YouTube. My short distillation of my own personal discoveries, a one page TOE for those who are already somewhat familiar with the scientific language, I call this the Omega Theory. In reference to Tom’s Big TOE, I say, if the shoe fits, wear it!