Ancient Egypt

One of the 7 wonders of the ancient world is still in existence to day, and only one. As our existence descended into the dark ages, war, pestilence, greed, ignorance and arrogance along with the physical trembling of the very earth beneath our feet has consumed all of our ancient treasures, save one, the pyramids in Ghiza. The Ghiza plateau is but one of Egypt’s many marvels, and is just one piece of an entire treasure.

To fully comprehend the magnitude of what is reflected in the teachings of Egypt, one must disregard nearly all of the teachings of the corrupt decadent status quo that exalts their own and each other’s ignorance known as academia. The true teachers of Egypt’s mysteries, as you will soon see are the philosophers, astrologists, and the esoteric seekers of true wisdom of our age. As an academic will take the body of previous knowledge at face value, memorize facts, and endlessly recite them in the exact same way modern day priests do the same thing with their modern day religions, they leave no room for new interpretations or evidence and for that matter evolution its self.

Do not be lured into such arrogance born out of the shared fear that all is not known already, for surely all was once known, and certainly shall be known again. Unfortunately, there is a raging debate among those who hold any large degree of facts, or supposed facts about ancient civilizations. The debate actually goes so deep as to the very meaning of the words they use, and not just the interpretation of concepts. I call this abuse of language, whereby to attempt to achieve superiority or win an argument, the offender resorts to an attempt to alter the true meaning of basic words and concepts, thereby diluting the actual momentum of the debate into the ridiculous, and deliberately achieving no meaningful correspondence or communication. People commonly do this, when they don’t have an argument, they create something different to argue about, rather than accept their responsibility, admit defeat, or openly communicate.

Have you every said something to someone they didn’t want to hear, at a completely level tone, and they responded by saying “don’t yell at me!”? Rather than face what has been said, they create an argument about the very meaning of the word yell, when its obvious to anyone if they were there, what yelling is, and what yelling is not. An argument about a known definition may ensue, thereby absorbing the energy which was nearly about to reveal their inadequacy. This, is abuse of language. Such people, are rarely worth expending energy into, and clearly, they don’t wish to speak, or have the interest or intelligence to exchange anything meaningful. Move past all of these, and recognize as someone does this so you do not get diffused in your quest for understanding. In ancient prophecies, these types of people are known as the profane, and they are not included in the true marvels of existence.

It seems a little of topic, but its not. These profane are calling themselves scientists, priests, rabbis, teachers, academics etc. So, rather than invent new words, because a large group of imposters has attempted to skew the very meaning of what those very words mean, and rather than speak in an apparent paradox about academics, teachers and the like, I will call them what they are, the profane. The people I would like to introduce to you are the true academics, teachers, scholars and priests, but have thus far had to invent new terms to refer to themselves and each other such as “unorthodox scholars”, “unorthodox scientists”, “non-mainstream” this and that because all of the correct titles seem to be currently occupied by a large group of profane arrogant imposters. I dispense with the energy sucking miscommunication of dual opposing paradoxical definitions of such basic titles and definitions right here. If you can read, you understand what I have just said. If you do read, you know this is correct, there is no debate about basic definitions here, nor room for it.

Now, for the fun part.. What did these ancient cultures know that our collection of modern day profanity has excluded us from? They understood very clearly about the wobble of the earth’s access known as the cycle of “the Precession of the Equinoxes” which takes 25,920 years to complete. This is difficult for modern minds to grasp, and our entire recorded history seems to be of little consequence when compared to a time frame of such magnitude. Our recorded history is of definite value, we do not need to dispense with it, but just make corrections and additions where required to have perfect understanding. Those who do not study history, are doomed to repeat it, and those who fall for it as it is written, will fall for anything, and surely have already fallen. As we climb back up the long road to enlightenment, how does this understanding of procession known also as the great year affect us as individuals, who to the profane only seem to live but a short span and then return to the dust from whence we came?

The ancients have demonstrated in their Great Works that precession is a cycle that repeats. The Great Year is a cosmic cycle that cycles through each variation of each aspect of each stars position as it is observed and experienced from our earthly perspective in any great specific number of locations on this planet. They were aware of the meaning behind each triangulation of each position of each constellation with relationship to each body in our solar system, and had an immense understanding into the variety of ways that this would manifest into our daily lives through the celestial alignments. They were aware of the specific and exact relationship with each of these alignments, and to whom they would be applicable, and even to which point upon the earth that these alignments would focus their greatest energy and influence and why. They were aware of the precise relationship and analogy between the individual psyche, the state of one’s health, the state of the spiritual journey and the correlation between these individual states and the celestial bodies in the sky.

In other words, they were aware of not just the equinox, equinox and eclipses so they could plant their crops and worship pagan Gods on the correct day of the lunar calendar.. they were keenly aware of exactly what day it was in the calendar of the Great Year, and every single implication, potential and possibility that day would have upon each unique inhabitant of this earth and where specifically upon the globe these influences would manifest most forcefully. To put this in perspective, the number of days in a solar year was 365.25. The lunar year has 354.367 days. This is the officially accepted limitation of their understanding of cycles. However, one cycle of 25,920 years at exactly 365.25 days per year gives us a total of 9,467,280 days. The knowledge of this Great Galactic Calendar, along with the implications of each age, year, day and even hour shows us that the predictive science of astrology was alive and well for thousands of years, long before we got here. I think what is so very difficult to conceive with our modern ego, is that we are not the pinnacle of civilization, and this what we are experiencing is not even civilized by comparison to what once was. We are in fact if the cycles are to be believed at all, at nearly the lowest point in our collective awareness, but on the move back into the new age of understanding or enlightenment.

The ancients were aware that our soul is immortal and evolves over vast periods of reincarnation, and undergoes a journey through the various celestial ages with the driving force being that of a cosmic spiritual evolution. Their focus was on transcendence of the material plane, and in some cases, their considerable knowledge was also put to the task of prolonging of material existence commonly referred to as immortality. Do not allow simpleton frauds calling themselves astrologists who play upon peoples ignorance, or the ego maniacal profane to dub these teachings as pseudoscientific nonsense. The slightly more educated have always taken advantage of the unaware and of those who would like to become initiated into the Great Mystery. They are known as the opposition, the black team. They are just the first barrier to overcome in the quest for true enlightenment. The opposition has always been there, to make sure that no mere treasure seekers will find their way into the innermost sanctums of true awareness and transcendence. We don’t need to hate these opposition, but we do need to step around them, for they are where they are for this reason, and will never be moved, and must never be entirely removed. To proceed to understand the ancients, it is you who must move, and be willing to do so as is required to advance your own personal understanding and spiritual evolution..

This is one of the best Egyptian documentaries I have seen. I would like to point out the questions raised by this documentary, and reveal some of the answers to these questions. You must watch the documentary first however, or the rest of the article wont make as much sense.

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