What is death?

What is death?

To know this for certain, we must first know what is life, for they are intertwined, and two sides of the same concept.

Death can be separated into three different spiritual concepts. There are three distinct types of “death”. When we pass from this body, this is known as the First death. If we have exhausted our measure of grace allotted by our creator, then there is a Second death.

This second death occurs if the spirit is no longer supported by the universe, and will die again following the first death, and will not return in any form. The third type of death, is when we pass from spirit into the flesh. In one sense, this is “life” here on earth, however, if you could remember who you really were, and where you came from, you would know certainly, that to live in the spirit world with our Creators is the true life, and anything less is a temporary death sentence.

Here on earth, we are the dead, or as some prefer to see it, the un-dead. The important concept is this; we are eternal, unless we break our bond with our Creators, and force them to turn away from us. This is the only way we can really die.

Matthew 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

What is life?

There are three distinct types of lives being lived here.

Type one, is quite common, it is an in-between life. Those who are living this type of life are going to be coming back here after they die the first death and leave this body, because their karmic cycle is not yet complete, nor

death is a state of mind

can it be completed in this life for reasons unique to each individual. These people should not be introduced to entheogens, they are here experiencing a full disconnection illusion, and should not be awakened, unless instructed to do so by their Creators. The people living the type one life are the innocents.

Type two is what I call the End-Game life. This is possibly the last life you will live here, and if you are type two, then you need to pay full attention to everything I have written here because it can help you complete your karmic cycle successfully. Type two people are expected to learn to interact with the Beings that put us here, and participate in their spiritual evolution directly. These people must begin the relationship with entheogens. If they do not, they will either revert to type one, and return again until they perform this exercise, or possibly end up as a type three, and we don’t want that outcome. Once this process has begun, there is no going back to type one. We are then tested when we are at this point to determine our needs, strengths, and weaknesses. If we fail certain important tests, we may then fall into the type three category. The Creators don’t set us up to fail, but its not simple or easy. This is an INTENSE experience. It’s all or nothing, and this precise scenario is what the book of revelations is based upon. Revelations is an individual process, so you can stop watching the sky or the news for the end of the world report. It will sneak up on you so subtly, and quickly, and at the least convenient moment. You need to be prepared, this is a test you can’t study for. The caterpillar smoking the shisha in Alice in Wonderland is a metaphor for this stage of spiritual evolution, the caterpillar will either become a butterfly and rise with the sun, or a moth chasing any type of false light it encounters through the darkness. “who are you..” is now the question at hand. The people living a type two life, are the Catapillars.

Type three life is simply this, those who are type three, are just living out their last life before returning to the dust, also known as the second death. Due to their evil ways, their days are numbered. We are not tested until our Creator deems we are ready for the test, and in a state of personal understanding exceeding the tests that will be put forward. The Grimm reaper is not a fanciful legend. There is more than one of these beings, and they work in teams. They are known as Grimm, because they only come for the type three people. the Creators come to collect all the others at the point of the first death personally. You don’t need to be dead to meet these Grimm reapers, they can come along and rip you out of your body the moment your Creators turn their back, and stop believing in you. They will drag the soul into Judgment Hall, and then onward to the second death. The closest television representation I have seen is to be found in the movie Ghost, at the point where the bad guys die, and the shadows show up moments later to drag them off. The people living a type three are known as the Damned.

This information about life and death can be easily found in some religions. However, this is not where I get these concepts, because I’m not about to believe in some man-made religion. The Goddess spoke with me Herself, and told me this while I was in the medicine. We have had more than one conversation about this, and this article is the true insight revealed to me. You are more than welcome to go see Her for yourself, don’t take my word for it. Here is a link to learn about the medicine that will link you with your Creators.

When you look around the world, it can be confusing if you understand death from an incomplete idea. It seems unfair that a baby dies, an evil man prospers, and a good man cries. However, if you knew their whole story, you would see that fairness is a matter of perspective. Christian teachings confuse people.. do retarded people get into heaven? Are they still retarded? The bible contradicts it’s self, because there is lots of information missing. What is there however, is the 10 commandments, the 7 deadly sins, and the 7 virtues. When you go into battle, to fight for your soul, you will want to have a firm grasp of these 24 concepts. If you are not going to follow these, you had better at least know what’s expected so you can work towards it. It doesn’t matter so much if you believe in God as it’s described, what matters truly, is weather or not God believes in you!

Why is there all of this mystery about life and death if its so simple? Because the tree of life is in two parts, that which is obvious, and that which is hidden. People must traditionally be fooled into believing that they will certainly die, and may not move on. This is the way it has been done since the Garden was closed to us. Why do I tell you now then? Because the time is short..

Another secret of the vine is this principal: Both God and the Devil planted a seed within your microcosm also known as your body. We will all see now, which type of tree you grow, and which vine you are nourishing. This is the simplest way to describe the reason for all of this mystery and apparent difficulty each of us faces.

Many of us are in the type two life, and I want to ensure as many people as we can gather have had an opportunity to sing their last song before their fate has been decided.

Let all the Children kiss the Son, before they sing their last song – Ian Astbury